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Boxing Club shoot reminder – This Thursday – RSVP

Hi – Just a friendly reminder to RSVP if you plan on attending the boxing club shoot this Thursday 6/8 from 5-7pm.  I promised the coach at least 10 photographers and so far I only have 5 RSVPs.  For more details:



Photography volunteer needed for plane crash DRILL tomorrow Sat 5/20 7am

We’ve had a request to for a volunteer to take photos at the Linn County Emergency Management Airport Drill this Saturday 5/20 from 7-1.

I know it is very short notice. An LAPC member has participated in one of these drills years ago and it involve (or used to) volunteers playing the part of crash victims to allow emergency responders practice of what to do with a large scale plane crash. Back then they actually had makeup wounds so they could triage as well.

Contact LAPC activities officer:  Amy Mueggenberg via phone ASAP if available:  319-721-5063



The fire burn is on!!! This Sat 5/6 @ 7pm

May 6 @ 7:00 am10:30 pm

For more details see:

Photo of April spinning fire.

Photo Credit to Michael Huang

Upcoming LAPC Group Shoots

I was hoping that the fire dancers would have had a weekend that worked out in May, but unfortunately they didn’t.  But they are looking at their calendars for sometime later this summer.  We have no shoot scheduled for May – but keep in mine the Macro Day that Photo Pro is putting on for next Saturday.  See Photo Pro’s website for more information.

I have a couple things in the works for June, August & Sept – and hopefully that will be ironed by the next LAPC meeting.

July we are doing the international Juggling Festival in Cedar Rapids.  Its July 10-16.  Specifically, we’ll be hitting the Joggling (Juggling while running) competition and the XJuggling (Extreme Juggling) on Saturday July 15.  I’ll post a where to meet up as July gets closer.   For more information:

I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Amy Mueggenberg

LAPC Activities Officer

Group shoot reminder for this Sunday 2/19

Just a quick reminder of the Paramount Theater shoot coming up this Sunday 2/19 afternoon.  Still plenty of room to RSVP.  For more details:

Wildflower workshop in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

LAPC member Bob Lancaster is offering LAPC club members a Wildflower Workshop in GSMNP in April.  This is a great opportunity at a great price.  Please see his website for more information.


Photo Editors needed for Capturing Hopes annual Dance Marathon Feb 3&4

LAPC Club members – I was contacted today by a group in Iowa City that does something similar to Help-Portrait – but just for pediatric cancer families and they do it at the annual Dance Marathon coming up in a few weeks.  They have all the volunteers they need except are short 10 photo editors.  Please read Brent’s message below and contact Brent directly if you are interested in helping them out or if you have any questions.

Sincerely ~ Amy ~ LAPC Activities Officer.



