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Postponed: 2020 LAPC Spring Photography Event –

As you all know, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is still a very fluid situation.   Unsure of when this pandemic will be over and life will return to a new normal, it has been decided to postpone this event until this Fall.

We have been and still are working through all the details of rescheduling. (Speakers, food, venue, etc.) At this time we have been able to secure a new date at the IBEW Hall for September 19 & 20.   And as of just today, we confirmed the same speakers and same presentation topics. So Light Painting with Roger Feldham and Macro/Close with Jillian Bell. As our plans come together and we all return to lives outside of our homes, we will send out more information.

In the next day or so a separate email will be sent to all of those who had registered for this event. You will have a couple of options for the fees that you have already paid.   

We thank you for understanding, and be safe during these times.

PS….. Keep taking pictures and working on your photography skills. It's all about capturing light…. and these days indoor light seems to be our best friend!

May and June Meetings Cancelled

The regular monthly LAPC meetings in May and June have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are hopeful that we will be able to hold the July meeting.

LAPC Snapshot

More information will be coming soon when we will be meeting next, as well as information on the fate of our annual spring event.

In the meantime, we will be working on adding content and opportunities to interact to our Facebook page (, including contests and challenges. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them!

Please stay safe, take photos, and remember to wash your hands. 😊

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting 

March 8, 2020

Patti Sampson, Secretary

The March Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at the IBEW Hall on March 8, 2020, with Executive Leadership Team member, Sally Harms, presiding.  

Sally introduced the new Executive Leadership Team:  Pam Olson, Keith Sutherland, Doug Hoeger, Patti Sampson and herself.  She also introduced the committee chairs in attendance:  Barb Gehling, Activities; Kris Hoeger, Membership; Rae Lowenberg, Communications; and Tele-Photo, Cherie Flint.  Sally also introduced past presidents Rick Young, Justin Tedford and Bob Randklev who is also web/Facebook.

Barb Gehling, Activities, reported the Milky Way photo shoot has been moved to August when it gets dark earlier, and we will be able to see it better.  She is also planning a shoot for the rodeo in Lisbon sometime this summer.  On March 28 United Fire Group will be having a workshop at Wickiup Learning Center, RARE.  They will have a few live birds and will also be dissecting some birds.  If anyone has any questions, they can contact Barb.

Rae Lowenberg, Communications, reported she is working on a plan.

Doug Hoeger reported for the Contest Committee.  This month’s theme is tools.  The photos on the separate table are photos members are sharing and not part of contest.

Cherie Flint, Tele-Photo, said there are now two groups going.  She explained a word is given to photograph and passed to the next person.  That person guesses the word, takes a picture of their guess and passes it to the next person. This continues until it reaches the last person.  All photos are then revealed with their Facebook group.  She stated it’s important that members pass it on in a timely manner.

Doug Hoeger told members Jay had a slightly used photo bag for sale.

Sally asked members to fill out the form for Question of the Month on photography workshops, travel and trips.

Our next meeting will be May 3.  It is being held one week earlier to avoid Mother’s Day.  There will be no April meeting.

Rick Young reported on the Spring Workshop on April 25.  The cost is $30 for Day 1.  Our first speaker will be Jillian Bell from Tamron.  She will speak on macro photography. Our second speaker will be Roger Feldhans who will speak on light painting.  Lunch is included in the cost.  Day 2 is optional and costs $50.  There will be two workshops to choose between, macros and light painting.  The link to sign up is on the website.  Rae Lowenberg suggested members share on photography Facebook pages to promote it.

Doug Hoeger reported on Help Portrait.  On March 29, at 2:00, they will have photos from the last Help Portrait displayed at Beems Auditorium at the Cedar Rapids Public Library for members to see the results of our hard work.

Justin Tedford was our “Showcase Photographer.”  He is interested in getting a group together to take in camera movement photos.  We need more volunteers to sign up to be Showcase Photographer.  It should last 5-10 minutes, and you can talk about your pictures or just show them.

Marla Henry told us about her “Brief But Spectacular Moment” when she found out the Blue Angels were performing and she just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Sally Harms told us about Dorothea Lang, for her “Photographers You Should Know.”

Pam Olson had the “Tip of the Month” on memory cards.

Cherie Flint showed her “How I Did That” on a heart reflection photo she took.

