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September 11 Meeting Minutes

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

September 11, 2022

Patti Sampson (Acting Secretary)

President Sue Biederman called the meeting to order.   Minutes were not read and there was no treasurer’s report.  Contest is Landscapes, Rivers and Lakes.  Each member will be given two chips.  The white one is worth one and the blue is worth two.  Sue reported there are several committees with no chairs including activities and communications, and we are still looking for someone to be secretary.

Pam Olson spoke about annual contest in November.  She stated she and Rick Boots will be helping Bill Schoon with annual contest.  This year we will be following the rules more closely.  Only paid members will be able to submit photos.  There are seven categories this year which are on the website, and the Club theme will be Night or Low Light Photography.  They also encourage that submitted photos be taken the last three years.  It was asked how many are planning to submit photos for annual contest, and many hands went up.  Pam stated they will need volunteers on the day of annual contest for checking in, etc.  Pam has found two judges and is looking for one more.  Bill is working on the criteria for the judges.  Pam reminded members to follow the rules for submitting photos including labeling, mounting photos on foam board 11 x 14 and panoramas 20 x 11 and picture sizes, etc.  Photos must also be submitted by 1:30.

We then discussed ways to promote the club.  Some ideas were a survey and social media.

Pam, Program Chair, stated for October she will see if Justin Tedford will speak, November, Mark Oehler and January the prior speaker who spoke on Fireflies.

Our program was Dean Traver on photography sales.  He spoke about the work involved in keeping books, collecting sales tax, filing taxes, and business decisions.  Some ways to sell fine art are art shows, art galleries, stock photos, website, exhibits, contests and fairs.

Dave Maley spoke to the members about one of his cameras, a Mamiy 645 format camera.

Chris Kardos mentioned a possible way to promote our club is with a brochure that could possibly be placed where cameras are sold.

Bill Schoon announced contest winners:  First place – Gail Vandewalker, second place – Bill Schoon and third place – Chris Kardos.

The contest theme for October is Sunrise/Sunsets.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.

Patti Sampson

Acting Secretary

September 11th Meeting 1:30

Our speaker will be Dean Traver, talking about how to market and sell photographs.

The contest category is Landscapes, Rivers, and Lakes.

Location: IBEW Hall

November Events

Just a head's up for what is happening in November. 

Annual contest is back.  Check the website for changes to rules and categories that have just recently been made.

Elections will be held in November for the four officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Please consider stepping up for one of these positions.  Your participation in leadership is vital to keeping the club running. 

(You may be getting double posts this month as we transition between websites and learn new techniques.)

State Fair Photography Salon

Congratulations to Dean Traver for his third place award at the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon in the Architecture category.

Congratulations to Pam Olson for having her photo exhibited in the Plants, Flowers, and Trees category.

Please let us know if other members have had photos exhibited. A master list was not posted this year.

August Meeting reminder

August Meeting: Sunday, August 14 1:30 to 4:00


Ron Ginther will present his program on macro photography.

The contest theme is Flash photography/light painting.

July Contest Winners

Congratulations to the July Photo Contest winners.  The theme was Creatures Great and Small. 

First place:  Steve Thompson

Second place:  Ron Ginther 

Third place:   Chris Kardos

Monthly and Annual Contest Rules

Just a reminder of the rules for both monthly and annual contest. Please note the identifying information that should be on the back of the photo. You must be a member in good standing to participate in contest.

Monthly Contest Rules

Version # 01102020.M1   
Posted 01/10/2020

1. Eligibility
1.1. Competitors must be members in good standing with Linn Area Photo Club
1.2. Must be present during contest to win

2. Entry Format
2.1. Entries must be in print form only for scheduled category.
2.2. No restriction regarding print media. Glossy, matte, metallic, canvas etc.
2.3. Entries can be either color or black and white unless category specifies one or the other.
2.4. Entries must be the original work of the competitors.
2.5. Entries may be any size up to 11”X14”.
2.6. No backing required
2.7. Matting is optional
2.8. Entries can NOT be framed or include any type of covering.
2.9. All entries must have the “competitor’s name, image title and an arrow indicating up” securely attached on the back, lower right hand corner. Information must be legible to the committee.
2.10. No photographer identifying information allowed on front.

3. Entries, Prizes and Judging
3.1. Each competitor may submit up to two (2) photos in each monthly contest unless specifically changed by committee and notification made to membership.
3.2. Only the first Place winner will receive a prize.
3.3. Contest will be judged by a vote of the Linn Area Photo Club membership.

4. Updates
4.1. Any updates and/or changes will be noted by a version change and marked on the newest version for reference. The newest information will be on the LAPC web site for membership review.

