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For the past two weeks, our office staff has been intensely occupied developing new trips, working on ground-breaking conservation projects and managing the logistics of our hugely successful Greenland Dogsled Expedition. From this work, we have accumulated a great array of exciting news into this newsletter. Enjoy reading the latest news from the field, trip openings and promotions, and please make sure to let us know your interest in joining any of our voyages or our conservation programs.

1. Greenland Traditional Dogsled Expedition completed with outstanding reviews
2. Cuba – last chance for joining us
3. Mongolia – last chance to join our voyage
4. ‘Big 5 of India” Safari – last 4 spaces available
5. Midway Atoll – last 2 spaces available
6. Introducing our new logo!
1. Japan Winter Safari trip price has been published
2. Mali and Burkina Faso Expedition open for booking!
3. Alaska Wildlife Safari open for booking!
Conservation news
1. BirdLife International and WANT Expeditions team up
2. Marathon Run in Ethiopia supports building schools
Only with WANT Expeditions you will have the opportunity to complete a Traditional Dogsled Expedition in Greenland. Our one-of-a-kind trip finished on May 7th and participants reported glowing accounts of this trip being one of the most outstanding adventure and cultural experiences they have ever had! We spent an entire week on the sea ice around the northernmost community in the world, looking out for sea life and experiencing the Inuit lifestyle through completely authentic conditions. After covering 212 kilometers with 157 dogs, tasting typical Inuit foods like raw blubber, learning how to build a proper igloo and how to drive the dogs, spotting dozens of seals and other marine life, and experiencing a brief blizzard that tested our survival skills, each member on this expedition is now considered a true and well-prepared polar explorer. As Lee, one of our travelers stated: ‘This was the most challenging, but most rewarding trip of my life'. Only 4 spaces are left for this incredible adventure in 2011. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today, the remaining spaces won't last long.

As you are probably familiar with our voyages closing for booking 90 days prior to departure, we do this in order to allow participants enough time to prepare for the trip, organize visas and so on. Since our Cuba Culture and Nature Expedition in 2010 departs within 90 days, next week will be the last chance for anyone to join us and catch one of the remaining 3 spaces. This is probably one of the last chances to see Cuba before the floodgates of tourism are opened and the Cuban culture is forever changed. If you are interested in joining us, please let us know latest by May 19th. We have space for a couple, and/or single men or lady travelers wishing to share with a roommate. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.
Just like in case of our Cuban departure, our Mongolia Wildlife Expedition is about to close. If you wish to catch one of the few remaining spaces, please let us know latest by May 19th. We have space for a couple, and/or single men or lady travelers wishing to share with a roommate. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.
Please note, only 4 spaces remain on our famous ‘Big 5 of India' Safari. If you want to see and photograph the extremely rare Asiatic Lion, visit the most popular tiger parks in India, and venture into mystic Assam by elephant to see rhinos and tigers (along with hundreds of other bird and mammal species), do not miss this opportunity! Be first to reserve one of the last 4 spaces available. Note: we have a single lady passenger looking for a roommate to share with. Check with us to see available offers. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.
Our lovely voyage to the tropical paradise of the largest albatross colony in the world is almost sold out. Midway Atoll has just opened for tourism in 2007, and the US government issues just a few permits each year. We at WANT Expeditions knew it was imperative to ensure that we held such a distinction and could offer such a trip to this incredible destination to our guests and members. We have space for a couple, and/or single men or lady travelers wishing to share with a roommate. Check with us to see available offers. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.
As announced in our last newsletter, we have changed our official name to a more user-friendly acronym for Wildlife and Nature Travel -WANT Expeditions. Now it is our pleasure to introduce to you our new logo! Many people provided feedback on how important it was that Wildlife and Nature Travel needed to be easily disseminated from “WANT.” We think you'll find that our new logo accurately portrays what we stand for, while creating an identity brand. We intend to use this image for several decades in order to generate an entire industry of ecologically responsible, global environmental tourism around it. Soon you'll have the opportunity to purchase organic cotton t-shirts with our new logo.

