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September club picnic

We will be having Nelson’s Meat Market cater our picnic this year! They will be grilling brats, chicken and hamburgers. They will be also be providing baked beans,coleslaw and potato salad.Please RSVP by September 5th to hope to see everyone there.

Meeting Reminder: This Sunday


As a reminder, on Sunday will be our monthly Linn Area Photo Club meeting.


Topic:  My Digital Workflow: Lightroom and Photoshop

In addition, those of you who want to participate at next month’s Canon Printing Workshop on Sept 23rd, this will be a great time to bring cash or a check to complete your registration.     We still have several open spots.    If you cannot attend Sunday’s meeting, send in your fee to the Club’s mailing address.

This is great workshop to help you improve your prints and to take home with you a couple of large format prints.




Reminder: LAPC/Canon Printing Workshop

Why don’t my prints look like the images on my computer?

Should I be using 8 bit, 16 bit or 32 bit to print?

Should I convert my images to JPG or TIFF prior to printing or leave them as a PSD?

What Color Space should I use?  Adobe RGB, ProPhotoRGB, sRGB, AppleRGB?

Who handles color management?  Photoshop, Printer, No Management

 Do I need to flatten my image layers in Photoshop before printing?

What software gets the best results?  Photoshop, Lightroom, etc?


If you don’t know these answers to these questions, our upcoming seminar on September 23rd is for you!

Canon Printing Workshop: Sept 23rd

Send a $20 check to the Club’s mail box or send a “save me a space” email  to and bring your payment to the August Club Meeting.


Reserve your spot soon.  There are a limited number of spots left.



Focal Point Newsflash

We had a great meeting in July. Jim, a photographer with the Cedar Rapids Gazette was the speaker and shared some great tips on sports photography and how to tell a story with your photos.

©️Dave Maley

Winners from July

Theme: Reflections/Mirrors

1st place left to right….

1st  Jan Crites

2nd Karen Bradley

3rd TIE  Connie Wedemeier & Joyce Schoon
The theme for August is Textures.

July Photoshoot: The 2017 International Juggler’s Festival

©️Rick Boots

©️Rick Boots

©️Rick Boots

©️Rick Boots

In case you’re wondering how this photo was taken… we have an outtake. 😀

©️Rae Lowenberg

And here’s some more…

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

©️Rae Lowenberg

As always, a big thank you to all the members who contributed to this post!



Nikon D750 Service Advisory

Do you own a Nikon D750? If so, you may want to head on over to the link below and check your serial number.

From Nikon “In February of 2016, we announced in an update that the shutter in some Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras manufactured between October 2014 through June 2015 may not function normally, sometimes resulting in a shading of a portion of images. Since that time, we have learned that the same issue may affect D750 cameras manufactured from July 2014 through September 2014 and from July 2015 through September 2016.”


Canon Printing Workshop: Sept 23rd

Why don’t my prints look like the images on my computer?

Should I be using 8 bit, 16 bit or 32 bit to print?

Should I convert my images to JPG or TIFF prior to printing or leave them as a PSD?

What Color Space should I use?  Adobe RGB, ProPhotoRGB, sRGB, AppleRGB?

Who handles color management?  Photoshop, Printer, No Management

Do I need to flatten my image layers in Photoshop before printing?

What software gets the best results?  Photoshop, Lightroom, etc?


If you don’t know these answers to these questions, our upcoming seminar is for you!

