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Panoramic photo dimensions in Anything Goes category

To LAPC Membership 

October 23-2017 

The following is in response to the question on panoramic dimensions for 2017 annual club contest. 

Subject:  Panoramic photo dimensions in Anything Goes category. 

The rule will be left as originally written.

The reason for this is the word minimum written in 7.2.3.
This will let a photo with a higher ratio be admitted, but with a maximum length of 42”.
In other words, you can use a larger ratio as long as it is no longer than 42” and 14″ on the short side. 


  1. 14”X42” Permissible  3:1 ratio (maximum dimensions)
  1. 10”X40” Permissible  4:1 ratio 
  1. 6”X42”   Permissible  7:1 ratio 
  1. 14”X28” Permissible 2:1 ratio 
  1. 6”X12”   Permissible 2:1 ratio 

We will change wording for 2018 to clarify this.  


Contest Committee 

January/February 2018 Monthly Contest Categories

At the September meeting, the contest committee announced a couple of the contest categories to start off the new year. Additional categories will be announced as soon as they are determined. Happy Shooting!

January 2018 : Harvest
February 2018: Ditches

Photo Feedback Tip

When posting a photo for critique , it is a good idea to ask for specific feedback. It is difficult to improve our skill set if we are only asking “What do you think?”  I know when is my mother is looking at my photograph, she would think that it should be on the cover of National Geographic.  That is not really helping me improve my photography.

Asking questions like:

  • How well is the subject captured?
  • This image is flat. How can I make it “pop” in post processing?
  • How can I improve the lighting?
  • How could I frame this shot better?

This is the starting point for forming a discussion and through that discussion growth develops.

Linn Area Photo Club provides a great service as part of your membership where you can get valuable feedback on you photos. If you would like to have you images critiqued, please submit your images to: with the subject line: CONTEST SUBMISSIONS

Include the following information with your image:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Image Title
  • JPEG images only (smaller than 4MB file size)
  • Optional information: camera settings (f-stop, shutter speed and ISO)
  • Additional questions you would like to have answered during the feedback.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!! If you would like to help members improve their skills by providing feedback, please send a email to: with the subject line: VOLUNTEER.

Monthly Contest Update-May 2017

The May 2017 contest theme was “High Shutter Speed/Stop Action”.  There was a total of 11 entries.

1st Place: Dave Bishop with 36 votes.

2nd Place: Sally Harms with 17 votes.

3rd Place: Jay Patters with 15 votes.


Upcoming 2017 Monthly phot contests:

June-Leading Lines




October-Frame in Frame

November– “My favorite photo”


The Monthly Contest Rules and Categories can be found here:


We would love to showcase your winning photographs with club members. If you would like to share your winning images with other club members, please email your photos to

Monthly Contest Categories

There was some confusion at April’s meeting concerning the Monthly Contest Categories.

The categories for the upcoming Monthly Contests are as follows:
• May-High Shutter Speed/Stop Action
• June-Leading Lines
• July-Reflection/Mirrors
• August-Textures
• September-Panning
• October-Frame in Frame
• November-Annual Photo Contest

The Monthly Contest Rules and Categories can be found here:

Monthly and Annual Rules

The Annual and Monthly contest rules and categories have been updated and posted on the website.
Please make sure to check the monthly rules if you are bringing a photo for the contest this weekend!
Monthly rules & categories click here
Annual rules & categories click here
Rules have a “Version” number at the beginning in order to verify they are current.
Any changes to the rules, will be followed by a post and email being sent out to all members, along with a change to the version number, similar to getting a software version “update”.
The current version for Monthly Rules is Version # 01012017.1M   Posted on 02/07/17
The current version for Annual Rules is Version # 01012017A2   Posted on 02/03/17

Important Reminders: Meeting – Annual Contest – Officer Elections



1st:  Sunday Oct 9th, Monthly Meeting

Educational Theme: Photo Composition

Many of you have asked us to help you understand how “composition” impacts your photos and a few rules that will help you get better.    So……Rollin Banderob (LAPC Member,) will giving us a presentation on Photo Composition. Rollin spent years working for “The Gazette” so he knows how composition impacted the visual message his photographs were telling.  Bring your questions.  Bring your notepad.   You will get a lot of information out of this meeting.

