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July Meeting and Photoshoot

For our July meeting we will be having an Edward Weston-inspired photoshoot. Edward Weston is one of the great Masters of American Photography, and is considered one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century.

Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.  – Edward Weston


The idea is to be inspired and learn from one of the great photographers, not to copy. The club will provide a variety of produce to photograph, and lights will also be available. However, if you have something from your garden, see an interesting shape at the Farmer's Market, have a collection of shells, or something else you would like to photograph, you are more than welcome to bring them. Also, if you have anything you would like to use as a prop like backgrounds, bowls, etc. or lighting, please bring it. There are also the grounds of Wickiup if you would like to use natural lighting (as Weston did) or photograph plants and/or flowers.

Weston used natural, simple forms and lines, and exquisite lighting to create his iconic photographs. If you aren't familiar with his work, I urge you to look him up.


The September contest theme is Minimalism. This will be an excellent opportunity to create an image for that contest.

If you have any questions please contact

June Rodeo Shoot cancelled – May Flowers shoot option

Hi club – Just a quick note.  I got a text from the local ranch that we were going to shoot the rodeo the second weekend in June – that the event got cancelled for the whole weekend.  So No June Club Shoot.  The next club scheduled group shoot will be @ the July club meeting.  More details to come.

In the meantime, I've taken a part-time job at a tiny local greenhouse in Central City.  I'd like to invite anyone who loves to shoot flowers to feel free to bring your gear to come out between the hours of 2pm to 6pm on any of the following dates that I'm working:  5/21, 5/22, 5/23, 5/25, 5/29, 5/30, or 5/31 and shoot to your hearts content.  Its Bloom Hoop House and we are located in Central City behind Lefty's gas station and in the parking lot of HomeTown Market.  No obligation to buy anything and free to come out.  Email me if you have any questions


Cell phone pic inside Bloom Hoop Greenhouse Central City by Amy Mueggenberg

LAPC May group shoot & meeting reminder this Sun 5/6

Reminder – This months LAPC meeting is one week early due to not having a meeting on Mothers Day.  Again note, the May meeting is this Sunday May 6th – same time, same place.  We have a meterologist coming to talk about storm safety with photography.  Is there a safe side of the storm to be on?  If we head out when the sirens go off, what should we look for to help us stay safe?  I love shooting lightening, but when do I really need to move inside?  If I'm shooting a tornado, what do I do if I get pinned down.  Our speaker will hit all these points and more.

Bring your camera and your walking shoes, because after the meeting, we'll head outside Wickiup and explore the emerging spring.  This will be the club May photo shoot.

See you Sunday. ~ Amy

April Group shoot reminder – 4/29

Just a quick reminder to RSVP for the group shoot this Sunday 4/29 at Hercules Haven.  For more information:

April LAPC Photo Shoot


Hercules Haven

Where:  1220 Lilly Street Cedar Rapids

When:  Sunday April 29 

Time:  4pm to 6pm

Its time to head back outside for our LAPC group shoots!  In April we are heading to a different kind of animal shelter.  Hercules Haven is home to many animals including:  three alpine goats, two Nubian goats, two mini-pigs, four pot-belly pigs, three horses, twenty five chickens, a baby lamb, four barn cats, three dogs and two house cats.  They are typically closed Sundays, so we’ll have the farm to ourselves.

They normally charge admission, but are waiving the admission for our group.  There will be a free will donation set out and I’ve promised a handful of photographers will donate a few images back as a thank you.

We suggest you wear farm appropriate footwear.

Please RSVP to so I can let our contact know how many from LAPC are coming.


For more information:

Sunday LAPC Meeting Reminder!

Lisa Bergmann-Smithey (Local Photographer and Kirkwood Instructor) will present “Making It Right in Camera”. 

Lisa shoots many of her images in manual mode, and her objective is to have her images be the best the can be “in camera” …  needing minimal post processing.   How many times have we heard…. “I just shoot everything in raw and I will just fix it in Lightroom/Photoshop later”.

Join Lisa in learning what you can do in camera to make your images the best they can be.


Executive Sponsor:   Patti Sampson – Club Secretary


Photo Contest:      Music

State Fair Theme for 2018
If you aren't sure about your photo for the State Fair, now is the time to test the waters!


Here are some links that may help…

FYI: Seasonal Photographer Job Opportunity

This came into our Club's email account….. this not an endorsement by the Club, but if you have an interest.  No idea what is pays, but if you want some experience, this might be an opportunity.


