Meet Some of the dPS Team

One of the strange things about starting a blog and community for photographers from around the world is that while the team behind the site has grown – we don't always get to spend a lot of time together face to face.

You might not know it but behind the scenes at dPS there are a team of around 25 people involved in getting this site to you. Many of that team are voluntary moderators in our forum – but there are also a growing number of people now working part time in different roles to get dPS to you.

Last week a few of us got together in Melbourne (where I live) for lunch. For many of the team it was the first time we'd even met in person despite having worked together for years!

I thought it might interest readers to put a face to the names that you might have heard here on dPS so here's a little pic of most of those who gathered yesterday.

dps problogger lunch 1.jpg

From left to right – those pictured are:

All of those in the shot except Mitchell are based in or near Melbourne so it was great to finally all get together for some good food and getting to know each other.

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Meet Some of the dPS Team

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