Cherie Flint gave a presentation on “Shadows.”  Cherie showed members how shadows can add depth of field and texture to a photo.  She also explained the difference between a shadow and a silhouette and showed pictures taken with lights at different angles to show the effect of lighting and shadows.

Doug Hoeger reported the contest winners this month for tools was first place, Doug Nauman, second place, Mari Phelan and third place, Rick Young.

Members then had an opportunity to go to various light box stations to experiment with shadows.  Members could also go outside and take shadow pictures.

Meeting was adjourned. 

March 8th Monthly Club Meeting

Meeting Theme: “Shadows” In preparation for the May contest theme, the Contest Committee will present information about photographing shadows. Then everyone will have a chance to use their cameras at some workstation set-ups to experiment with lighting and how shadows add or hide depth, and how shadows can be abstract images by themselves. We will have photo tents, lights, and objects with which to create shadows. 

Bring your camera, tripod and lens for the shoot

Contest Theme: TOOLS

Bring a photo or two for contest.

NEW MONTHLY MEETING FEATURE: As new monthly feature, bring any photo, NOT for contest judging, but just to share on display – no rules on this photo except include your name and a sentence about the photo on a card or slip of paper. This is your chance to share some of your photos /recent photography experiments / photo mistakes that aren’t related to the contest theme.  

FYI: If you were not at the February meeting, you will need to do two things in March.  1) Complete the revised information card that was passed out in February.  2) Provide your information for name tags.   We need name, camera brand(s), what you like to photograph (be more creative than just the standard categories) and the town you live in, if you are willing to share that.  Nametags will be printed and ready for the spring event in April.  Both forms will be available at the check in table.

2020 LAPC Spring Photography Event

For over 10 years, the Linn Area Photo Club has brought to the Cedar Rapids Area some of the best photographers in America.   In 2020, we are taking a slightly different approach to photography education by emphasizing the more technical aspects of photography and splitting the historical daylong presentation into two different sessions, followed by an optional Day 2 hands-on workshop with our presenters.

Day 1 – April 25th:  Seminar

Jillian Bell

Close-up/Macro Photography

Jillian Bell is a National Technical Representative with Tamron who teaches camera skills across the country.    She published a How-to eBook on Macro Photography and will lead off the day's seminar.   On stage, Jillian will discuss the ins & outs of the close-up /macro photography process.   Then to make sure we have a good understanding of the process, she will be photographing a few close-up/ macro images live on the stage, demonstrating these skills.      And then….. she will show those images on the screen so participants can see her results.    Lastly…. towards the end of her presentation, she will show some of her tips & tricks in her digital workflow to make those images print-ready.

And that's just the start of the day!

Roger Feldhans

Light Painting

If that's not enough educational opportunity… next on the agenda is Roger Feldhans.    Iowa has a lot of very talented photographers and we are fortunate to have one of them as a presenter for this event.   Roger will discuss:

  • A brief history of light painting, how it all began
  • Tools he uses, both those which can be purchased and those that can be created at home
  • How to “see the light”, how to put light into motion to create these type images
  • Camera settings, equipment needed and optional equipment to enhance light painting

  And like Jillian, Roger will be taking a few light painted images live on the stage demonstrating how it's done. And then….. he will show those images on the screen so participants can see his results live.    Lastly…. towards the end of his presentation, he will show some of his tips & tricks in his digital workflow to make those images print-ready. 

What a day of learning!

That all happens on Saturday.   On Sunday the learning continues!

Day 2 – April 26th:  Workshops

It's one thing to listen to how it's done, then to watch how it's done… now it's time to practice all of that learning.   There will be two concurrent workshops to pick from:

  • Close-Up / Macro Workshop Option A
  • Light Painting Workshop Option B

Jillian Bell

Close-Up / Macro Workshop Option A

Working with Jillian, we will have a series of close-up/macro workstations set up to allow participants the opportunity to hands-on practice these skills.   At each station, there will be different light sources, different subjects, different setups all designed to enhance your learning experience.  Jillian will move from workstation to workstation assisting participants in their efforts and answering all the questions they have.

Bring your camera gear! And if you don't have a macro lens…. don't worry Jillian works for Tamron and they are bringing some lenses along with them.

Light Painting Workshop Option B

Roger Feldhans

This is a “hands-on” workshop.  Participants will bring their camera equipment and together with Roger,  participants will create some incredible light painted images.

Utilizing a variety of light sources, Roger will walk all participants through a series of somewhat complex but interesting light paintings.

