The Art of Self-Portraiture

Today I'm excited to announce a brand new dPS eBook – The Art of Self-Portraiture. Buy it this week and receive a 25% discount and the chance to win an iPad 2! Full details below.

Self Portraits.jpgI was recently asked by a friend to name the period in my life where I improved most as a photographer. My mind immediately went back to a period as a young adult when family and friends would comment regularly about how much my portrait photography had improved.

It was also around this time that I started getting friends ask me to photograph them, their parties and even their weddings.

What was the Secret to My Photography's Improvement?

There were a number of factors that were at play but the main one was that I turned the camera around and started to practice my portrait photography by photographing myself.

  • Self-Portraiture gave me the avenue to practice my portrait photography without having to convince a friend or family member to pose for me.
  • Self-Portraiture enabled me to experiment with techniques, posing and composition
  • Self-Portraiture helped me to grow in my confidence as a photographer
  • Self-Portraiture was also a lot of fun and helped me to find new ways to express myself to family and friends.

The Art of Self-Portraiture

Discovering self-portraiture was a big part of my own development as a photographer and for this reason I was really intrigued when I came across self-portrait photographer Anna Gay and excited when she agreed to write a an eBook with us – The Art of Self-Portraiture.

Anna is known to many dPS readers for her guest posts on dPS and for her work as a 365 project photographer on Flickr where she's posted literally hundreds (if not thousands) of self portraits and in this eBook she takes the knowledge gained from honing her own work and puts it into simple and easy to apply tips for the rest of us to gain from.

She also provides some beautiful imagery from her own portfolio and that of other self-portrait photographers to both illustrate her teaching and inspire those who see them to explore their own work.

Learn more about what this beautiful eBook covers here.

Early Bird Offer – 25% off and the Chance to Win an iPad 2

To celebrate the launch of The Art of Self-Portraiture we're launching this new eBook with a 25% discount and the chance for one reader who buys it to win an iPad 2 (the perfect device for reading this eBook).To take advantage of the discount and competition all you need to do is buy your copy today (or before 31 May).

Get more information on what the eBook includes here or buy it directly from the button below.

Download it Now - SelfP_IPAD 2.jpeg

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The Art of Self-Portraiture

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