LAPC/Canon Printing Workshop

Those of you who came to the Linn Area Photo Club Photography Workshop this year with Tyler Stableford had an opportunity to meet Kelly Anderson with Canon.  Kelly came to the event to provide participants with large format prints as an added benefit to this year’s workshop participants.  While we had Kelly at the event we asked if she  would come back to do one day “Printing Workshop” for LAPC members and workshop participants.    Kelly agreed and stated that she would try to fit it into her schedule for this year.
Well, Kelly is coming Saturday, September 23rd!!!!!    She and another printing expert from Canon USA are coming and bringing with them two Canon Pro 1000’s and two Pro 100’s!  Four printers for you to use!
LAPC/Canon Printing Workshop schedule:
Two, four hour sessions:   30 people in the morning session and 30 people in the afternoon session.  (Both sessions will provide the same learning experience so don’t worry about missing out on anything if you attend either session.)
  • Morning Session        (8am to Noon)

– 2 to 2.5 hours of seminar
– 1.5 to 2 hours of hands-on printing: Working with the two Canon Reps, participants can print one (and maybe two depending upon time and resources) of their images to take home that day ….. either 17″ X 22″ or 13″ X 19″.

  • Afternoon Session     (12:30 pm to 4:30 pm)

– 2 to 2.5 hours of seminar
– 1.5 to 2 hours of hands-on printing: Working with the two Canon Reps, participants can print one (and maybe two depending upon time and resources) of their images to take home that day ….. either 17″ X 22″ or 13″ X 19″.



There will be a $20 fee to register and reserve your spot for this exciting learning experience. This fee will be used to cover facility costs and drinks/snacks that will be provided during the event. One print is worth more than the $20!

Send a check to reserve your spot. Include with the check a note to indicate that you prefer either Session 1 (morning) or Session 2 (afternoon). (All efforts will be made to place you in your primary session…. but if that session is full we will move you to the session with open spots.)

Linn Area Photo Club
P.O. Box 225
Marion, IA 52302


On August 5th, if there are any spots still available that the Club members have not filled,  we will send an email to all the 2017 LAPC Photography Workshop participants inviting them to join us…. so reserve your spot soon.


LAPC Executive Committee


Fire & glow juggling shoot – this Friday 7/14 @ 8pm @ Studio reserved

We are doing a last minute teaming up again with Studio Reserved for a private glow & fire juggling evening tomorrow (Friday 7/14 @8pm) just for our local photography groups.  As you know, the International Juggling Association (IJA) is in town this week for their annual convention.  Michael offered Studio Reserved facility for a place for their glow & fire jugglers to play a little for a group of local photographers.  I promised I’d have 15-30 photographers.  Sorry for the last minute notice, but I really think this is one you might want to rearrange your schedule for.  This just came about last night and this morning so I’m getting out to you as soon as I can.

Bring your camera, trigger, tripod and red flashlight.  

I do not have a limit on the # of photographers who can come, however I would like an RSVP so I know when I’ve hit what I promised.  This is NOT opened to the public.

One of the jugglers walking over is a world renowned fire artist & instructor named Kevin Axtell.  Here is his website:  

Please hashtag all social media photos with:  ijafest2017


And here is the info we put to the jugglers:

Hi.  If any jugglers are interested in an impromptu  glow/FIRE  juggling play time FRIDAY NIGHT 7/14 with a group of local photographers shooting – I’d like to invite you to walk on over from your convention hotel – a easy 0.7 mile walk.


Time:  from 8pm to 10:30pm (arrive any time after 7:30pm)

Address:  1200 2nd Avenue SE


Studio Reserved has a half block of empty field for fire juggling or if it rains or you’d like to play indoors, they have a large historic church turned creative studio for glow juggling.  Our group has several photographers who would be happy to hashtag IJA on social media.


Linn Area Photo Club has over 100 photographers, and I usually pull in about 15-30 photographers for this kind of shoot.


Our hosting studio:

Our photography club:


Amy Mueggenberg

Linn Area Photo Club Activities Officer


Michael Huang

Studio Reserved – owner

Meeting is tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will get to enjoy Jim from the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Jim will go over how to take sports and action photos as well as how to tell a story with your photos.

LAPC July group shoot – International Juggling Festival- multiple opportunities

Hi.  I have alot of info for those of you interested.  The organizers of the event – which goes Monday 7/10 to Saturday 7/15 – are all very happy to have however many from our group shooting at which ever activities we choose.  I did not promise any images – just use whatever hash tags you can find if you’d like to share.  If you have an LAPC shirt/hat – this would be a good time to wear it.

