Saturday Shout Out

Shout-out (n.) Slang.

1. To acknowledge with respect.

2. A kind mention of a homey.

3. Like when rappers thank people when they make a CD.

Source: Urban Dictionary

All right, I know, I haven't been giving my homeys the mad props they deserve lately. I've received thousands of petulant emails from readers demanding to know why the Saturday Shout Out, their favorite feature of this blog, has been absent as of late. As one reader put it, ”the Saturday Shout Out, along with my weekend paper and a cup of fresh brewed tea, has long been my weekly ritual to relax from the demands and perils of modern living. Without it, I struggle every morning to rise from bed and begin yet another cookie-cutter day of meaningless robotic existence. Why have you ruined my life?”

Okay, so maybe none of this has happened, but I have been derelict in my Saturday Shouting duties as of late. I'll break my silence today with a special Shout Out to Paul Marcellini down in Florida. Paul's got some awesome photos from a state that is difficult to shoot. Almost impossible to shoot, I should say. With the highest point in Florida being a measly 345 feet, there's not much but swamp, water, beach, and more swamp to photograph. Yet Paul has done a heck of a job making swamp look beautiful, and for that he deserves mad props. Keep up the good work Paul, and remember—if the log you are photographing suddenly starts to move, it's probably a gator about to chomp off your arm. Just make sure it isn't the arm holding your camera.


Paul Marcellini Photography

Paul Marcellini Photography

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