PRO Corner: Social Media Marketing Tip

From our friends at Promaster:

Many working photographers have found a friend in Facebook. This site, along with others, keep photographers Twittering, Four-Squaring and more. While you already know not to post constant updates about what you had for lunch, did you know that a plan of content and contact could greatly improve your ability to connect with your audience?

While many of us send status updates and tweets on the fly, it’s important to remember that you are building a relationship with readers and that you must use their attention carefully and judiciously. Sending sporadic updates several times a day will quickly alienate those you wish to win over. Consider creating a monthly social media contact calendar.

Pick specific dates that you plan on sending updates and decide on those in advance. For example, if you have certain times when you are free to shoot weddings, space out promotions each month to remind others of your availability. If you’re offering a free class or free consultations, build this into the schedule. If you have a discount offer, make sure to promote it far enough in advance, and a few times in sequence, for others to take advantage of it.

You may decide that twice a week is optimum for you. Some working pros offer ‘Facebook Friday’ specials regarding their services. Some may shun the idea of a planned calendar because it feels like a bit of extra work, but some upfront planning will make the month go far more smoothly. Instead of scrambling for ideas and posting topics without careful consideration, a calendar of topics and times will take the pressure off, allowing you to do what you do best–photography!

Facebook is also a great place to promote the latest entries to your photoblog or online gallery. Nothing is more compelling to a prospective client than seeing recent work. Our tip is to link to your photoblog from Facebook, but not to post sample images from shoots. You probably don't want anyone downloading your images to their desktop!

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