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September 2013 Newsletter

September 2013 newsletter, for your informational and reading enjoyment.

Sept 2013 Newsletter

Detours for upcoming meetings

This will affect our meeting this Sunday.  People coming from the CR direction will need to allow for extra time for the detour.  It sounds like it will probably affect the October meeting as well.

LAPC Newsletter – 2013-08 – August

Due to technical difficulties, the newsletter was unable to be attached to this post.  Please go to the newsletter tab to view the August newsletter.  Thank you.

LAPC Newsletter – 2013-06 – June

LAPC Newsletter – 2013-06 – June

LAPC Newsletter – 2013-05 – May

February LAPC Newsletter

LAPC Newsletter – 2013-01 – January

Here ya go.

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LAPC Newsletter – 2012-12 – December

Don't forget to renew your dues for 2013.

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Photos wanted from Annual Contest Winners for Newsletter

Photos wanted from Annual Photo Contest Winners for Newsletter

If you were awarded a prize in the annual photo context from this past Sunday, and you would like your winning photo(s) published in the December 2012 newsletter, please e-mail your photo(s) to

When e-mailing please do the following…

  1. Send as *.jpg file(s)
  2. Send as an attachment to your e-mail. Do not embed photo(s) in the e-mail.
  3. In your e-mail, include photo file name, title, category, and prize won (i.e.: Best of Show, 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Honorable Mention).
  4. Modify the name of your *.jpg file(s) to include your name.
  5. Including a copyright in the photo itself is highly recommended, but not mandatory.
  6. All photos must be received by Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 10:00 pm.


LAPC Newsletter – 2012-11 – November

Don't forget to renew your dues for 2013.

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