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LAPC Snapshot

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

June 9, 2019

Patti Sampson, Secretary

The June Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at Studio Reserve on June 9, 2019.

Doug Hoeger, presided at the meeting. He reported that this is the last meeting we will have at Studio Reserve. Our July meeting will be at our new location at the IBEW Hall at 1211 Wiley Boulevard S.W.

Doug Hoeger, treasurer, reported we have about $5,600 in our account.

Doug announced the upcoming programs are:

July – Eric Burson (Wild Life)

August – Rich Herrmann (Nature)

Justin Tedford is having a photography meet-up at Palisades Park June 21 at 5:00 p.m. His website has more information.

Doug Shaffer, contest committee, informed the members that the Linn County Fair’s photography contest is open to anyone. Doug went over the rules. He also inquired if anyone was interested in being a judge.

The contests for the rest of the year are:

July – Wood

August – Urbanites

September – Entertainment

October – Mask

November – Annual Contest

Our speaker this month needed to cancelled, so the members broke into groups according to their brand of camera. Members discussed and helped each other with any questions they had on the features of their cameras.

Our contest this month was “In a Row.” There was a three-way tie for second place to Pam Olson, Cyd Graftt and Patti Sampson. There was a two-way tie for first place to Pam Olson and Steve Thompson.

Doug Shaffer offered to host a small group at his house to work on what we learned today. He will let us know details later.

We thanked Studio Reserve for allowing us to use their space these past several months.

Meeting was adjourned.

July Meeting Notes

The July Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at IBEW Hall on July 14, 2019.

Rick Young announced that entries for the Jones County Fair were due on Sunday, July 15. You can submit up to 10 photos, unless you consider yourself a professional.

Amy is in talks about a possible woodworking photoshoot.

Rich Hermann, a nature photographer from Mt. Vernon, will be the speaker in August.

Meeting ideas for September & October are needed. Please contact Justin with suggestions.

Eric Burson, from Des Moines, gave a presentation about his nature and wildlife photography that focuses on education and conservation.

The contest category was Wood.

1st place – 12 votes

Rick Young

2nd place – 11 votes

Larry Gilds – Chainsaw Eagle

3rd place – 5 votes each

Larry Gilds – Tom's Tree

Bill School – Shape

Sally Harms – Fanghorn Forest

Joyce Schoon – House Prep

Meeting was adjourned.


Sate Fair/County Fair Pictures Still Wanted

  Pam Olson

  Larry Gilds

  Paul Hosch

Hopefully many of you submitted images to the Linn County Fair, Johnson County Fair, Jones County Fair or Iowa State Fair.   The images in this message are a few of the photos sent to me already.

It is now time to share those images with our entire Club.

Please send a jpeg file (2000 pixels longest side) of your images to:  [email protected]

I will add them to the new images I have gotten already on  our website's front page.



Fair Photos Wanted

Hopefully many of you submitted images to the Linn County Fair or Iowa State Fair.   It is now time to share those images with our entire Club.

Please send a jpeg file of your images to:  [email protected]

I will post them to our website's front page.

I hope all of you had a great 4th!!!



Linn County Fair Photo Contest

Club Members,

Do you know the Linn County Fair hosts a “photo contest” each year.

If you missed the State Fair deadline, or would like to enter your photos in another event here is your chance.

This is a great opportunity for the Linn Area Photo Club to show off our work to the public.

Get 10 of your best photos into the contest!


Entries are to be dropped off at the Lynn Dunn Memorial (LDM) Building: 

Monday, June 24 • 10:00am – 6:30pm  



Entry Forms:



Division H – Photography Amateur


1) Photography may be black & white or color.

2) Photos may be mounted:  they can be a) flush mounted (no mounting board showing) or b) with a mount boarder

3) Photos may be matted

4) If photos are not mounted, they may be exhibited in a clear plastic covering

5) No framed photos

6) Photo size:  4X6, 5X7, 8X10

7) All exhibitors are limited to no more than 2 entries per class, not to exceed 10 entries total.

