Board Members

The Linn Area Photo Club Executive Board consists of the four elected Officers and eight appointed Committee Chairs. If you have questions about any aspect of the club, feel free to contact the appropriate leader below.  We welcome all positive and constructive feedback and are always open to new ideas.  

Officers of the Linn Area Photo Club  2021-22

PresidentSue Biederman[email protected]
Vice PresidentKerry Lawrence[email protected]
SecretaryJulie Coder[email protected]
TreasurerKeith Sutherland[email protected]

Committee Chairpersons 2021-22

Activities Barb Gehling – Chair[email protected]
ContestsRick Boots[email protected]
FacilitiesJohn McMillan[email protected]
Membership[email protected]
ProgramsPam Olson[email protected]
Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-PortraitAmy MueggenbergChair[email protected]

Committee Members

*Indicates Chairperson/Board representative

Chris KardosConnie WedemeierRick Boots*John McMillan*
Barb GehlingPatti Sampson
Amy Muggenberg*Pam Olson*
Deb ChehakPhil Stechcon
Nicole Jackson
Don Nelson
Marylynn Murray
Mari Phelan