Photo Pro Classes

Photo Pro has some classes and workshops coming up in February and March.

Fujifilm Boxing Club Workshop – Saturday, March 21
Everyday Macro Photography – Saturday, March 28

RARE Expo looking for Photographers

Good Morning,
One of my co-workers is a member of the RARE Group and invited us to take pictures at the RARE Expo at Wikiup from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. A copy of the flier is attached and I'm including that in the LAPC Photo Shoots 2020 document. If anyone would like to go, please ask them to sign up. I will let her know how many can go. If there is interest, can I get a volunteer to lead this event?

You may or may not have have seen Sonja on the news recently about the Bald Eagle population.—567816081.html

This flyer is being sponsored by UFG Insurance (the company Sonja and I work for) so there may be a lot of people there. In addition, they are having a food truck on sight during lunch time as well as several other activities. She even mentioned they will be doing some dissection. Not my thing but others may be interested. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions.


LAPC Snapshot

LAPC Snapshot

Annual Contest

Annual Club Voted on

“Guilty Pleasures”

1st Place – Ron Ginther

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place and Best of Show – Esther Bartels


2nd Place – Rick Young


3rd Place –  Dean Traver

Honorable Mention

Pam Olson

Rick Young

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place Bill Schoon

2nd Place Marla Henry

3rd Place Saskia Jackobson

Honorable Mention

Dean Traver

Gary Siegle

Amy Mueggenberg

◊ ◊ ◊

Anything Goes


1st Place Pam Olson

2nd Place Gary Siegle

3rd Place Tim McAdam

Honorable Mention

Bill Schoon

Steve Thompson

Sherry Schons

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place Sally Harms

2nd Place Sherry Schons

3rd Place Mary Howes

Honorable Mention

Marla Henry

Pam Olson

Doug Hoeger

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place Dean Traver

2nd Place Ron Ginther

3rd Place Rick Young

Honorable Mention

Steve Thompson

Sherry Schons

Ron Ginther

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place Ron Ginther

2nd Place Tim McAdam

3rd Place Mary Howes

Honorable Mention

Sally Harms

Esther Bartels

Sally Harms

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place Kris Hoeger

2nd Place Rick Young

3rd Place Marla Henry

Honorable Mention

Ron Ginther

Esther Bartels

Ron Ginther

◊ ◊ ◊


1st Place Rick Young

2nd Place Esther Bartels

3rd Place Dean Traver

Honorable Mention

Ron Ginther

Steve Thompson

Doug Hoeger

2019 Help-Portrait Preview/Thank You


We received feedback from our volunteers that:

1) Some volunteers get to see some of the pictures being taken

2) Some volunteers get to see the final prints while we put the packets together

But, not many volunteers get to see the final results of all their time and effort.

So……… we are going to do a presentation for all volunteers highlighting this past year's event :

  • Sunday, March 29th
  • 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Beems Auditorium A
  • Downtown Cedar Rapids Library

Join us!   See the smiles your contributions helped produce as we celebrate another great and successful Greater Cedar Rapids Help-Portrait event.

If you have friends/family who might be thinking of helping at the 2020 event, bring them along.   Let's show them what they have missed.

We will also be announcing a big change to the 2020 event date!


Help-Portrait Team


PS…. these pictures are from 2018, come see the 2019 images!

New Monthly Meeting Opportunity

At Sunday's meeting it was proposed that each month, members can bring an image to be displayed (NOT JUDGED as a part of the monthly contest) as an opportunity to show other Club Members  how they have been utilizing their photography skills.   It can be of any topic (as always, no nudes), any print size, a collage, a creative manipulation, or multiple images in one print.    All are acceptable.

So for example, you have experimented with frozen bubbles images, night sky photography, snow photography, water drops images, pet photography, lightroom enhancements/plug-ins/tools, etc….. bring an image.   Or… if you don't have anything you think is “new and exciting”, just bring a photo you like, had fun taking, or one that was a mistake.    Sometimes, we learn more from mistakes than from successes!

Add a small note card (to be placed next to the image) which includes your name and a one/two sentence write up about your picture.


John Doe

Attended the Club sponsored “Wood Working” Photo Shoot and

tried my luck at action photography.


Mary Smith

Took advantage of the supermoon at a farm near Solon.


As you can see, in 2020, the new Executive Leadership Team is experimenting with some new ideas on developing Club Members.

We look forward to seeing your image at next month's meeting.


Executive Leadership Team