By Laws

 Linn Area Photo Club Bylaws


This organization shall be known as the Linn Area Photo Club.


The object of this Club shall be to bring together persons in the greater Linn County area who are interested in acquiring and developing an appreciation of the art and techniques of photography. This objective to be furthered by:

  1. Providing opportunities for exchanges of ideas and the dissemination of information on all phases of photography.
  2. Providing regular programs and competitions for the membership.
  3. Providing constructive criticism and helpful suggestions to members, together with advice, help and encouragement to beginners.
  4. Promoting good fellowship and mutual aid at all times.
  5. Working in cooperation with other camera clubs and organizations interested in photography.

Regular meetings of the Club will be held at a time and location stipulated by the Executive Board.

  1. Special meetings may be called by the Executive Leadership Team or the Executive Board at any time.
  2. Other meetings may be scheduled as desired by the Executive Board.

The fiscal year of the organization shall begin January 1 and end December 31 of the same year.

Membership shall be open to persons who are interested in photography.

  1. Annual dues shall be payable after notice of acceptance to the Club.
  2. Any member whose dues are in arrears after March 31 of the current year shall be dropped from the roster.
  3. Membership of any person may be suspended, when sufficient reasons exist, by the action of the Executive Board. The suspended member shall have the right to appeal suspension in person or in writing, in which case the action of the Executive Board shall be upheld or rescinded by the majority vote of the membership present at any official meeting, provided they constitute a quorum.


The officers of this Club shall consist a five member Executive Leadership Team.   All Executive Leadership Team members shall be elected, for a period of one year, from the active Club membership.   As a team they will work together to lead the Club.

  1. Duties of the Executive Leadership Team shall be:
    1. To preside at all Club meetings and Executive Board meetings.
    2. To appoint Chairpersons of all Committees, set Committee expectations and determine Committee size.
    3. To act as Club spokesperson(s).
    4. To generally supervise all Committee activities to ensure they align with the Club’s goals & objectives.
    5. To establish the learning objectives for the calendar year.
    6. To determine the theme of each meeting, assign responsibility for conducting the training (internally or externally) or find presenters for each meeting.

The Executive Leadership Team will in addition to the duties above will also perform or oversee specific Club duties as follows:

    1. Executive Leader (at Large)
  • Duties of the Executive Leader (At-Large) shall be: to perform at least two of the Special Executive Duties outlined below and to act as Club Executive Leader on the Executive Board.
    1. Executive Leader & Treasurer
  • Duties of the Executive Leader – Treasurer shall be: to maintain records and custody of Club funds and dues; to discharge Club expenses and maintain records thereof; to prepare periodic reports of Club finances; and to act as a Club Executive Leader on the Executive Board.
    1. Executive Leader (At Large)
  • Duties of the Executive Leader (At-Large) shall be: to perform at least two of the Special Executive Duties outlined below and to act as Club Executive Leader on the Executive Board.
    1. Executive Leader (At Large)
  • Duties of the Executive Leader (At-Large) shall be: to perform at least two of the Special Executive Duties outlined below and to act as Club Executive Leader on the Executive Board.
    1. Executive Leader (At Large)
  • Duties of the Executive Leader (At-Large) shall be: to perform at least two of the Special Executive Duties outlined below and to act as Club Executive Leader on the Executive Board.


Special Executive Duties

The Executive Leaders – At-Large (excluding Treasurer role) will divide up (based upon personal strengths/interest) the following duties:

  • to lead & assist in the efforts to recruit Club members (past & future)
  • to identify and lead the marketing activities of the Club within the community
  • to monitor Club communication effectiveness and identify new opportunities
  • to research and identify Club member developmental needs
  • to preserve in the books of the Club minutes of the proceedings of Board meetings;
  • to prepare ballots for election and conduct annual Officer elections
  • to assist in the leadership of the annual Help-Portrait event working closely with the Help-Portrait Committee
  • to lead & coordinate with other Executive Board members the annual spring LAPC Photography Workshop



  1. Election of officers shall be held annually.
  2. The Executive Leadership Team shall appoint a nominating committee composed of three members with at least one of these not on the Executive Board. The committee shall prepare and publish a single slate of candidate’s in late Fall The chairperson of the committee shall present the slate of candidates at the November meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor at that meeting.
  3. Voting shall be by written ballot when more than one candidate for a position is on the ballot. Oral balloting may elect the slate when there is a single candidate for each specific Executive Leadership opening.



The management of this Club shall be directed by the Executive Board, composed of the elected Officers, the Chairpersons of the standing Committees.

The Executive Board shall meet as often as necessary to transact the business of the Club.