Highlights:  Thurs 7/13 – night juggling with lighted props.  Sat 7/15 – Busking at the CR downtown farmers market – “unusual, colorful characters, so in addition to all the varied action to photograph, you’ll likely get some verydistinct-looking folks”  Also Joggling and extreme juggling.  TBD:  Water Skuggling.

Details from my contact (Emory):

Here are my recommendations for photography opportunities at the IJA Festival:

1.) Glow Out To Dinner – This is scheduled for downtown at 7:30 pm on Thursday the 13th.  I believe this will be an informal gathering of jugglers who use glow props, though it might include a more organized demonstration or performance.  Glow props are typically balls, clubs, hoops, and diabolos that have LED lights built into them.  The illuminated props will offer some interesting photographic possibilities, such as long-exposure shots with the props tracing arcs and patterns through the air.  I’m puzzled, though, why this is scheduled to begin at 7:30 –  Those glow props definitely need near to full darkness to give their best effect.  So, I recommend this event for photographers if it’s dark enough.

There is almost always a night-time fire-juggling gathering at IJA Festivals, but I don’t see one on the schedule this year.  These are really spectacular for photography, with fire, faces illuminated by the glow from flaming props, and opportunities for long-exposure shots.  If a fire event is announced at the festival I’ll e-mail you with details (LAPC – if I get this alert – I’ll post an update on the website & facebook).

2.) 5k Joggling Road Race – 7:30 am Saturday in Lisbon, IA.  Since this is being run on the streets as a road race, it might be a little more photogenic than the joggling events being run at the Coe College Track later that morning (see below).  The runners might start later than 7:30 – that might be the get-organized time rather than the starter-pistol time.  I’ll try to nail the time down better if any of your photographers are interested.  The drawback to this event would be limited variety of shots – Photographers would likely need to get set up in one spot, or two nearby spots, and get somewhat similar photographs of passing runners.

3.) Joggling Championships – 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Saturday at the Coe College Track.  These are all the juggling track events other than the 5k – all the usual running events – 100-meter, 400-meter, relays, etc. – but done while juggling.  The good news is there is plenty of light, and numerous events to photograph, so you’ll have plenty of time and freedom to move around, experiment, and photograph from different locations around the track.  The bad news is there will be dead time between events, standing around without much to do, waiting for the next race to start.  Also, variety will be somewhat limited – I’ve taken some very good joggling photos, but it’s also the sort of event where you can wind up with 1,000 photos that all share three or four similar looks.  So, I’ll give this one a conditional recommendation – it might appeal to someone particularly interested in sports photography and running.

4.) Busking – 9:00 to Noon Saturday at the Downtown Farmers Market.  This should offer a lot of photographic possibilities.  This event is both a performance and a competition for top-quality street performers who have been invited to participate.  Street performers tend to be rather unusual, colorful characters, so in addition to all the varied action to photograph, you’ll likely get some very distinct-looking folks to shoot.  Street performers also tend to use audience participation, so you can also expect to get photos of them interacting with spectators, plus opportunities to include crowd reactions in the photos.  Outdoors, so plenty of light.  And, everyone can enjoy the shows while photographing them.  I’d expect good variety, with opportunities to capture a real street-entertainment flavor.  So, recommended for all photographers for both fun and photos.

Unfortunately, the Busking and the Joggling overlap.  It might be possible to sample both, but more practically most people would probably want to pick one.  For most photographers – other than the most enthusiastic sports photographers – busking will be a much better choice than joggling.  I’ll be photographing the busking, so if anyone from your group does photograph the joggling, please let me know since they’ll get shots that I won’t.

