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Submissions Needed!

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The Newsletter is looking for your submissions for upcoming issues!  We are looking for more member involvement with the newsletter and welcome your input.  Ideas and items for submissions include Articles, Photographs, Educational Opportunities, Tips, Classifieds, etc.

Submissions are due to by the 28th of each month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter.

Newsletter Items Needed

Latest posts by Nicole Dernelle-Ruhlow (see all)

For those who participated in the Help Portrait event, we would like to share your stories and images in the newsletter.  Please submit any stories from the day and/or any images you wish to share with the club, including both actual portraits and any behind the scenes shots.  We would love to share your experiences so we can get even more volunteers next year!

Also, for those who participated in the club shoot at Tannenbaum Forrest, please submit any images from that you wish to share as well.

As always, all submissions are welcome!