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Several Things

First, apologies to those who did not get the message the July meeting was canceled. It was a tricky call.  We don’t have a good system of getting a quick message out to members. Because we could find ourselves in the same position in August, we encourage you to check the website before you come if the weather looks iffy. 

But maybe a few good things came from the few people that still gathered under the tree. A discussion was held to generate ideas for the club.  The Program Committee will certainly look at those suggestions as we plan the year.  If you have other ideas for programs, please contact me at [email protected] (Dave Maley and Doug Nauman, will you please contact me?)

The August meeting activity at Noelridge will feature the scavenger hunt we had mentioned in June.  You do need to bring your cameras again.  You will be given a list of topics to photograph that can be found in the park (ie intersecting lines). You may work by yourself or with a group of two or three for fun. My Program committee tweaked the activity so there are no winners or losers, just a good time.  We will share the photos at the September and October meetings; you can bring your photos on a flash drive to the meeting or you can email them to me at the above mentioned address.  .Jpg please. 

At this time, we are hoping to meet back at the IBEW in September.  The Executive Board is currently in discussion about the Covid protocols that will need to be in place, especially with the rise of the Delta variant. Look for further information to come before September. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!

Meeting canceled

Due to intermittent showers and possible wet and muddy ground, this Sunday’s LAPC meeting is canceled. The former and current officers will still gather at Sue’s condo at 2:00 for our bylaws meeting.

See everyone next month!

Sunday rain chances

There is a chance of rain during our meeting time tomorrow, though, typically, the forecast keeps changing. We are unable to get an immediate email out to members in time tomorrow if a change needs to be made so please check the website for updates if the weather is questionable. Find the News section under Menu.

Four Corners

Skimming this article might help with Sunday’s activity: “21 Types of Photography You Should Know” by Spencer Cox.

LAPC July Meeting at Noelridge Park

We will meet July 11 at 1:30 at Noelridge Park, in the same area as before, near the lagoon. This will be the first meeting with the new administration. Please be thinking about how you can contribute to the club to make it better—serving on or chairing a committee, sharing your expertise in a certain area, or suggesting ideas for learning opportunities.

Our activity for the meeting is called Four Corners and will allow people with like interests to interact with each other and get to know each other better. A second activity/mixer for brave souls is also possible. 🙂 You will not need your camera this month.

Hope to see a lot of people there! Watch your email for more information.

The LAPC Wants You!

The members of the LAPC have a wide variety of skills and interests in photography. We are interested in learning what yours are. And then asking you to share those interests with the rest of us. 🙂

Do you have a particular photography skill you have developed over the years?  Are you just in the process of learning something new and willing to share that process with us? Successes and failures? Are you good at research and could pick a topic of interest and then share your research?  Do you want to share your process in creating one special photo?  If so, the newly formed Program Committee wants to hear from you!  Let’s make the LAPC truly our club. 

But, but, but… I hear you saying. I’d have to speak in front of the group!!!  I can’t do that!!!   Well, yes, you can. I promise we don’t bite. 😬 We will smile and encourage you and listen to your personal wisdom.  Because I am convinced that we have enough knowledge and expertise and enthusiasm just within our group to take each of us to a new level of growth.  But we need YOU!  Yes, you!!  

Please either respond with a comment below or contact Pam Olson, chairperson of the Program Committee, via the contact form on the website Board Members page, with your ideas, questions, and above all, your willingness to share.  

I’m excited to hear from all of you!  

Iowa State Fair Photography Salon

For those of you who entered photos in the Iowa State Fair, you may have noticed no mention in the registration materials of the annual reception and awards ceremony that is usually held the Sunday before the fair opens. I was curious to see what was happening so contacted the Fair coordinator. This was her response. Another event lost to Covid—sigh.

Thank you for your interest in the Iowa State Fair.  There will not be a reception or awards ceremony this year.  We hope to be able to bring them back next year. 

Tracy Wiseman
Iowa State Fair

Competitive Events Entry Coordinator

Minutes from June 13th Meeting

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting

June 13, 2021

The June Linn Area Photo Club monthly meeting took place at Noelridge Park on June 13, 2021, with Executive Leadership Team member, Pam Olson, presiding.  

Doug Hoeger, Treasurer, reported the Club has just over $5,300.  

The group was asked for their thoughts on whether the club should continue and any suggestions they may have.  They were also asked for their thoughts on the current leadership team format versus the president and officer format.  There was much discussion including having a program committee.  Also discussed was having more committees to take the pressure off the president and allow more participation by members.

We will still be able to hold our meetings at the IEBW Hall, and we can start meeting there at any time.  They do have new procedures on getting the key, and we will need to clean the restrooms before we leave.  

Discussion of having a swap meet was discussed.  Kerry Lawrence said he would volunteer to set one up at a later time.

There was more discussion on the program committee and how it could work, and more discussion on continuing with a leadership team or going back to a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer format.  

Kerry Lawrence made a motion to return to our prior structure of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer with committees.  There was a second and after much discussion the motion carried unanimously.

It was mentioned that our club is a teaching club.  It was suggested that we have a question and answer/discussion time at the meetings for sharing ideas.  There was also discussion that members need to volunteer for committees, etc., for the club to be successful.

Several members volunteered to run for office.  They were:

Sue Biederman for President

Kerry Lawrence for Vice President

Julie Coder for Secretary

Keith Sutherland for Treasurer

Patti Sampson moved that the above slate of officers be elected for the 2021-2022 year.  Cherie Flint seconded and motion carried.  

John McMillian volunteered to be on a sanitation committee.

The program committee was discussed further, and the following members volunteered to be on the committee:

Pam Olson

Mari Phelan

Deb Chehak

Nicole Jackson

Don Nelson

Marylynn Murray

It was mentioned that our current bylaws will need to be changed back to the old format of officers and the committees revised.

It was decided to have our July and August meetings at Noelridge Park. We will not have treats at this time but may resume later in the year.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Patti Sampson, Secretary

The LAPC Will Continue!

Those who attended the outdoor meeting at Noelridge Park today voted to return to the former leadership structure of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A new slate of officers was voted on and adopted. By-Laws will need to be rewritten and voted on to reflect this change. Meeting minutes will be posted soon. Revised By-Laws will be posted as soon as they are completed and a vote will be held at a future meeting. Look for changes in committees and committee structures to come. We certainly will be looking for volunteers for committees. For now, we just wanted to give you the good news the club will continue. 😊

Since Someone Asked…

We will spend time at our meeting talking about the future of the club. But if time, we do have an activity planned where you will need your cameras, so bring your camera, charged battery, memory card, and whatever lenses you might wish. Hope to see a lot of people there!