8) Photos must be labeled on back with name, address and phone number.

9) if the number of exhibitors are adequate, classes may be divided into two groups:  Junior (ages 12- 17) and Adult (18 and over)

10) Professionals may exhibit in the Professional Division



1) Landscape

2) People

3) Still Life

4) Animals

5) Flowers

6) Nature

7) Machinery

8) Architecture

9) Creative enhanced

July Club Meeting & Newest Meeting Location


Eric Burson – Des Moines

Iowa Nature Photographer

Eric will give us a presentation on his Iowa nature photography and share with us his success stories.



Monthly Photo Contest:     Wood


Reminder:  Meeting is at our newest location:

(Big thank you to Michael at Studio Reserved for hosting us the first half of this year.)

1:30 to 4:00

Sunday, July 14th


1211 Wiley Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids


Meeting Reminder/Change: Sunday, June 9th

Note:  Stephanie Johnson's presentation on ICM is rescheduled to a later date.


Important:   Bring Your DSLR / Mirrorless Camera & User Manual

Ever Wondered How To (Fill in the Blank) With Your Camera?

During this month's meeting, we will break into small groups and do hands on training with your camera.  Bring your questions!   Like:


1) How do I do multiple exposures?

2 How do I change the shutter release to another button?

3) How do I bracket?

4) How do I change the flash power?

5)  How to I do live view and then zoom in to insure I am in focus?

6) How and What should do with my camera's Picture Style?

7) How do I manually set the white balance?

8)  ????



Monthly Photo Contest:   In A Row



Reminder:  Meeting is at our new location:

1:30 to 4:00

Sunday, June 9th

Studio Reserved

1200 2nd Ave SE,  Cedar Rapids

IOWA STATE FAIR: June 8th Deadline!!!



Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16 from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in the Cultural Center.


Entries by mail must be postmarked by midnight on Saturday, June 8. To enter by mail you must include your entry form, entry feeandphotos in the same package. Make sure to wrap your photos with plenty of packing materials to prevent them from being damaged during shipment. You can use either of the two shipping addresses below. Standard Mail: Iowa State Fair, Photography Salon, P.O. Box 57130, Des Moines, IA 50317.UPS or FedEx: Iowa State Fair, Photography Salon, 3000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50317.


Each photographer can enter up to four (4) photos.
There is a limit of one photo per class.
Classes are determined by the main subject matter of each photo.
The same photo or similar photo cannot be entered in multiple classes.    Photos that are the same or similar will be rejected.
All photos must be mounted on 11” x 14” foam core or gator board that is at least 1/8” thick.
ADULT DIVISION: COLOR (Must be 19 & over.)
Class Category 
13 IOWA PLACES & LANDSCAPES (Place or Landscape must be the main subject.)
14 USA PLACES & LANDSCAPES (Place or Landscape must be the main subject.)
15 INTERNATIONAL PLACES & LANDSCAPES (Place or Landscape must be the main subject.)
16 THINGS & STILL LIFE (Inanimate objects. Things that are NOT living or breathing.)
ADULT DIVISION: BLACK & WHITE (Must be 19 & over.)
Class Category
23 PLACES & LANDSCAPES (Place or Landscape must be the main subject.)
24 THINGS & STILL LIFE (Inanimate objects. Things that are NOT living or breathing.)
SPECIAL DIVISION: BLACK & WHITE OR COLOR (Open to both Adults and Youth.)
41 ANYTHING GOES! (Does NOT mean any photo! For dramatically computer enhanced or radically altered photos only.)
42 INFRARED, TONED, TINTED & SOLARIZED (Infrared, Toned, Tinted & Solarized photos cannot be entered in any other classes.)
43 HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (All HDR photos must be entered in this class. They cannot be entered in any other classes.)
44 FAIRS, FESTIVALS & PARADES (Any photos where people come together to celebrate an event.)
45 PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES (Any form of transportation. Do NOT stand on or take photos of people on tracks.)
46 AERIAL (Photos must be taken from a drone, airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, parachute, etc.)
47 ARCHITECTURE (Examples of American and International architecture, both past and present.)
48 FAMILY FARM (Examples of living, working, playing and way of life on a family farm.)
49 SPORTS (Any sports related photos, includes action and non-action photos.)
50 PANORAMIC (Must be mounted on 7”x20” foam core or gator board that is at least 1/8” thick. Photos can be stitched together.)