The long-awaited price for our exciting and popular Japan Winter Safari is now published! In general, Japan is a very expensive country, which makes us even more proud to announce that after several months' worth of negotiations, we are able to offer this trip for only 7,975 -per person! Not only that, we also managed to secure Mark Brazil (world famous naturalist, photographer, and author of “Birds of Japan”) to accompany us on the Hokkaido portion of this fascinating winter voyage. With Mark along, this will guarantee additional exceptional photographic and wildlife observation opportunities. This is truly a rewarding trip, make sure that you sign up early, since many people have already requested spaces be held in their name, and the remaining spaces won't last long. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.

Our world travelers have long been waiting for this unique voyage to the heart of western Africa, a region hardly visited by the outside world. So, it is our greatest pleasure to announce that the Mali and Burkina Faso Expedition is open for booking! If you are interested in meeting some of the most remote, most interesting and most authentic tribes in the world, you cannot miss this voyage to Mali and Burkina Faso. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.

For those of you fascinated by bears, mountains and glaciers, we have great news – our complete Alaska itinerary for summer 2011 is now open for booking. No other tour operator in the world, other than WANT Expeditions, offers Mt. McKinley, Denali NP, Fairbanks, Anchorage, Kenai NP, Seward, salmon-fishing bears and Brooks Range and Katmai NP, Juneau, and three days exploring at Glacier Bay NP in one single itinerary! For months, we have worked to build the best possible Alaska itinerary available anywhere. Book early, this trip will surely sell out for 2011. Click here to visit this trip on our website and sign up today.
As many of you may recall, we announced in our last newsletter that WANT Expeditions has teamed up with Birdlife International to become their latest ‘Species Champion.' (If you missed this announcement and would like to read more about this effort, click here) You know we are passionate about protecting the wild places we visit, so for us, becoming a ‘Species Champion' set a new standard for our level of commitment to conservation, and we don't want to stop here. Perhaps you have heard our slogan “Tourism as a tool to sustainability.” What this means is that we believe tourism is one of the most effective means to empower communities to protect wildlife and the environment, while generating sustainable economies and infrastructure. For those of you who have been to Uganda to see the Mountain Gorillas with us, you have seen first hand how powerful and successful this approach has been. We at WANT Expeditions would like to start a new genre of trips that would include a direct, hands-on conservation aspect. Since becoming a ‘Species Champion' we have been discussing this with Birdlife International, on how we can make this a model they can support and stand behind, and we are hoping to start in Liberia on the Liberian Greenbul.

The Liberian Greenbul is listed as Critically Endangered by the IUCN. Its habitat is in the midst of an incredible rainforest that is at an extreme risk for degradation due to slash and burn practices from local people desperate for quick cash to survive. Through talks with the Liberian government and local communities on how they could benefit from our work there, we know that they are eager to receive us and our efforts in this region. To kickoff this program, we would head into this region for baseline studies that would include mist netting, local infrastructure assessment for tourism purposes, generating trust and confidence in the local community members through face-to-face rapport, and more. Not only will trips like these generate conservation, but they will also provide one of the most enjoyable, in-depth cultural immersion experiences one can imagine.

If you, or someone you know, have an interest in participating in this momentous effort to protect the wild places we visit, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email to tell us what you think. Please help to spread the word by forwarding or posting this email to every birder, animal lover, adventurer, conservationist, photographer and other person you know. Thank you for your support

On any Wildlife and Nature Travel trips, as a guest or member you are actively supporting conservation projects worldwide. Most recently, we at WANT are especially proud to support ‘Run Across Ethiopia' a long distance marathon event and combined culture and nature safari aimed at raising over $100,000 to build schools in Ethiopia. This fundraiser and tour embodies our conservation model by empowering and educating peoples living in proximity to the environments we seek to protect. The tour portion of this event will allow guests to visit the most environmentally, socially, and economically important features that Ethiopia possesses. Our tour will kick-off in Addis Ababa, with all of the marathon runners. We'll wish them luck as they start their 400km run, then we set off to explore elements like Mago National Park, the people of Dorze, and Fairtrade Coffee Farms. Our tour will wrap up in Yirga Chefe by welcoming the runners into the city, and then the following day, we can run (or drive along side) the final leg of the marathon to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first constructed school. Don't miss this incredible tour, only by WANT Expeditions, January 8th-21st, 2011. If you would like to sign up for this tour or donate to this worthwhile cause click here.

Looking forward to traveling with you,
Akos Hivekovics & Jessica Pociask
managing directors
WANT Expeditions – Wildlife and Nature Travel Inc.

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