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Register Now: 2018 LAPC Annual Photography Workshop



Once again, we are pleased to bring to you the….

    2018 LAPC Annual Photography Workshop



Speaker:  Chuck Kimmerle

Date:    May 19th

Time:  8:00 – 3:30

Where:  New Covenant Bible Church




“I feel an attraction to the plains, prairies, and basins near where I live in Wyoming. Their quietness and peacefulness are therapeutic.    I need them to refresh my soul and maintain my sanity. I think such a connection is not only relevant in my work, but vital. It’s what drives me and inspires me.   My landscape work centers primarily around the intersections of where man and nature meet. I find that these areas, which now seem to be the norm of our landscape, offer an insight and significance which I cannot find in nature alone.”


Early Morning:       Your photographic legacy

Mid-Morning:         Why shoot black and white?

Early Afternoon:     Processing for black and white in Lightroom and Photoshop

Mid-Afternoon:       Finding your photographic voice


Presentation:    $15 LAPC Member              $20    Non-Member

Lunch:                $10   (Pulled Pork Sandwich or Marinated Chicken, Salads, Dessert, Drink)





Sponsored by:


Meeting Reminder: Tomorrow Feb 11th

Camera Skills – Getting To Know Your Camera

                 *** BRING YOUR CAMERA (and manual) TO THE MEETING! ***

Kris and Doug Hoeger – Leaders

When going out on a shoot it is a good practice to “set up” your camera ahead of time prior to arrival based on what you plan on shooting for the day.  Then, when you arrive, make a few adjustments if necessary based upon actual environmental conditions.   Things that you need to consider are:

    • White Balance
    • ISO
    • Camera Mode
    • F-Stop/Shutter Speed
    • Raw or JPEG
    • Metering
    • Drive Mode
    • Auto Focus
    • Bracketing

Photo Contest:      Harvest                

Wikipedia:   “Harvest”the process of gathering a ripe crop from the field.

                          “Harvesting” is the act or process of gathering mature crops from the fields.

                         “Harvesting” is also the gathering (hunting, trapping, or fishing) of wildlife or domestic animals.

Upcoming LAPC Events

At the bottom of the Linn Area Photo Club home page is a link to all of the Club's upcoming events or other photo events around the area.

Keep an eye on this calendar so you know what opportunities are coming…..

February 5
“Beauty Around Us – Images from 2017.”
CR Audubon
February 9
PPI Winter Convension
February 10
“You Are Loved”  with Kyle Sydney Powell
Indian Creek Nature Center
February 11
LAPC Monthly Meeting
Camera Skills – Getting To Know Your Camera
March 11
LAPC Monthly Meeting
Trent Foltz
April 8
LAPC Monthly Meeting
May 6
LAPC Monthly Meeting
May 19
“LAPC Annual Photography Workshop”
Chuck Kimmerle
New Covenant Bible Church
May 20
“Small Group Photo Shoot”
Chuck Kimmerle
June 10
“Drone / Aerial Photograph”
Caleb Howard
LAPC Monthly Meeting
July 8
“Composition: Beyond Rule of Thirds”
Rae Lowenberg
LAPC Monthly Meeting
July 12
 “On the Trail of Big Cats: Tigers, Cougars, and Snow Leopards”
 Steve Winter
Paramount Theater

“You are Loved” Nature Photography Session

Saturday, February 10 2018

Artist and photographer Kyle Sydney Powell released her new book You Are Loved in November of 2016, which contains inspirational photography featuring natural and heart-shaped forms based on her “you are loved” series.

“In any given moment, whether ordinary or extraordinary, happy or sad, you are loved.” Artist and photographer Kyle Sydney Powell released her new book You Are Loved in November of 2016, which contains inspirational photography featuring natural and heart-shaped forms based on her “you are loved” series. She curated the photography for this book from a selection of heart photos taken daily for a period of five years. Bring your camera, or device with a camera, to this hands-on workshop where you will explore the Nature Center grounds seeking inspiration for your own curation of nature photos. Kyle will provide direct instruction in photography, as well as guidance in closely observing and searching out inspiration in nature. Registration required. No materials fee. M $10; NM $12.


Location: Indian Creek Nature Center
Time: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
5300 Otis Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Sunday’s Meeting Reminder

I hope all of you had a great holiday season and a wonderful start to 2018!  Next Sunday (January  14th) is our first LAPC meeting for 2018.    I hope all of you can join us.

Monthly Meeting Topic:    Photo Feedback
Many of you entered photos in the November contest.    As a matter of fact I believe we had a record number of entries!     Those who won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place got some feedback from the judges on why they selected that image.   However,  there was no feedback for the remaining images… which is understandable due to resource restraints of the judges.
Nevertheless, we are going to provide that opportunity at this month’s meeting.   We will once again break into small groups and do a feedback review of those images or any other prints you would like feedback on.    This exercise helps not only the owner of the image, but also all of you who participate in reviewing these images.  By hearing what other say about what they look for in determining a great image you will learn how to make “adjustments” in your image capturing /photo editing skills.