Photo Contest Theme:   Scary! 

Print Images: You can submit up to two photos of any image that meets the monthly contest rules and meets this month's theme.


2nd:     Annual Contest

  • Have you picked out your images?
  • Do you have them printed?   (LAPC member get a discount at Photo Pro)
  • Have you started mounting them?

The time is flying by…. get working on your images!   We want 1000 images at this year's event!    State Fair has nothing on the Annual LAPC photo contest event!

****** See the LAPC contest rules and make sure you are aware the changes for 2016!


3rd:   Election of Officers

At Sunday's meeting we will announce any candidates for 2017 LAPC Officers.   The elections will occur at the November meeting.     My term as President will expire at the end of the year and we are looking for some Presidential candidates.      Donald & Hillary bothwithdrew there nominations recently due a personal conflict (each other) that is upcoming in November.    Our loss…

Club Members elect (or re-elect if no one runs) four Officer positions every year.    So if you have an interest in being an Officer send your name to:  This year's Election Committee is:  David Byrnes, Patti Sampson and Cherie Flint


Current LAPC Officers

President Rick Young
Vice President Bob Lancaster
Treasurer David Byrnes
Secretary Justin Tedford



See you Sunday!


Rick Young


January Photo Contests! Yes… Two Contests!

Photo Contest Themes:   

Two Different Categories and All Digital! 

The Contest Committee and the Executive Leaders have decided that for January, all images will be “digital” (no prints). Submit your jpg/psd photos (by 8 pm Saturday, Jan 9th) to:   Winning photos will be used in the Club Newsletter and deleted thereafter.

Contest 1:    2015 LAPC Photo Shoots

Almost all of us participated in one of the monthly photo shoots.    Let's see those images.  You can submit up to two photos of any of the following shoots: Snow (Jan), Central Fire Station (Feb), Portraits (Mar), Tropical Fish (Apr), Musical Instruments (May), Raptures (Jun), Motocross (Jul), Apple Orchard (Sep), Fall Colors (Oct), Potters Hands (Nov), Holiday Ornament (Dec)….

Contest 2:    Photographer’s Choice

You can submit up to two photos of any image that meets the monthly contest rules.   If your photo interests are old cars, night sky's, food items, animals, etc., then submit your photos in this contest.

January Monthly Contest

The monthly contest for January will be Holidays.  The contests for the rest of the year will be announced at the January 12th meeting.

Iowa Tourism best Iowa vacation photo contest

Early HarvestIowa Tourism Office opens call for best Iowa vacation experience photos

Open to both amateur and professional photographers, the Iowa Tourism Office is again hosting an online photo contest to win the coveted cover of next year’s Iowa Travel Guide.

The office is looking to collect the best travel experiences across the state to entice potential travelers to consider a trip to Iowa. 

So far, more than 100,000 Iowa Travel Guides have been ordered and distributed to travelers throughout the U.S. and abroad, while thousands more viewed the guide online. The four-color, 176-page trip-planning publication includes listings from more than 700 attractions, 750 hotels, 220 bed and breakfasts and 350 campgrounds.

• Now through Oct. 20, upload your best Iowa vacation photo via Travel Iowa’s Facebook page.
• The top three photos will be selected and will open for public voting Nov. 4-8.
• The winning photo will be announced Nov. 12
• View full contest rules.

“We’re excited for this opportunity to showcase photographers who have best captured the spirit of Iowa in their photography. Whether it’s a candid family picture from an Iowa getaway or a professional scenic portrait, we will showcase the images that best represent our state and its travel opportunities,” said Shawna Lode, manager, Iowa Tourism Office.

During last year’s contest, more than 600 photos were submitted.

The winning shot, by Jessica Rilling of Cedar Rapids, featured a kayaker on the Turkey River in Elkader.
Tourism in Iowa generates more than $7.6 billion in expenditures, employs 64,400 people statewide and generates $841.3 million in state taxes.

The Iowa Tourism Office is part of the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

For more information, visit, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, call 800.345.IOWA, or stop at any Iowa Welcome Center.

For more information, email