  1. One third of the Board shall constitute a quorum.
  2. Such Executive Board shall be selected from the membership in good standing for a term of one year.
  3. Any member in good standing may attend any regular Board meeting.
  4. Any past Executive Leader(s) of the previous year be automatically installed as a member of the Board for the following two years.
  5. Any Board member failing to attend three consecutive Board meetings without justifiable reason shall lose their seat on the Board.
  6. The first meeting of the incoming Executive Board shall be a joint session with the out-going Board to facilitate an easy turnover and exchange of ideas.

Vacancies in Club offices shall be filled by the remaining Executive Leadership Team, subject to approval of the Executive Board.

The Executive Leaders, after consulting the Executive Board, shall appoint chairpersons of the following standing committees and such special committees as the Board may establish.

  1. Standing Committees:
  • Communication
  • Membership
  • Activities
  • Greater Cedar Rapids Area Help-Portrait
  • Contest

Duties of these standing committees shall be defined in the Appendix.

  1. Special committees shall continue to function until the service for which they were formed is completed, or until discharged by the Board. Their appointments shall not extend beyond the close of the fiscal year in which they were appointed, unless reappointed by the new Board.
  2. The activities of the Club committees shall be determined by the Executive Board.    The activities decided upon shall thereafter be carried out by the committee chairpersons and the members appointed by the chairpersons to the respective committees.
  3. Standing committee chairpersons shall prepare reports of activities and progress periodically for presentation to the Executive Board or to the membership of the Club and shall act on the Executive Board.
  4. Tenure shall cease with the expiration of the fiscal year.

Membership dues, voluntary contributions, together with profits of such Club activities as are approved by the Executive Board, shall constitute the sources of revenue for the conduct of the affairs of the Club.

  1. The annual dues of the Club shall be determined by the Executive Board each fiscal year.
  2. Annual dues shall be payable after January 1 of the current fiscal year.   Notice of acceptance after January 1 shall require payment as determined by the Board.
  3. The annual budget and finance report shall be presented to the membership in summary form shortly after the close of the fiscal year.
  4. Active members of the Executive Board & Committee Member annual dues are waived, as a part of the gratitude for serving the Club in a leadership role, until which time the individual(s) resign their position.

Amendments to the    Bylaws may be proposed by any member of the Executive Board.

  1. A two thirds majority vote of at least a quorum of members present at any official meeting will ratify such amendment to the Bylaws.
  2. A special meeting may be called for this purpose provided the members are given seven days notice and an explanation of the meeting.
  3. A proposed amendment may NOT be voted on at the meeting in which it was proposed, but shall be voted on not later than the second meeting following its submission.


Bylaws Adopted:  February 7, 2004

Last Amended: January 12, 2020




Appendix – Linn Area Photo Club Bylaws


Duties of the Standing Committees shall be defined as follows:

  1. Communications

To lead in the communication activities of the Club including (but not limited to; 1) Club newsletter, 2) Club posts, 3) Club events, 4) Hoopla posts, 5) newspaper articles 6) Twitter, 7) Club Website, and 8) Facebook.  Develops informative Club posts on photography tips; or photography articles from sources outside our club; or new photography equipment; or Club survey results, etc. An active role an a part of the Communications Committee is the Club’s Web Master.

  1. Membership

To recruit new members, maintain the membership roster, to survey past member about decision to leave the Club, to communicate with new members a determine what the Club can do to assist them with their needs and survey existing members on developmental needs. Responsible for mailing out information about the Club to prospective new members.

  1. Activities
    To develop, schedule and coordinate photography activities like photo shoots, workshops, etc. To further assist Club members in their photography development outside the Club’s monthly meetings.    Works with Club’s annual survey results whereby identifying learning/teaching opportunities and incorporates that information into these event activities.


  1. Greater Cedar Rapids Help-Portrait
    To lead the annual Help-Portrait event by (but not limited to):
  • Establishes and supervises the event leadership roles
  • Determines the events annual budget, expenses and funding
  • Coordinates the events communications
  • Locates and works with local community service agencies (i.e.; Waypoint, YPN, Tanager, Veterans’ Admin, etc.)
  • Locates and secures local event venue
  • Coordinates and oversees the event from start to finish
  • Recruits and coordinates the event volunteer team
  • Leads in the recruitment and scheduling of about 300 – 400 families in-need
  • Identifies and manages a 2nd on-location Help-Portrait event (senior center, large agency, etc.)
  • Coordinates the distribution of final photographs


  1. Contests

Leads the Club sponsored photo contests (monthly & annual).  Develops rules, establishes contest themes, coordinates contest judging, announces contest results, awards contest prizes and working with the Communications Committee Chair on the publishing winners.    Identifies local and regional photo contests (i.e.; State Fair, county fairs, Silos & Smoke Stacks, Photo Pro, etc.)  and communicates those events to Club members.  Works with Linn County Fair in the administration of the Fair’s Photo Contest.