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11 Steps for Basic Portrait Editing in Lightroom

Here’s a quick and easy beginner’s guide for portrait editing in Lightroom.
11 Steps for basic portrait editing in Lightroom


Do you really want “great photo” comments?

At our last meeting we broke into groups and really looked at and “critiqued” some photos. How many “great photo” comments did you hear, and would one make you feel like you were excelling at you craft? Or did actual feelings and insights feed you better information and direction? Here’s an article that goes well with what we did last month.
See you on Sunday !!!


Adobe Lightroom Filters

Filters in Adobe Lightroom can open up some great editing options that you may want to try.
Here’s a quick overview with some tips and ideas to get you started.


Low Light Action Tips

Are you shooting low light action and not having much luck? Here are some great tips that I had to learn the hard way, while shooting dance and show choir events.

Picnic on Sunday!

Don’t forget our annual picnic on Sunday!!
You might also want to bring your camera. As of now, the weather looks great! Maybe a touch cooler than we are used to, but sunny… It should be a good day to spend some time outdoors on the 390 acres of the Wickiup Hill Nature Center. It would also be a good time to ask questions about your camera if you are having any issues.

“For Jennifer, Whomever You Are.” by David duChemin

Here is a great answer (or advice) for the people who are still new to photography, AND the ones that have been around for awhile.

“For Jennifer, Whomever You Are.”   by David duChemin

It’s all about YOUR vision and art, NOT what others think it should be.
Opinions can be good to show you a broader view, but they shouldn’t be taken as “word” to make you doubt what you feel inside.

Intro to DSLR Photography Free Video Course

Get it while it’s still free!!

Essential Photography Skills: Beginner Digital SLR Training
Instant Download:

Discover the basic skills needed to take control of your DSLR camera.

“This step-by-step video series covers the basics of photography, from how your camera works, exposure, shutter speed and aperture, all the way to what inspires you and how to compose your images for maximum impact. These are the foundation skills that you build on, to become a great photographer. This course now includes original image downloads, an eBook and many examples to illustrate the lessons. Enjoy. Brent ”

Here’s the link!




Information Overload

Looking for a place to find info on a photography subject? This guy has it!
Head on over to his site and sign up for his newsletters, then start clicking through all the lessons he shares. He is also a Canon EOL photographer! I’m not sure a day with him would be enough, but I know you would be blown away by the info you would gain! or his blog
About John Paul, from his website:

John Paul Caponigro is one of the most prominent artists working with digital media. His art has been exhibited internationally and purchased by numerous private and public collections including Princeton University, the Estée Lauder collection, and the Smithsonian.

John Paul dynamically combines his background in painting with traditional and alternative photographic processes using state-of-the-art digital technology. His life’s work is both a call to connection with nature and a call for conscientious creative interaction in our environment during a time of rapid change. Many viewers find his work profoundly spiritual.

Respected as an authority on creativity and fine art digital printing, he is a highly sought after speaker, lecturing extensively at conferences, universities, and museums, in venues as diverse as Photoshop World, MIT and TEDx. He teaches workshops globally.
John Paul’s work has been published widely in numerous periodicals and books including Art News and The Ansel Adams Guide. A contributing editor for Digital Photo Pro and a columnist for the Huffington Post, he is the author of Adobe Photoshop Master Class and the DVD series R/Evolution. John Paul is a member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame, one of Canon’s Explorers of Light, an Epson Stylus Pro, and an X-Rite Coloratti. His clients include Adobe, Apple, Canon, Epson, Kodak, and Sony.

Help Wanted….

From Mark Oehler,

“For the last couple years I have been volunteering to photograph the Eastern Iowa Engineering and Science Fair. It involves going to each display and photographing the student(s) with each one. There are usually a couple hundred displays and it takes most of the morning and early afternoon for one photographer to do it. I was wondering if someone in the club might be interested in helping with it this year.
It is scheduled for March 15th.

Mark Oehler
photography site | facebook | twitter | LinkedIn

Sunday’s Meeting!!

I know you’ve all been wondering “what is the meeting about this month?” !!
Sorry to all !… the life of a Show Choir dad and photographer (along with my regular full time jobs) has left me wondering where February disappeared to… did we even have a February?!? All I remember is being darn cold and paying higher heating bills! :o)
Well, here is the answer you have been looking forward to! This month we will be talking about “Composition” , as one of the topics many people at the January meeting added to their “want list”!!
We have some fun ideas of how to show some examples “live” , and if all goes well, I think we will all have some fun and hopefully even learn a few things.
Bring your questions, your imaginations, and your cameras too, (if you need help with any settings)!

See you Sunday!