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June Contest Winners

Theme: Leading Lines

There were 14 entries for the monthly contest at the June meeting.

The results are:

1st place  Pam Olson  16 votes  

Pam Olson 1st place

Pam Olson 1st place

2nd place  Esther Bartels  15 votes

Esther Bartels 2nd place

Esther Bartels 2nd place

3rd place  Jay Patters  14 votes

Jay Patters 3rd place

Jay Patters 3rd place

Congratulations Pam, Esther, and Jay!

July contest theme is Reflection / Mirrors.

A New, Improved Newsletter Format is Coming!

In an effort to provide you with better information in a more timely manner, we will be making some changes to the newsletter. Instead of a big .pdf every other month we will be doing more frequent, blog-like posts through the website. The majority of the club information is already being annouced in this manner, so it should be an easy transition. We will be able to link directly to outside sources and share photos from contests and photo shoots in a much more timely manner! As always, we welcome any comments and submissions at Please watch for an upcoming post of photos from our recent photo shoot with the Cedar Rapids Boxing Club.

Boxing Club shoot reminder – This Thursday – RSVP

Hi – Just a friendly reminder to RSVP if you plan on attending the boxing club shoot this Thursday 6/8 from 5-7pm.  I promised the coach at least 10 photographers and so far I only have 5 RSVPs.  For more details:



Canon Prints & Sunday’s Meeting Reminder

For those Club Members who attended the 2017 Linn Area Photo Club Photography Workshop and requested a Canon print, those prints will be available at Sunday’s meeting.   Kelly Anderson (Canon) got those prints done and shipped them back to us.     Justin and Rick have three boxes of prints, so join us Sunday and get your print!  (We also have a few jump drives for those who did not pick them up at the event before leaving.)


In addition, at this month’s meeting we will be going over Camera Operations.

So…..  Bring your camera and your user manual! 

We will break into small groups based on the brand of your camera (Nikon versus Canon versus Other).     Club Members in each group will help each other with questions and technical advise specific to your camera and your needs.

So please bring your questions.    Things you might want to learn are…… “How do I ….”

  • Change Shutter Priority:  Aperture versus Speed  versus Manual
  • Change ISO
  • Change White Balance
  • Change Auto Focus Mode:  AI Servo versus AI Focus
  • Change Button Functions
  • Change Picture Style: Standard versus Portrait versus Landscape versus Neutral versus Faithful
  • Change Metering Mode: Center Weighted versus Spot versus Evaluative
  • Change Drive Mode:  High Speed versus Single Shot versus Low Speed versus Timed
  • Change Color Space
  • Set up or Change Bracketing
  • Read My Histogram and make some adjustments
  • Change flash modes

           ……and more.


Justin & Rick

Photography volunteer needed for plane crash DRILL tomorrow Sat 5/20 7am

We’ve had a request to for a volunteer to take photos at the Linn County Emergency Management Airport Drill this Saturday 5/20 from 7-1.

I know it is very short notice. An LAPC member has participated in one of these drills years ago and it involve (or used to) volunteers playing the part of crash victims to allow emergency responders practice of what to do with a large scale plane crash. Back then they actually had makeup wounds so they could triage as well.

Contact LAPC activities officer:  Amy Mueggenberg via phone ASAP if available:  319-721-5063



For Sale: MacBook Pro 17″


17″mid 2010 hardly used. 8gb memory, Processor is 2.53 ghz Intel Core i5, running OSX Lion 10.7.5 has LR5 on it. Asking $500

contact Mike Stark

May/June Newsletter!

The May/June newsletter is here!

If you would like to submit photos, articles, etc. for the next newsletter please send them to

May/June Newsletter

Meeting this Sunday!

Remember we will be having our meeting this Sunday. Our presenter will be showing his photo from his trip from Greenland/Iceland. He will also speak about his micro four thirds camera system.

IMAGE FEEDBACK: Volunteers needed!

judge paddleWe are looking for volunteers to help provide feedback with digital submissions.  If you are interested in being put on the volunteer list and would like to participate please send an email to: with subject line: VOLUNTEER


Digital FeedbackSubmissions are now being accepted for feedback. If you would like to participate, please send your images to: with subject line: CONTEST SUBMISSIONS.

Include the following information in the email with your image:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Image title
  • JPEG images only (smaller than 4MB file size)
  • Optional information: camera settings (f-stop, shutter speed and ISO)

We have made some changes to the criteria for evaluations. We will be looking at the following criteria and provide feedback.


  • Center of interest
  • Placement of subject
  • Foreground/Background
  • Format
  • Cropping
  • Perspective
  • Line, shape, pattern, texture

Image Quality

  • Focus
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Lighting
  • Grain
  • Depth of field
  • Color
  • Depth of tones


  • Message
  • Impact
  • Creativity and originality