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The normal Governor Volunteer Awards volunteer event photographer is not going to be able to take photos at the event on Wednesday, June 15 from 3:00 to 5:30. If you are interested in stepping in for this person, contact Amy Mueggenberg at [email protected] for details.

May Meeting Minutes

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting 

May 1, 2022

Julie Coder, Secretary, and Patti Sampson

Sue Biederman, President, called the meeting to order. 

Keith Sutherland, Treasurer, reported that we have about $5500 in treasury, approximately $1500 of which is for HELP portrait. 

Pam Olson, Program Committee Chair, said Kerry Lawrence has been working on collecting photos for a comparison of lab printing quality. She said the program theme for next month will be for members to compare prints and lab results. 

Justin Tedford presented on The Basics of Flash Photography. 

Sue said Help Portrait still needs a chair or co-chair.

Rick Boots needs two people to help with the Linn County Fair to judge their photo contest on June 21.  Kerry Lawrence volunteered to help and one more is still needed.

Keith Sutherland is working on the new website.  Pam asked if they could have a training session.

This month’s contest theme was The Open Road. Contest winners were:  First Place – Chris Kardos;, Second Place – Steve Thompson; and Third Place – Bill Schoon. 

The next meeting is June 12.

Iowa State Fair Photography Salon

The Iowa State Fair will begin accepting entries for the Photography Salon postmarked May 16th. (Note typo on web page. Correct info for mail and drop off is in the entry materials). We have some fantastic photographers in LAPC who have never entered. Take a risk, step out of your comfort zone! It’s a thrill to see your photo on display!

May Contest Winners

Congratulations to the May contest winners! The theme was The Open Road. (You may need to read in your browser to see photos).

First place: Chris Kardos

Second place: Steve Thompson

Third place: Bill Schoon

Linn County Fair

Need one volunteer to help judge the photo contest at the Linn County Fair on June 21st at 10:00 am. Judging takes approximately 2 hours.
If interested or you have questions please contact Rick Boots at 319-360-7332 or by email at [email protected]

Help needed!!

Fellow club members….

     A visitor and potential member is seeking help with Lightroom this Sunday.   She owns a PC, understands Lightroom pretty well and is coming to the May 1st meeting.  Below is what she is asking help on. 

She says…. “I’ve been using Lightroom for a long time…. With upgrades and the like, I have lost about 6000 pictures.   I do backups, but they have not solved the problem.  Lightroom knows the missing pictures, but can’t find the originals…..  I need help ….   I’m hoping to find a Lightroom person that I can bounce ideas off….

Can someone come to the meeting and offer help? 

Thank you, Kerry Lawrence ( VP )

May 1 Meeting Reminder

Remember we meet this Sunday, May 1! 1:30-4:00 at the IBEW hall. The presentation is by former club president Justin Tedford, who will be speaking on flash photography.

Have you ever bought a flash and have no clue what you are doing? Flash doesn’t  need to be overly complicated! Learn the basics of on camera and off camera flash, why and when to use flash, modifying lights and much more! Bring your camera and flash as Justin will be available after his presentation for questions about specific flash and camera combos .

The contest theme is The Open Road (state fair theme class).

Minutes from the April 10 Meeting

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

April 10, 2022

Julie Coder, Secretary

Sue Biederman, president, called the meeting to order.

Julie Coder, secretary, asked if there were objections to any of the proposed bylaw changes which were discussed at a prior meeting. No one objected. Members voted unanimously to accept the revised bylaws. Pam Olson motioned to accept the changes; Patti Sampson seconded. Pam noted that one of the changes would allow guests to visit two times without paying membership dues; previously, guests were allowed just one visit.

Bill Schoon, Contest Committee Chair, reviewed contest procedures. All members will receive two chips (1 red and 1 white). Members will vote for their first choice with a white chip (worth 2 points) and for their second choice with a red chip (worth 1 point). Members are asked to not vote twice for the same picture.

Pam Olson, Program Committee Chair, commented that the Help Portrait Coordinator position doesn’t have to be a photographer. She said the Program Committee discussed whether the position should be posted on the United Way Volunteer website to see if someone in the community might be interested. Sue said the board can discuss this option.

Jennifer O’Hare, Membership Chair, said the records are up-to-date. Members should see Jennifer if they haven’t paid.  

Pam said the Program Committee would like to do a comparison of various printing labs in the area and they’d like to run prints of the same image to look at quality differences. Connie Wedemeier said some places (e.g., ACI Lab in Cedar Falls) will allow people to pay more to have images color corrected. Pam noted that shipping fees considerably increase the cost of prints. She also said she noticed a quality difference on her home printer when she did not use OEM paper. The group discussed pros/cons of purchasing a pro printer, but the consensus was that it was not cost effective for the size of the group, and someone would need to be in charge of maintenance & printing. 

Kerry Lawrence, vice president, said he will organize a panel for researching the various print lab options. He asked members to give him their email if they’d be interested in being on the panel. 

Pam said there’s currently no program planned for June but hoped the panel discussion about print labs could be organized in time for the June meeting. 

Sue asked about the Spring Event. Pam said she thought we had decided to not hold that this year. 

Sue said we are moving forward with a new website and Keith has been working on setting that up.

There was no unfinished or new business.

Carl Bracken presented on night photography. He is a member of the Eastern Iowa Observatory and shared some information about the observatory as well as helpful tips and gear recommendations for astro photography.   

Bill said the vote was close for today’s contest, and every picture got at least one vote. The contest them was Repetitive Shapes/Leading Lines. Winners were:

1st Place: Mike Schoon

2nd Place: Ron Ginther

3rd Place: Pam Olson

The contest theme for May will be The Open Road.

The group discussed the next meeting, which would normally fall on Mother’s Day. Pam said the Club usually holds the May meeting on the first Sunday of the month to avoid a conflict. Sue will talk to Jay to see about reserving the hall for that day (May 1) instead.

The meeting was adjourned.

April Winners

Congratulations to April contest winners! The category was Repetitive Shapes/Leading Lines.  Mike Schoon took first place, Ron Ginther 2nd, and Pam Olson 3rd.

May’s category is The Open Road (state fair theme).  If you’ve never entered the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon, maybe this is your year to step out of your comfort zone a bit.  Find entry information here:

Presentation on Night Sky Photography at April Meeting

New Moon / Jupiter & Saturn Evening Skies Cedar Lake Cedar Rapids, IA December 16th 2020

Night Sky Imaging Presentation

Tools, Testing, Timing & Locations

Linn Area Photography Club

When: April 10th, 2022 / 1:30 – 2:30

Presenter: Carl Bracken LAPC & Cedar Amateur Astronomer member

Synopsys: A basic presentation to share lessons learned over the years developing experience using a quality camera and lens system with a standard tripod and basic cable release or intervalometer to capture interesting night sky images. In the years since my first film image of the Orion nebula using my personal telescope setup at the Eastern Iowa Observatory at Pal Dows Reserve a lot has changed! Typical digital cameras today can easily be setup to capture spectacular images of a range of celestial objects. The program will cover some of the essential hardware and software tools that should be part of a night sky imaging effort. Understanding how any camera and lens system will function in low light conditions is key to achieving successful night sky images I will highlight a unique and free calibration tool that can help illustrate optimal settings for any camera and lens system. Timing and location planning is another key detail when considering a night sky imaging effort, there is definitely an optimal time of year for Milky way scenes that include the Galactic core, what about Zodiacal light season, or meteor showers? Timing and location are as important considerations as camera and lens decisions.