New eBook: Patagonia Behind the Lens

I've just released my latest eBook Patagonia Behind the Lens. In this new series of eBooks, “Behind the Lens,” I present a collection of photographs, and take you behind the scenes for a step-by-step description of how each was made. The focus of these books is on the technical and artistic choices, including use of light, composition selection, equipment choices, and camera settings.

This book presents twenty of my favorite photographs from Patagonia, an epic land of sapphire-blue lakes, towering glaciers, and mighty mountain peaks that pierce the heavens. Together, they tell part of this land’s incredible story, and give you a sense of the flavor of the land and a glimpse of its diversity and character. Each photograph is accompanied by a detailed description of not only how each photograph was made, but why. I go into more detail than in my blog posts, weaving the image's story into the narrative to give you the complete artistic picture.

Patagonia Behind the Lens is a 45-page downloadable PDF eBook filled with informative text, stunning full-color images, and plenty of insights and inspiration. This book is newly designed to optimize viewing across multiple platforms including computer screens and iPads.

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