Rules for 2022 LAPC Annual Contest

Version # 01102020A1   Posted on 01/10/20

1. Eligibility
1.1. Competitors must be members in good standing with Linn Area Photo Club (LAPC)
1.2. Need not be present to win (but we encourage you to be there)
1.3. Photos must be submitted to entry table by 1:30 (not just in building LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)
1.4. Submitting photographer is responsible for entry and pick up of their photo the day of contest. (We have nowhere to store left behind photos. LAPC assumes no responsibility for photos left in the building following conclusion of the contest meeting)

2. Entry Format
2.1. All entries must be in print form
2.2. No restriction regarding print media. Glossy, matte, metallic, metal, canvas etc. are all permissible.
2.3. Entries may be either color or black and white in any category unless specifically restricted.
2.4. Entries must be the original work of the photographer
2.5. Entries cannot have been a previous LAPC Annual Contest winner (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Best of Show) Honorable Mention photos may be resubmitted.
2.6. All photos, no matter their size, must be securely adhered to a 11”X14” backing (except panorama). Metal prints (not metallic paper) need not be mounted.
2.7. Panoramic photos need to be mounted to a backing the size of the print. (See notes recap)
2.8. Matting is optional but cannot exceed a dimension of 11”X14” on the outside except for panoramic photos which shall have no matting.
2.9. Entries cannot be framed or include any type of covering
2.10. All entries must have the competitor’s name, image title, category to be entered into and an arrow indicating up, securely attached on the back, lower right hand corner.
Information must be legible to the committee.
2.11. No Photographer identifying markings is permitted on front of photo.
2.12. Any photograph may be disqualified by the Contest Committee if deemed inappropriate and or not meeting any rule or requirement.
2.13. Nude photos are not eligible.
2.14. Photos placed in a category by photographer deemed to be better in a different category by the Contest Committee, or judges, may be moved as long as photographer does not have maximum permissible photos in other possible category. Photographer will be notified, if possible, prior to moving.
2.15. Any one photographer may enter up to two (2) photos per category except for club voted on category which has a maximum number of one (1) entry per photographer allowed.

3. Entries, Prizes & Judging
3.1. Three (3) winning entries (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) along with up to three (3) Honorable Mention entries shall be selected in each category, except for ‘Club Voted On'.
3.2. Any one photographer may win up to two (2) places an any category
3.3. Any one (1) photograph may not be entered into more than one (1) category
3.4. The Club Judged Category will be judged by LAPC members per Eligibility Rule 1.1
3.5. Best of Show photograph shall be selected from amongst the first (1st) place photos in each category except ‘Club Voted On'.
3.6. The Annual LAPC Contest will be judged by a pre-selected judge or judges, to be chosen by Contest Committee.

4. Annual Rules Notes (recap)
All categories, except Club Voted On, may have up to two (2) entries per photographer. Club Voted on has one (1) photo limit per photographer. 
For all entries, the photo must be completely adhered to the backing. Loose photos will be disqualified by committee.
Black & White photos may be entered into all categories unless noted differently. (B&W are allowed in all categories this year).
Maximum entry size (except panoramic) is 11″x14″ to include backing.
NO entries accepted after 1:30 pm. No exceptions.
All entries must be removed from the premises at conclusion of the event.
Panoramic Photos
Two (2) entries per person permitted.
4.7.2 Maximum 
length allowed is 20″. (2:1 ratio no longer applies).

July Meeting Reminder

We will meet from 1:30 to 4:00 on Sunday, July 10 at the IBEW hall.  

Our speaker is Rich Hermann and the topic is nature photography.  

The contest category is Creatures Great and Small.  


2022 has been a year of change and transition for LAPC. We need everyone to do their part to support the club during this transition. We are being flexible on things this year but would still like to send out this reminder:  

Per the bylaws, membership dues of $25 for current members are considered in arrears by March 31 (unless you joined later this year). We’re building the member list in the new web site and membership hub based on dues payment from this year.  This web site will be giving us communication options we did not have before so we want to be sure everyone is included. If you want to receive the many continued benefits of LAPC membership, please pay your dues as soon as possible. 

Questions about membership?  Contact Jennifer O’Hare at [email protected]



Congratulations to the June Photo Contest winners. The topic was Snapshot (photo unplanned).

Left to right:
Ron Ginther & Chris Kardos 3rd place tie
Bill Schoon 2nd place
Joyce Schoon 1st place

Our next meeting will be July 10 and the contest theme is ”Creatures Great and Small.” The program on Nature Photography will be presented by Rich Hermann .