June Meeting Reminder

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As a reminder, at our June 13th meeting (this Sunday), Porter’s Camera will be

demonstrating how to take and make Panoramas. Porter’s staff will demonstrate

all the steps/processes necessary to shoot  panoramas along with some special equipment

that can assist you.   They will also demo the Photoshop software you can use to

stitch your individual photos into the beautiful panorama you are


To help you prepare for the State Fair, Part 1 our June 13th monthly Club photo contest is

The Family Farm… the 2010 State Fair special theme.   I hope you are shooting

farm pictures as the corn & beans are emerging and the flowers are blooming.   To

help you prepare for the State Fair, bring to the meeting your The Family Farm

photos.   We won’t be judging those photos, but it is an opportunity for you to ask

other Club members for feedback on them prior to submission.

Part 2 of our monthly photo contest is Birds & Insects, which will be judged, and

1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be handed out.   Although many of us are not

insect enthusiasts (I hate bees), they do provide a nice perspective of nature.

See you on June 13th.

Rick Young

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