Reminder to RSVP for photo shoot this Sunday

Our June photo shoot is coming up this Sunday at the Nau Gardens.

Please RSVP to [email protected] so I can let our contact know how many from LAPC are coming.


For more information, see

Amy Mueggenberg

LAPC Snapshot

LAPC Snapshot

©Rae Lowenberg


It's spring in Iowa. A cold, wet spring.

To make the best of it here are are some links about taking photos in the rain:


Thank you to Studio Reserved for allowing us to use their space for our meetings the last few months. Dave Maley took some photos of the studio:


New location!

Starting in July we will start meeting at a new location!


1211 Wiley Blvd. SW, across from Fareway


February contest winners:


Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2019

Patti Sampson, Secretary

The March Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at Studio Reserve on March 10, 2019.

Vice President Rick Young presided at the meeting. Upcoming programs are:

April/May – Christy Burns/Trent Foltz (was unsure which month they are to speak)

June – Stephaine Johnson, In Camera Movement

July – Eric Person (Nature)

August – Rich Herrmann (Nature)

Amy Mueggenberg reported on the following upcoming photo shoots:

March or April – Frank Lloyd House in Quasqueton, Iowa

May – Pella Tulip Festival

June or August – Camping Trip. Date and location to be determined

July – Garden Club

September – Lynn Reiman, Milky Way

October – Fall Color

Our speaker this month was Radim Schreiber on the Firefly Experience. Mr. Schreiber had a slide show of his firefly photos. He has taken photos of different species of fireflies around the world.

Our contest this month was communication. Third place went to Trent Foley, second place to Ester Bartels, and first place to Rick Young. The theme for April will be the number 8, which is the theme for the State Fair.

Meeting was adjourned.



May 5, 2019 

Patti Sampson, Secretary 


The May Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at Studio Reserve on May 5, 2019.   

President Justin Tedford presided at the meeting.  Justin reported that we will be moving our meeting location starting with our July meeting.  We will be moving to the IBEW Hall on Wiley Boulevard N.W.  There will be no charge to use the space. 


Doug Hoeger, treasurer, reported we have just over $5,800.   


Jay Patterson reported that Cedar Rapids Waste Management is willing to have us at Mt. Trashmore for an early evening photography shoot.  July 4 had been talked about, but because of the location of the fireworks there are buildings in the way and there are no lights.  Tuesdays have the least activity, so Jay will inquire about going on an early Tuesday evening.   


State Fair deadline is June 15-16 for personal delivery and mailed entries need to be postmarked by June 8. 


Sally Harms reported she has several Canon items for sale, and to see her if anyone is interested. 


Amy Mueggenberg reported on the following upcoming group photo shoots: 


June 2 – Cedar Rapids Garden Club from 4-6 p.m. at 5201 Broadview Drive S.E.   

June 29 is the rain date. 


If anyone is interested in finding a location to take pictures of the Milky Way, let Amy know.  September 13-15 is the camping weekend.  The location is sold out, so other sites are being investigated. 


Justin announced the upcoming programs are: 

June – Stephanie Johnson, In Camera Movement 

July – Eric Burson (Wild Life) 

August – Rich Herrmann (Nature) 


Our speaker this month was Justin Tedford on Personal Projects in Photography.  Some of the highlights from his presentation were: 


  • Defining success in photography. 
  • You set the goal and define if you’ve achieved your purpose. 
  • Let no one else define your success. 
  • Personal project. 
  • Subject or theme you can repeatedly photograph multiple times. 
  • Why? 
  • Challenge ourselves. 
  • Show a passion for cause or subject. 
  • Gets you out shooting. 
  • You know what to shoot 
  • Allows you to get it right. 
  • What makes them great? 
  • Have clear goal 
  • Select subject can shoot multiple times 
  • Be passionate about it. 
  • Commit. 
  • Have a learning goal such as manual or lighting. 
  • Find someone to be accountable to. 
  • Make commitments. 
  • Set goals or milestones and check them off. 

