Photo Contest April: Red Ball

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Now through the April 1st, Red Balls are available for you to pick up at a monthly Club meeting or by calling Rick Young (in Mt Vernon @ 319-360-0060), Bob Lancaster (in Marion @ 319-550-1232 or Cherie Flint (in Hiawatha @ 319-981-9965) and picking up your Red Ball or balls* from them. The photo contest rules are pretty simple…

1) be creative and use the Red Ball (s) in your photograph with any type of photo… people, pets, landscape, flower, water, etc.

2) the Red Ball (s) can be photographed separately and incorporated into a photograph

3) the Red Ball (s) should be obvious in you photograph

4) Judging is April 11th

*If your creative idea involves the need for more than one red ball, you can pick up and incorporate up to three red balls for your use in your photo.

Rick Young

President – LAPC

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