My name is Elena Oleske, and I am hiring some part time photographers for our May/June season and was hoping that you or someone who you know might be interested.   Thank you, and if you or someone in our photo club is interested, please feel free to call me or to email me.

(732) 678-8085


GradImages®:  Iowa City – We are hiring graduation photographers

Here are some basic details regarding the position.

GradImages® is currently searching for photographers to work with us during the Spring Graduation season. GradImages® is a premier education photography company responsible for photographing over 4,500 graduation events each year, our goal is to hire photographers that are able to take good quality photos and who are able to work as many graduation events as possible during the graduation seasons.

Date of F2F interview in Iowa City: April 21, 2018

The main responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Using company equipment to take good quality photographs of graduates during graduation events
  • Traveling to graduation events
  • Working with team captains and assistants to ensure photography during graduation events runs as smoothly as possible while providing excellent customer service to clients, graduates and their families.
  • Photographers are hired to take photos on company equipment. The positions do not require photographers participate in any post-production editing or selling.


  • At least 1 year of DSLR camera experience (professional, educational, freelance or any combination), with the ability to quickly take good quality, consistent photos of each and every graduate as their names are called during graduation ceremonies
  • The ability to provide stellar customer service to clients, graduates and their families.
  • The ability to work quickly and efficiently. The ability to react quickly and make good decisions while multi-tasking at a very fast pace.
  • The ability to wear appropriate FORMAL clothing to ALL events, ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS MUST OWN AND WEAR DARK COLORED BUSINESS SUITS and appropriate / coordinating shoes. The ability to maintain a professional appearance and give consideration to neatness and cleanliness.
  • The ability to stand, move quickly and hold the camera for the duration of any graduation ceremonies in indoor or outdoor settings sometimes on uneven terrain. The ability to lift up to 50 lbs and stand for 4-6 hours.

LAPC Snapshot

LAPC Snapshot

March Contest

Topic: Glass
14 entered
1st place – Rick Young 21 votes
2nd place – Cherie Flint 11 votes
3rd place tie – John Baldwin & Doug Nauman 9 votes each

It's spring!

A couple of links to help with your summer photography planning

LAPC Member Highlight

Had the privilege of photographing Carol Montag and Carlis Faurot at the Lowe Park Coffee House. They had standing room only. Catch their work, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Dave Maley

Don't forget to sign up for the May seminar with Chuck Kimmerle


Register Now: 2018 LAPC Annual Photography Workshop



Once again, we are pleased to bring to you the….

    2018 LAPC Annual Photography Workshop



Speaker:  Chuck Kimmerle

Date:    May 19th

Time:  8:00 – 3:30

Where:  New Covenant Bible Church




“I feel an attraction to the plains, prairies, and basins near where I live in Wyoming. Their quietness and peacefulness are therapeutic.    I need them to refresh my soul and maintain my sanity. I think such a connection is not only relevant in my work, but vital. It’s what drives me and inspires me.   My landscape work centers primarily around the intersections of where man and nature meet. I find that these areas, which now seem to be the norm of our landscape, offer an insight and significance which I cannot find in nature alone.”


Early Morning:       Your photographic legacy

Mid-Morning:         Why shoot black and white?

Early Afternoon:     Processing for black and white in Lightroom and Photoshop

Mid-Afternoon:       Finding your photographic voice


Presentation:    $15 LAPC Member              $20    Non-Member

Lunch:                $10   (Pulled Pork Sandwich or Marinated Chicken, Salads, Dessert, Drink)





Sponsored by:


Meeting Reminder: Tomorrow Feb 11th

Camera Skills – Getting To Know Your Camera

                 *** BRING YOUR CAMERA (and manual) TO THE MEETING! ***

Kris and Doug Hoeger – Leaders

When going out on a shoot it is a good practice to “set up” your camera ahead of time prior to arrival based on what you plan on shooting for the day.  Then, when you arrive, make a few adjustments if necessary based upon actual environmental conditions.   Things that you need to consider are:

    • White Balance
    • ISO
    • Camera Mode
    • F-Stop/Shutter Speed
    • Raw or JPEG
    • Metering
    • Drive Mode
    • Auto Focus
    • Bracketing

Photo Contest:      Harvest                

Wikipedia:   “Harvest”the process of gathering a ripe crop from the field.

                          “Harvesting” is the act or process of gathering mature crops from the fields.

                         “Harvesting” is also the gathering (hunting, trapping, or fishing) of wildlife or domestic animals.