  • Bring your 2017 LAPC Annual Photo Contest images to Sunday’s meeting….. or any other images that are at minimum of 8 X 10.     The size is so people can see the image details.
  • Bring up to 10 images.   Can't promise we will get through all of them, depending upon the number of submissions.

Monthly Photo Contest:    Ditches
Over the years we have all seen some great stuff on the back roads of Iowa (or any other state) that we have stopped the car jumped out and took some impressive images.   Our families might have been cursing us out the whole time….. but it was a great image and worth it!

2018 Club Dues  Reminder!   
Club dues need to be paid as of February 1st….. so bring your cash or check.    2018 will be a another educational year at LAPC that you will want to be a part of!

Annual Contest Results

Annual Contest Results

36 Members participated, with 355 total entries.

People & Portraits

1st place – Rick Boots Days End

2nd place – Darren Swartzendruber Old Timer

3rd place – Marla Henry Sword Women

HM – Rick Boots The Contender

HM – Darren Swartzendruber Pondering

HM – Doug Hoeger Nola


1st place – Darren Swartzendruber Catch of the Day

2nd place – Darren Swartzendruber Bald Eagle

3rd place – Esther Bartels Heron in the Triangle

HM – Mike Stark The Flip

HM – Doug Hoeger Just Lion Around

HM – Marla Henry Fish for Dinner

Anything Goes

1st place – Marla Henry Mt. St. Helens

2nd place – Rae Lowenberg San Francisco de Assis Mission Church

3rd place – David Claiborne Suislaw River Bridge

HM – Sherry Schoons Eclipse at Totality

HM – David Claiborne Antelope Canyon

HM – Bill Schoon Panorama


1st place – Rick Young Drive Up

2nd place – Joyce Schoon An Autumn Run

3rd place – John McMillen Split Window

HM – Sherry Schoons Sailboat Model

HM – Jan Crites The Old Rusty Cadillac West of Rochelle, Ill

HM – Rae Lowenberg Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Close Up/Macro

1st place – Amy Mueggenberg Life in the Greenhouse

2nd place – Mary Howes Purple & Green Leaf

3rd place – Doug Hoeger Wild Geranium

HM – Shari Braise-Smith Red Red Rose

HM – Gary Siegle Spider Web

HM – Sherry Schoons Dandelion in Flight


1st place – Darren Swartzendruber How Low Can You Go!

2nd place – Tim McAdam Liquid Gold

3rd place – Cherie Flint Humming Bird

HM – Ester Bartels Cedars in Motion

HM – Rick Boots Quarterback Sneak

HM – Cherie Flint Off Roading

Low Light

1st place – Rick Boots Contemplation

2nd place – Chris Kardos The Heaven & Earth

3rd place – Rick Young Potters Hands 2

HM – Tim McAdam Under the Spotlight

HM – Dean Traver Smith Mountain Lake

My Favorite Photo

Larry Guilds

LAPC T-shirts

There are a couple of t-shirts left. If you ordered one and haven't received it, please contact

Its Almost Here! Annual Photo Contest

On Sunday (Nov 12th) we have a full schedule of events at the LAPC monthly meeting!


Annual Photo Contest

  • Submit up to 17 images in our Annual Photo Contest
  • For all the rules, go to:
  • If you have waited until the last minute… we still have 11X14 foam board for sale.  Call Rick at 319-360-0060 and set up a time to pick them up.  $1.00 ea.


Election of 2018 LAPC Officers

  • Want to be an LAPC Officer?   President  / Vice-President / Treasurer / Secretary
  • Send an email to: and get your name on the ballot.


My Photo Adventures

  • Bring to the meeting 5 – 10 digital images you would like to share with the LAPC members while the judging is taking place.
  • If you would like, you can share with the LAPC members the who/what/when and answer any questions they may have.
  •  Bring on a USB drive please.



  • In just over three weeks is the 5th Annual Help-Portrait Event
  • We need volunteers!    Editors we need you.
  • All day / Half-Day Shifts

We Need You!

Help-Portrait is just over 5 weeks from now.

We are in full-swing recruiting families and coordinating all the activities to have another successful event.

We need your help!

We need:

  • Photographers
  • Photo Assistants
  • Editors   – Huge Need
  • Family Guides – Big Need
  • General Help

If you can't work the entire day on Dec 2nd, we can set you up for a morning shift or an afternoon shift.

Editors…. if you can't help on Saturday, we have two additional sessions scheduled for Monday (Dec 4th) and Tuesday (Dec 5th) from 5:30 to 9:00.  These sessions are to finish up the edits, prints and framing… so join us then.


If you can't assist the day of the event, but want to assist in a different way, we will always be glad to take financial donations or supplies.

We can always use:    (Bring to the November meeting)

  • Gallon Size Zip-lock Baggies
  • Gaffers Tape
  • Food /Drink
  • 8 X 10 Frames
  • Sharpies
  • Hand Wipes
  • Hair Spray
  • Clip Boards
  • Kleenex
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Bottled Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Make-Up


Quad Cities Photo Club Event – Greg Basco

On December 9th, the Quad Cities Photo Club is hosting Greg Basco.     The cost is $25.

You can see his work at: