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November Annual Meeting and Election

Per the bylaws, election of officers is to be held once a year, normally in November. Due to Covid, we put off electing officers for 2021 until June, with the expectation that those officers would serve through 2022. However, to be consistent, the Executive Board has decided that an election for 2022 will be held this November as well. The current officers will be on the slate. If just in case you have interest in running for any of the four offices (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), please contact a current officer and we will place you on the ballot as well. 🙂

Minutes from October 10th Meeting

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

October 10, 2021

Julie Coder, Secretary

Kris Hoeger called the meeting to order. Sue Biederman, President, reminded members to wear masks, and said masks and sanitizer are provided, if needed. She also mentioned that members should only use the bathroom in the meeting room. New visitors, Jen OHare and Steve Pudinski, were introduced. Sue named the current Board members and Committee Chairs.

Keith Sutherland, Treasurer, gave a report. The club currently has a balance of $3,606 in the General Fund and $1,631 for HELP Portrait. Annual club expenses were $908, and included items such as website/IT expenses and liability insurance.

Sue said the Activities Chair position is open. Amy Mueggenberg, former Activities Chair, described the position as someone who sets up group shoots for members. She tried to target “things you wouldn’t normally do by yourself.” Past shoots included the fire station, Paramount, and night shoots. She offered free images to the venue in exchange for club access, and asked members to RSVP so she would know how many to expect. Some activities needed to be prepared well in advance, while other activities were “spur of the moment.” Amy planned monthly activities, but Pam Olson noted that the new chairperson wouldn’t have to do this as frequently. Amy agreed, saying that a quarterly shoot would be more manageable.

Amy also discussed HELP Portrait and said she needs assistance with planning. She’s also received requests for family pictures and senior portraits, and asked members to let her know if they’d be interested in volunteering for these.

John McMillan, Facilities Chair, gave an update.

Pam Olson filled in for Rick Boots, Contest Chair, since Rick was not able to attend. She said Rick had reached out to former Contest Committee members, but he has not received any response. She said the Committee needs to have members in order to have contests. Bill Schoon said he had volunteered to be on the Contest Committee at the previous meeting. Pam asked for member thoughts about having a mini-contest this year. Amy suggested waiting until spring for the annual contest in order to prepare for the Iowa State Fair. Pam said fair pictures are due in early June so a spring contest would need to be held in March or April. The theme for the fair in 2022 will be Open Road.

The suggestion was made to also include non-contest exhibits. Pam said Rick suggested that Tools be the contest topic next month, but some members thought Tools was a topic that had been done recently. The topic of Light Painting was chosen instead.

One member asked if the Club would continue to purchase foam core in bulk to sell to members at a discounted price. Doug Hoeger said he ordered it in the past from U-line.

Pam Olson, Program Committee Chair, said the committee has activities scheduled through April 2022.

Members discussed printing photos, noting that it can be intimidating for members to show their work. It was suggested that members put 10-30 photos with a common theme on a flash drive to share and discuss.

Pam said Marylynn is doing Tip of the Month, but she was not able to be at the meeting. If members have tip ideas, they can share them with her.

Sue said we still need a storage facility for gear.

Diane Dunn, Communications Chair, and Connie Wedemeier provided an update regarding Facebook. Connie is creating a private group for members. We currently have a Facebook page. Connie said about 200 people “liked” the page. Members need to request an invitation. Connie said she could make the club name public so that members can find it and request to join, or she could send a link to members. She does need to be able to identify people as members when they request to join, so the name needs to match our member list.

After a break, Julie Coder did a presentation on still life light painting.

Gary Siegle and John McMillen shared images for the Take Ten photo share.

The team will meet at the IBEW again next month. Doug Nauman will give a presentation about the properties of light.

Diane Dunn is working on website changes. She is looking for ways to make the site easier to navigate.

It was moved and seconded that the meeting adjourn.

A big thanks!

Kudos to Julie Coder for presenting a detailed and fascinating program on light painting on Sunday.

And thanks to John McMillen and Gary Siegle for sharing their photos in Take Ten! We encourage others to bring 10-20 photos on a flash drive to share with the group.

We will return to monthly contests in November with the theme of Light Painting. Due to this crazy Covid year, annual contest has been postponed til spring. Look for more information on contests to come.

For more information on November’s meeting, go here:

Covid Protocols

2021 Covid Protocols*

The Executive Officers and members who attended the September 12 meeting have discussed the need for Covid protocols as we transition back to meeting indoors at the IBEW hall.  Due to the Delta variant increasing in Iowa and Linn County, the following protocols will be in place from October through the end of 2021.  The Board will revisit them then to determine if circumstances have changed enough to allow fewer restrictions.
1) Vaccinations will be required to attend a meeting. At this point, we have decided to trust the membership and not require proof of vaccination, but ask that you do not attend if you are not fully vaccinated.  If we discover members are not being truthful, we will have to ask you to produce proof; please don’t make us have to do that.  We are friends and fellow photographers who respect each other; let us also respect each other’s health.  If you have a legitimate medical reason you cannot be vaccinated, please discuss this with a Board member.
2) Masks will be required in the building.
3) Hand sanitizer will be provided.
4) Chairs will be set to provide adequate social distancing.
5) IBEW has asked us to wipe down whatever bathroom we use. There is a single stall bathroom on the main floor we will ask you to use so we only have to wipe down the one.
6) Treats will not be provided. Bring your own drink and snack as desired.
We recognize that not everyone will be happy about these restrictions but we choose to err in the direction of health for the many. Vaccines are safe and available. Some people may choose not to attend because of these protocols but others would choose not to attend if they were not in place.  Our membership tends to be older and there is a high vaccination rate in the county for those over 65 so we hope this will not be an issue.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

*(These protocols can also be found at:

You asked, we learned…

There has been concern about how to find information about meetings on the LAPC website,  particularly with the need for quick changes in this summer’s attempt at outdoor meetings.  We have attempted to get information out via email alerting you to News posts.  But we have been learning about the website process, which has been complicated by a turnover in leadership during a pandemic.   This has made transfer of technical knowledge by previous leaders more challenging.

The good news is we have now learned how to post details to the Events page.  Currently you will find a bare bones calendar of the next several months, but we will expand on that soon. This should give an easier route to finding information.  Check the Events link in the menu for updated information about upcoming meeting dates.  Click on the Date link for specific details for each meeting

You asked. We listened.  🙂

Yearly Program 2021-22

The LAPC Program Committee has been busy. We have program topics and/or speakers mapped out for many months ahead. This year we are attempting to use expertise from within the club, rather than bringing in a lot of outside people. We have a lot we can draw on internally; it also makes it easier in this time of Covid to be more flexible. We have tried to build off of suggestions we’ve gotten from club members in various ways. If you have a topic you’d like to see, please let us know. Here’s the tentative list, but please allow for flexibility over these next unpredictable months. All meetings except for September will be held indoors at the IBEW hall with Covid protocols in place.

September*: Getting to Know You activities

*This is a “Come at Your Own (weather) Risk” meeting held at Noelridge Park near the lagoon. We will not cancel this meeting for any weather-related reason, but the agenda will be very fluid to accommodate leaders who may not be able to attend.

October: Light painting by Julie Coder

November: Light by Doug Nauman; Annual contest?

December: No meeting

January: Videography by Don Nelson

February: Food photography by Nicole Jackson

March: “Trick” photography by the Program committee (more info to come)

April or May: Beginning Astrophotography by Carl Bracken to be followed at a later date by a photo shoot at the observatory.

We have also been in contact with former Photo Pro folks who may provide us with presentations on macro and flash photography. We’ve talked about presentations on cell phone photography, photo stories, composition, photography careers, where to print photos, and travel photography. We’d like to institute a “pre-meeting” time for newbies to be able to get help from those with more experience. Look for updates to come.

October 10, 2021, LAPC Club Meeting Info.

Information at a Glance:
Time – 1:30 pm
Location – IBEW Hall
Address1211 Wiley Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Due to the rising rates of the Delta variant, we are requiring masks to be worn. This will be a “Come at Your Own Risk” meeting.  We will not cancel the meeting for any weather-related reason; show up if you are comfortable Covid-wise.  Hope to see you all there!”

Tip of the Month

The Program committee of the LAPC is planning a Tip of the Month, a brief (3-5 minute) sharing of some idea, skill, or tidbit of information that we believe club members might enjoy learning.  These tips may be shared verbally or with the club’s laptop computer, starting in September.

If you have a special tip you’ve learned along the way that you would like to share with the club, we’d like to hear from you.  Anyone is welcome to present the tip, or if the cat’s got your tongue, you can share it with the committee and we will present it for you.

Please contact Marylynn Murray at [email protected], with “Tips” in the subject heading if you’d like to help out. Or you can respond in the comments below.


Let’s take 10 minutes at each meeting to share a little bit of what YOU like to ‘shoot’!

Yes, we want to see what you like to take photos of!  Are you interested in showing some?

We all have things we somehow seem to shoot over and over, and suddenly we discover that we have a ‘theme’ or a ‘collection’.  Whether it’s reflections of some sort, your pet, a doll collection, kids, trees, birds, nature, landscapes, night photos, things you see on your walk to work, food items you’ve made, flags in the wind, view from your dock, sunrises and or sunsets … anything goes!

So…we ask that you go through your photos and put 10-30 of them on a flash drive.  Then at each meeting, just for fun, we’ll take 10 minutes and you will get to share your ‘theme’. We’ll get to see what we all like to shoot and maybe even get some feedback.

This will be quick and ‘easy schmeezy’ and oh so fun! No need to have to make a big presentation, we’d like to keep each person to 2-3 minutes so several people can share.  Just quickly share what you have been shooting.  

We will start this as soon as we can meet back in person, indoors. Maybe we can possibly show 1 to 3 flash drives each meeting.  So be ready!  

Please post any questions, thoughts or comments on the website or email [email protected] with Ten in the subject heading.  Thank you! 

Mari Phelan
Program Committee

Finding LAPC News

There has been confusion about how to access information about LAPC club meetings this summer, with decisions to cancel having to be made at the last minute due to Iowa weather.  With the Delta variant of Covid rampant, we can’t predict very far into the future what changes might need to be made, even if we attempt indoor meetings this fall.  We encourage you to check the website midmorning of the day of any scheduled meeting for updated information.  Because of how the site is currently set up, the best way to do this is to click on Menu and scroll down to News. Or you can scroll to the bottom of any page and see Updates which will show the same information. Thanks for your flexibility during this challenging time.