Annual Contest – Choosing “Club Selected Theme” for 2012

Hello Linn Area Photo Club Members,

As mentioned at the May 2012 meeting, we need to select the theme for the “Club Selected Theme” for the Annual Contest this coming November.  We will have a vote at the upcoming meeting on June 10th.

The following are 14 suggestions.  These are only suggestions.  Members are free to add their own suggestions to the ballot at the meeting and prior to the vote.

– 3's a charm (3 of something)
– Abandoned and Lonely
– American Kitsch
– Back to School
– Country Roads
– Farms
– Halloween (considering the contest is in early November, this might be timely)
– Labor of Love
– Retro / Vintage
– Rust
– Shadows
– Something Old, Something New
– Technology
– X Marks the Spot

The two following items are the past themes.  We should strive for variety and avoid repeating them.

2010 – Food
2011 – Reflections

Ken Boardrow

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