Justin then showed some of his abstract landscape photographs and explained how he gets the shots.  He also showed photographs and talked about his personal project “Iowa Farmers.” 


Our contest this month was New Life.”  Third place tie went to Pam Olson and Saskia Jacobson, second place to Joyce Schoon, and first place to Rick Young. 


Meeting was adjourned. 



©Rae Lowenberg

A Weekend at Luther – Photography Course

Carlson Stadium

Friday, July 12 – Sunday, July 14, 2019

Join Aaron Lurth and Julie Strom in a weekend of improving your photography skills. On Friday afternoon and Saturday, they will cover basic exposure controls of the DSLR camera, share some compositional tips, demonstrate some basic skills in PhotoShop, and a few surprises. You will be given opportunities to apply your new-found skills in outings around campus and the Decorah community—including a Friday night pizza outing to Luna Valley Farm and a Saturday evening gathering at Pulpit Rocking Brewing Co. in Decorah. This weekend will culminate in producing a large print of your favorite image and hanging it for a late-morning reception on Sunday.

Camera Requirements:
All participants need to bring their own camera. The camera must be able to manually adjust exposure (aperture/shutter) and shoot in RAW format.

Farwell Residence Hall, air-conditioned rooms with twin beds

Included in cost – accommodations at Farwell Residence Hall for Friday and Saturday nights, along with Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday breakfast

Cost per person, double or single occupancy is $225
Cost per person without accommodations at Luther College  is $175

Click here to register online. Space is limited to the first 15 participants and participants must be high school age or older.

Photography Course Leaders:

Aaron Lurth

Aaron Lurth '08

For the past seven years Aaron has worn two hats here at Luther College: He serves as director of the department of Visual Media where he oversees the production of all of the photo and video marketing the college produces, and he is also the professor of photography and graphic design. Aaron loves teaching alongside those who are passionate about learning!

For nine years, Aaron was a photographer for the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) at AirVenture – the world’s largest air show. He has lead a number of photo expeditions for National Geographic, was the staff photographer for the Cedar Rapids Kernals, the minor league affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, and has been a writer on the subject of photography for the Huffington Post.

His work has been used by National Geographic, ABC, NBC, CBS,, Time, The Des Moines Register, General Electric,, The Iowa Review, Photography Served, The Lutheran Magazine, and many more.

When Aaron is not at work working on photos you can most likely find him eating Chinese food, riding his bicycle, or watching way too much Netflix.

Julie Strom

Julie Strom '93

Julie's photography experience began more than 35 years ago. Her mother, a former art teacher, thought she should experiment with different art mediums— Julie fell in love with photography. Her photography work in the 4-H program and later in high school as a yearbook photographer improved her skills. Julie's father helped her build a darkroom in the basement of their house when she was 16 and in college she learned more about the history of photography and other photographers. These experiences also improved her skills and challenged her thinking.

She started sharing her knowledge about photography while still in high school—teaching 4-H workshops and some adult education classes. After graduating from college, Julie went on to teach a black-and-white film class at Luther for many years as well as several community education classes. For a time she also had her own photography business in addition to continuing her own work—including a self-published book of photographs of Decorah.

Julie works full-time at Luther College, runs her family’s hobby farm with her husband, and is raising two teenagers. She looks forward to returning to photography and further exploring the cyanotype process when she is an empty-nester.

To view the schedule of events, please click here.

Cancellation Policy: Refund for Photography School. Prior to July  5 you will be charged a $50 administrative fee.  On July 5 you will be charged the $50 administrative fee plus 50% of the balance.