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July Meeting and Photoshoot

For our July meeting we will be having an Edward Weston-inspired photoshoot. Edward Weston is one of the great Masters of American Photography, and is considered one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century.

Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.  – Edward Weston


The idea is to be inspired and learn from one of the great photographers, not to copy. The club will provide a variety of produce to photograph, and lights will also be available. However, if you have something from your garden, see an interesting shape at the Farmer's Market, have a collection of shells, or something else you would like to photograph, you are more than welcome to bring them. Also, if you have anything you would like to use as a prop like backgrounds, bowls, etc. or lighting, please bring it. There are also the grounds of Wickiup if you would like to use natural lighting (as Weston did) or photograph plants and/or flowers.

Weston used natural, simple forms and lines, and exquisite lighting to create his iconic photographs. If you aren't familiar with his work, I urge you to look him up.


The September contest theme is Minimalism. This will be an excellent opportunity to create an image for that contest.

If you have any questions please contact

LAPC Snapshot

LAPC Snapshot

March Contest

Topic: Glass
14 entered
1st place – Rick Young 21 votes
2nd place – Cherie Flint 11 votes
3rd place tie – John Baldwin & Doug Nauman 9 votes each

It's spring!

A couple of links to help with your summer photography planning

LAPC Member Highlight

Had the privilege of photographing Carol Montag and Carlis Faurot at the Lowe Park Coffee House. They had standing room only. Catch their work, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Dave Maley

Don't forget to sign up for the May seminar with Chuck Kimmerle


Annual Contest Results

Annual Contest Results

36 Members participated, with 355 total entries.

People & Portraits

1st place – Rick Boots Days End

2nd place – Darren Swartzendruber Old Timer

3rd place – Marla Henry Sword Women

HM – Rick Boots The Contender

HM – Darren Swartzendruber Pondering

HM – Doug Hoeger Nola


1st place – Darren Swartzendruber Catch of the Day

2nd place – Darren Swartzendruber Bald Eagle

3rd place – Esther Bartels Heron in the Triangle

HM – Mike Stark The Flip

HM – Doug Hoeger Just Lion Around

HM – Marla Henry Fish for Dinner

Anything Goes

1st place – Marla Henry Mt. St. Helens

2nd place – Rae Lowenberg San Francisco de Assis Mission Church

3rd place – David Claiborne Suislaw River Bridge

HM – Sherry Schoons Eclipse at Totality

HM – David Claiborne Antelope Canyon

HM – Bill Schoon Panorama


1st place – Rick Young Drive Up

2nd place – Joyce Schoon An Autumn Run

3rd place – John McMillen Split Window

HM – Sherry Schoons Sailboat Model

HM – Jan Crites The Old Rusty Cadillac West of Rochelle, Ill

HM – Rae Lowenberg Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Close Up/Macro

1st place – Amy Mueggenberg Life in the Greenhouse

2nd place – Mary Howes Purple & Green Leaf

3rd place – Doug Hoeger Wild Geranium

HM – Shari Braise-Smith Red Red Rose

HM – Gary Siegle Spider Web

HM – Sherry Schoons Dandelion in Flight


1st place – Darren Swartzendruber How Low Can You Go!

2nd place – Tim McAdam Liquid Gold

3rd place – Cherie Flint Humming Bird

HM – Ester Bartels Cedars in Motion

HM – Rick Boots Quarterback Sneak

HM – Cherie Flint Off Roading

Low Light

1st place – Rick Boots Contemplation

2nd place – Chris Kardos The Heaven & Earth

3rd place – Rick Young Potters Hands 2

HM – Tim McAdam Under the Spotlight

HM – Dean Traver Smith Mountain Lake

My Favorite Photo

Larry Guilds

LAPC T-shirts

There are a couple of t-shirts left. If you ordered one and haven't received it, please contact

The Focal Point Newsflash

If you ordered a t-shirt, they will be available for pick-up at the November meeting.

Contest Winners

October Contest – Frame in a Frame – 8 photos submitted

1st Place – Doug Shaffer 26 tokens

2nd  Place – Sally  Harms 12 tokens

3rd Place – Joyce Schoon 8 tokens


September contest – Panning 8 photos submitted

1st Place – Doug Hoeger untitled 16 tokens

2nd Place – Mike Stark Corsair Take off 14 tokens

3rd Place – Bob Lancaster  Prefect Precision 12 tokens

August contest – Textures 13 photos submitted

1st Place –  Pam Olson Light & Texture 24 tokens

2nd Place – Sherry Schons Manure Spreader 18 tokens

3rd Place – Steve Thompson Barn Side 17 tokens

Don't forget that next month is the annual contest!

Submissions and contributions are always welcome for the newsletter.

Interesting links:

Abstract Landscape Photography

Techniques For Fall Color Photography



The Focal Point Newsflash: T-shirts, Contest results, & Annual Picnic

We have t-shirts for sale again! You can order here:

All orders must be placed by Sept. 30th. The shirts will be available at the October meeting.

Results of the August photo contest

Theme: Texture

There were 13 entries

1st Place – Pam Olson – Light & Texture – 24 votes

2nd Place – Sherry Schons – Manure Spreader – 18 votes

3rd Place – Steve Thompson – Barn Side – 17 votes

Don't forget to sign up for the annual picnic!

Nelson's Meat Market is catering! They will be grilling brats, chicken, and hamburgers at Wickiup and serving baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, Tea and Lemonade as well.

They will not be providing dessert. so if you would like to bring something, please do!

Please RSVP by September 5th to  so we can let the caterer know quantities to prepare for the event.


Focal Point Newsflash

We had a great meeting in July. Jim, a photographer with the Cedar Rapids Gazette was the speaker and shared some great tips on sports photography and how to tell a story with your photos.

©️Dave Maley

Winners from July

Theme: Reflections/Mirrors

1st place left to right….

1st  Jan Crites

2nd Karen Bradley

3rd TIE  Connie Wedemeier & Joyce Schoon
The theme for August is Textures.

July Photoshoot: The 2017 International Juggler's Festival

©️Rick Boots

©️Rick Boots

©️Rick Boots

©️Rick Boots

In case you're wondering how this photo was taken… we have an outtake. 😀

©️Rae Lowenberg

And here's some more…

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

As always, a big thank you to all the members who contributed to this post!



The Focal Point Newsflash: Cedar Rapids Boxing Club Photo Shoot

©Rae Lowenberg


©Rae Lowenberg


©Rae Lowenberg


©Rae Lowenberg


©Rick Boots


©Rick Boots

June Contest Winners

Theme: Leading Lines

There were 14 entries for the monthly contest at the June meeting.

The results are:

1st place  Pam Olson  16 votes  

Pam Olson 1st place

Pam Olson 1st place

2nd place  Esther Bartels  15 votes

Esther Bartels 2nd place

Esther Bartels 2nd place

3rd place  Jay Patters  14 votes

Jay Patters 3rd place

Jay Patters 3rd place

Congratulations Pam, Esther, and Jay!

July contest theme is Reflection / Mirrors.

A New, Improved Newsletter Format is Coming!

In an effort to provide you with better information in a more timely manner, we will be making some changes to the newsletter. Instead of a big .pdf every other month we will be doing more frequent, blog-like posts through the website. The majority of the club information is already being annouced in this manner, so it should be an easy transition. We will be able to link directly to outside sources and share photos from contests and photo shoots in a much more timely manner! As always, we welcome any comments and submissions at Please watch for an upcoming post of photos from our recent photo shoot with the Cedar Rapids Boxing Club.