Go to the following link and scroll down the page to the BUSKING INVITATIONAL section – You’ll see a little more information, plus two photos that I took of previous busking events, and one from a flash-mob event:

5.) Water Skuggling– Times/Dates To Be Announced.  Scroll down further at the above events link for information on this one.  This is something totally new and totally different.  Water skiing and juggling.  (I swear I am not making this up).  I’ve never photographed anything even remotely like this before, but it certainly sounds interesting.  I’ll e-mail you with more details, probably after I arrive at the festival and can inquire further.  (LAPC – Amy will update the club website / facebook)

6.) X-Juggling / Open Juggling / Games of the IJA / Individual Prop Competition – Saturday Afternoon.  There are several options Saturday afternoon after the busking event.  The X-Juggling(extreme juggling) event is a somewhat informal competition where jugglers line up and take two tries to hit the single hardest / most spectacular trick that they’re barely able to do.  It’s a tough challenge to photograph this one well, but it can be rewarding.  No costumes and no artistic stage lighting, so the event isn’t inherently photogenic like a theatrical performance or stage competition would be.

Much of the festival is just unstructured Open Juggling in the main event hall – hundreds of jugglers filling up a huge room just doing whatever they want to do – practicing solo tricks or passing clubs in small and large groups.  Total chaos – don’t expect clean backgrounds and isolated subjects – but the open juggling is a fine opportunity for photographers to wander around, meet people, and experiment.  Some photographers will find the all of the varied options and diverse people to be particularly appealing.  You definitely wouldn’t have everybody all getting the same shots.  While the open juggling is continuing Saturday afternoon, there will also be Games of the IJA in the same venue – this is a very informal competition, will all sorts of short games, some quite silly.  As an example, there’s usually a juggling obstacle course to run.

Saturday afternoon ends with the Individual Prop Competition at 5:00.  This used to be a popular event, but participation dropped and it died out.  It’s coming back this year after an absence of several years.  If they get a decent number of participants of reasonable skill, it could offer some photographic possibilities – I always found it to be more photogenic than the X-Juggling because you’d get at least some performers in costume rather than in T-shirts, and they’d be performing extended and varied routines rather than one-shot tricks.

So, one possibility certainly worth considering would be to have the group come at a time Saturday afternoon when they could spend part of their visit photographing either the X-Juggling or Individual Prop competition, and the other part of their visit just following their noses and following their instincts in the general chaos of the open juggling and the Games of the IJA.  Similarly, photographers could shoot the Busking Competition Saturday morning and then come over to the event center immediately afterwards to photograph some open juggling.  I’d definitely recommend this just for the variety.  The only issue here is that you’d need to make arrangements for the events at the convention center.  Events 1-5 above, including the busking, are all free and open to the public, so anyone should be able to just show up with a camera and start shooting.  But the events listed here in #6 are inside the festival venue, so I’d recommend (email Amy – if there is enough interest in a group of us meeting up – I’ll contact the GM and see about getting us a discounted group pass for shooting).  We’re a friendly bunch, and part of our mission is to let the rest of the world experience and learn about juggling.

Also, inexpensive day passes for Iowa-local non-jugglers should be available throughout the festival, in case anyone wants to come out at almost any time or date during the festival to photograph the open juggling, other than when the big evening shows and competitions are running.

If you’re picking just one event for the whole group to attend together, busking, or busking + open juggling, will likely be your best best.  But please let your group know that they would also certainly be welcome to individually attend and photograph any or all of the other open events.

Let me know if you have any further questions.  Also, let me know what event(s) you and your group chose – I might be able to meet with your group for a few minutes before an event to make some suggestions.

I also hope your group will consider attending some of the evening shows, particularly the Cascade of Stars show on Saturday night.  This won’t be a photo opportunity (no flash photography, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to have twenty or thirty clicking shutters through the show), but I’m certain everyone would really enjoy watching the best of the performances.

Emory said he is easy to spot – “I’m usually easy to spot at these juggling events, just because I’m the guy with the big camera on the monopod.  Please invite everyone to come say hello and chase me down if they have any questions.”

The Focal Point Newsflash: Cedar Rapids Boxing Club Photo Shoot

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©Rae Lowenberg


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