Meeting/State Fair Reminder: May 16th

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A special thanks to Bob Lancaster , Photo Pro, Porter’s and all the volunteers who made the 2010 Canon Explorers of Light seminar a huge success.   This was an opportunity for our Club to shine and be a part of the local art community, and we did just that.    Hopefully all of you learned some new photographic skills or saw something in Lewis Kemper’s photos that has inspired you.   This was another great learning event provided by our Club!

As I have announced on several occasions, the entry deadlines for the 2010 State Fair are June 21st /June 27th.    To help you prepare for this event, one of our photo contest themes at the June13th Club meeting is the The Family Farm… this year’s State Fair special theme.  I hope you are shooting some farm pictures as the corn & beans are emerging and the flowers are blooming.

Go to the State Fair Photography Solon website and get the details at:

Our next meeting is scheduled for 1:30 on May 16th at Wickiup. We have several topics for our meeting including:

1)      Eric Tastad, fellow Club Member, will be demonstrating how he was able to take his fantastic Red Ball picture using an interesting flash technique.

2)      “What’s In Your Bag”… several Club Members will be showing us what they carry to help them take those great photos

3)      Doug Hoeger is our feature Showcase Photographer and will be showing us many of the great photos he has taken over the last few years.

4)      The photo contest theme is Architecture, so get your photos ready.

As mentioned above our June photo contest is two fold.    To help prepare for the State Fair bring in your Family Farm photos.   We won’t be judging those photos, but we want to see your submissions and it is an opportunity for you to ask other Club members for feedback on them.   The judged photo contest theme is Birds & Insects.  Although many of us are not insect enthusiasts (I hate bees), they do provide a nice perspective of nature.

See you on May 16th .

Rick Young

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