The Bowler, A fun camera bag by Acme Made – Review

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This one is just for us girls!

If you are like me you take your camera everywhere. I have a hard time using a compact camera or a camera phone, I just like my DSLR, it’s familiar.

Camera bags have greatly improved over the past few years, we see some pretty funky colors now, such as lime green, red, etc. I love camera bags and I have my favorites: a reliable rolling bag for work, a rugged backpack for travel and a light messenger bag for photo walks. Have you ever found yourself all dressed up for a night in town and really wishing you could take your camera without looking like a photojournalist or a tourist? Who says you need to sacrifice looks for practicality?

The Bowler by Acme Made is designed just for that. With a classic bowling bag look, it is sized to fit most DSLRs (without a battery grip) and a small lens such as the kit lens or your favorite 50 mil for example. It is pictured here with my old Canon 20D with room for the strap and small accessories.

It’s really cute and light. It features a padded interior and an adjustable divider. There are two hidden side pockets where you can fit memory cards, car keys, etc. You can also use it as a regular purse!

It does not pretend to be a rugged gear bag, it’s just fun!

Internal dimensions are as follows: Height 6.25”/15.9 cm, length:  7.5”/17.8cm, width: 4”/10.2cm, weight: 0.7lbs/0.32kg.

It normally retails for $44.99 but I’ve seen it on Amazon for as low as $24.99.

More details on the Acme Made site.

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The Bowler, A fun camera bag by Acme Made – Review

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