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Monthly and Annual Rules

The Annual and Monthly contest rules and categories have been updated and posted on the website.
Please make sure to check the monthly rules if you are bringing a photo for the contest this weekend!
Monthly rules & categories click here
Annual rules & categories click here
Rules have a “Version” number at the beginning in order to verify they are current.
Any changes to the rules, will be followed by a post and email being sent out to all members, along with a change to the version number, similar to getting a software version “update”.
The current version for Monthly Rules is Version # 01012017.1M   Posted on 02/07/17
The current version for Annual Rules is Version # 01012017A2   Posted on 02/03/17

Photo Club Meeting: Commercial Photography & Lighting January 10th

Colored Pencils 3 Commercial 1 Commercial 2  Commercial 3

Educational Theme:  Commercial Photography & Lighting

As they say…. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Commercial photography is creating a compelling visual image or images that convey real feelings and evokes an emotional response about a product. Commercial photography includes taking photos of buildings, merchandise, artifacts, models and landscapes that are used for promotional purposes in such things as books, magazines, posters, websites, product packaging, advertisements, menus and catalogs.

Generally, in commercial photography, the entire photo shoot is devoted to a single product being photographed. The background generally is somewhat neutral so as not to detract from the product being promoted.

If you think about it, several of our LAPC photo shoots could very well be used in commercial photography: Winery, Pecks, West Music, Beautiful Food, Motocross, Portrait Studio, High Speed and Rodeo to name a few. All of those shoots could promote a product.   Even portrait photography has many aspects of commercial photography.

Via a live demonstration, Doug Benton (Hawkeye Community College instructor and photographer) will show us the lighting, propping, studio procedures, equipment, composition and camera techniques used in commercial photography of a product or two!   He will then show use some editing techniques of these images to make them “pop” so they are ready for publication!


Photo Contest Themes:   

Two Different Categories and All Digital! 

The Contest Committee and the Executive Leaders have decided that for January, all images will be “digital” (no prints). Submit your jpg/psd photos (by 8 pm Saturday, Jan 9th) to:   Winning photos will be used in the Club Newsletter and deleted thereafter.

Contest 1:    2015 LAPC Photo Shoot

Almost all of us participated in one of the monthly photo shoots.    Let's see those images.  You can submit up to two photos of any of the following shoots: Snow (Jan), Central Fire Station (Feb), Portraits (Mar), Tropical Fish (Apr), Musical Instruments (May), Raptures (Jun), Motocross (Jul), Apple Orchard (Sep), Fall Colors (Oct), Potters Hands (Nov), Holiday Ornament (Dec)

Contest 2:    Photographer’s Choice

You can submit up to two photos of any image that meets the monthly contest rules.   If your photo interests are old cars, night skys, food items, animals, etc., then submit your photos in this contest.


See you in January!


Tamron Photography Contest

Tamron 1-Minute DSLR KNow-How Video
Theme: Photograph the local wildlife you find in your own backyard or neighborhood. Tamron will donate 25 cents per entry to the National
Wildlife Federation (
Deadline: June 30 , 2010
Prizes PRIZES: The Grand Prize Winner will have his/her choice of one of the Tamron SP lenses listed here. Twenty finalists will be selected to be featured on Tamron’s website. Winners will be announced on 8/15/10 on the Tamron website and Tamron Fan page on Facebook™.

HOW TO ENTER: Email your lo-res images to, Subject line of email must read Tamron Backyard Wildlife Photo Contest. (Winner & Finalists will be contacted for hi-res images). By sending your images you agree to Tamron’s terms & conditions. Tamron reserves the right to disqualify any images that do not fit the theme of this photo contest.

RULES: View the complete rules by clicking here.

Iowa Sister States Photo Contest

Click to view a copy of the 2009 Entry Rules for the Iowa Sister States Photo Contest.  The competition is held each year in Yamanashi, Japan as a way to promote a cultural exchange between our countries.

The deadline for entering is December 18, 2009.

Shipping takes about 7 to 10 days for photos to arrive in Japan.

Charley W. Starnes

Photography Salon Superintendent

Iowa State Fair

228 24th Street

West Des Moines, IA 50265

Phone:  (515) 225-2936

Cell:  (515) 729-1284