It was great to talk to you today.  As I mentioned on the phone Capturing Hopes is a non-profit, volunteer organization that partners with professional photographers to capture images of families impacted by pediatric cancer.  These images often capture the grace and beauty of these children and families, forever Capturing Hopes.
We are partnering with Dance Marathon at the University of Iowa again this year on February 3 and 4th during their “Big Event”.  During this event college students will dance for 24 hours in support of kids with cancer who are treated at the University of Iowa.  Last year they raised over $2M during this event and they have set a goal of $2.8M this year.
Over the years we have changed how our delivery to the families look. Starting last year we started digital delivery of images so families get them quickly and on any media they choose.  We have a partnership with Photo Pro in Cedar Rapids for discounted printing if they choose to use this option.
This year we will have 5 professional photographers taking pictures from 5 till 11 on Friday night and then 2 on Saturday from 9 till noon.  Before these images can be sent to families they need to be edited.  To assist with this effort we will be providing extra large “white” backdrops to hopefully reduce or eliminate the need to stretch the backdrops. Once images are edited and watermarked we will again use an automated digital delivery system to all families.
Editing Needs:
We would like to have 3 editors per photographer as each photographer will photograph ~4 families per hour.  We tell the families we will return between 12 and 20 edited images but photographers often shoot about 100 images of each family.  This is a lot of images to sort through, determine which images to keep and then edit.  Our goal is to edit as much on site as possible this year so we can deliver images at the end of the weekend.  If this isn’t possible we can send images out to editors with an agreement that edited images will be returned by Feb 13th.  This is a critical need as some of these families are very sick.
These images are provided to families at no cost.  All photography costs are covered by Capturing Hopes and our partnerships with various organizations including Dance Marathon.
In an attempt to shorten this email and get to the most important information for you and editors.
Need:  10 – 15 editors
When:  Feb 3Feb 4, 2017
Where:  IMU (Iowa Memorial Union), Iowa City
Times:  We will have slots starting at 6pm Friday through 6pm on Saturday
     Alternative Plan:  Capturing Hopes can distribute images digitally to editors by Feb 6th, editors to edit and watermark images and return no later than Feb 13, 2017.
What:  Editors need to have computer with Lightroom or Photoshop
Items Provided:  Capturing Hopes will provide parking, food and beverages, media to transfer images between photographers and editors.  We will supply the watermark to be placed on all images.  If there are any editors that would be willing to work Friday night and then again on Saturday a hotel room could be provided.  A dedicated space will be provided for editing and we will provide a tour of Dance Marathon’s “Big Event” so you can fully understand what you are a part of.
Sorry this is longer than I originally planned but wanted to give you all the detail that I could upfront.  If you have any questions please let me know.  I have included a link to our website.  These pictures are several years old but it gives you a good idea of what we do.  Thank you again for taking time to talk with me today.
Brent VanWey

Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait event in 48 hours needs last minute help!

Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait event is in less than 2 days and we need some last minute help!  No experience required for most spots.

Current supply & volunteer needs as of noon on Wed 12/1.

Volunteers needed:
2 Family guides in Mount Vernon (MV).
2 Child Monitors in CR & MV
1 Stair runner in MV
2 Photo editors in CR
1 Registration in MV
2 Photo Assistants in MV
2 general volunteers/floaters in MV
1 Kitchen/food volunteer in CR
1 Studio Photographer in CR

Set up Help in CR from 7am to 8am. I have 6 studio photographers setting up on the 3rd floor and the elevator is down. I need strong careful backs for just an hour at 7am to haul gear up stairs. Will need tear down strong backs from 3-4, taking gear back down stairs.

2 boxes tissues
Clorox wipes or similar – alot.
Coloring / activity books – slightly used ok too
handful of safety pins

We are having a loaves & fishes type situation feeding 500 people in CR. Lunch is set thanks to several volunteers. Need help with muffins / breakfast pastries/donuts or similar. Need bars & cookies. Need snacks! Have fruit snacks coming from GM. Would love a Quaker contact to get granola bars if still possible. We had put out a call for water bottles, but we are good on water now! Still looking for a church or chain to donate a coffee service as we will have not water on Saturday.


7:00 Photographers, assistants, editors – arrive & begin set up.
7:15-7:30 everyone else – check in at registration & sign your releases.
7:30-8:00 family guide training
8:00 all volunteer meeting
8:15 group photo
8:30 families start arriving
9:00 shooting begins
2:40 last family
3:00-4:00 tear down

If anyone has questions and/or is interested in volunteering or donating supplies, please have them call, text or email me:

Amy Mueggenberg 319-721-5063

For more information:

Reminder to RSVP for Motorcycle shoot

Just a quick reminder of the November group photo shoot this Sunday 11/20 at the National Motorcycle Museum.  I do need a RSVP on this one.  For more information:

By David Claiborne

By David Claiborne

Fall color shoot reminder

Just a quick reminder for the fall color shoot this Sunday 3:30 at Wapsipinicon State Park in Anamosa.  Ken Boardrow will be leading the hike.  Details and GPS coordinates of where we are meeting are in the link: