Have you taken time to visit the new Linn Area Photography Club website?

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In June I completed the first phase makeover of the club website. The content is virtually the same but the platform is much more powerful for future expansion and growth but first let’s go back in history a little.

For those of you are not familiar with website design/development many websites are built in a software program and uploaded to a website. These are static “one way” websites that people build to bring customers, clients or friends to their website. Maybe you’ve heard of FrontPage or Dreamweaver which are examples of web design software packages. Many photographers build their sites this was as well!

The first LAPC club website was built on a local computer and uploaded to a website but a couple of years ago the website was upgraded to a database driven site. With a database driven site the web pages are dynamically created when someone clicks on a link or page in the website. The website data is stored in a database table rather than being in a flat files on a computer.

Last month I upgraded our site to the WordPress.org platform, which is also a database driven platform. Some of you may be familiar with WordPress.com as the number one free blog site that competes with Blogger and TypePad. There are over 50 Million people using WordPress including many fortune 500 companies!

WordPress supports blogging, audio, video, photos, e-newsletters and much much more. In the future I want to see the site evolve to a “Facebook” type site that allows each member to have a login and password and be part of a forum discussing photography and techniques.

If you have any ideas for the website I’d love to hear about them. Maybe we can implement them soon or maybe it will be a future project. We want to know how the website can help the club and it’s members so send me an email with any ideas or comments you may have!

Bob Randklev

email: Bob@CyberInnovation.com

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