Spring Break Photo Tips

Making Memorable Spring Break Shots

Spring break is often a celebration of the change of seasons; we look forward to being outdoors more and enjoying the thaw. A spring break trip is often a way for us to formally welcome the warmer months, and we have a few photo tips to help you create photographs that display the essence of this special time.

Keen on Contrasts: Depending on your location, you may find that there is still snow on the ground in a few places while the sun shines brightly and flowers beginning to bloom. Take the opportunity to photograph these two seasons living in concert with each other; it’s a wonderful way to showcase the end of one time and the beginning of another.

Keep it Candid:
You’re on vacation, so try to keep the posed pictures to a minimum, especially if you have kids with you. Bypass those forced smiles and keep your camera focused on those moments when your loved ones are engaged in play, conversations or observation. Keep your distance and leverage the use of your zoom lens in this instance. You don’t need state of the art equipment to get great shots but you do need to be aware of your surroundings. The key to getting great candids is to capture the event without intruding upon it and calling attention to yourself. Move slowly and stay in the background.

Look for Landmarks: If possible, look for a unique landmark or landscape feature that indicates your location. Much like the Eiffel Tower immediately indicates Paris, a specific sculpture, building or park can tell of your chosen holiday spot. You don’t need to be in a metropolitan city or a well-known area for this technique to work; something unique about the small town of Anywhere USA can add extra charm to what would otherwise be an average vacation photo.

Play with Perspective: A spring break getaway is the perfect time to experiment with perspective. Find yourself marveling at a historic building? Adjust your viewpoint to see which standpoint best allows you to capture the towering nature of the architecture. Shoot from several locations to see which images speak to you the most.

Share the Memories: Once you return from your trip, don’t let the images live on only on your computer. Sure, Facebook is fun, but pick a favorite photograph and bring it to us to have it enlarged and framed so you can enjoy the memory every day. You can also upload the images to our store site and order a photo book to keep on your coffee table. The vacation maybe over but the memories live on…so make sure your pictures are in a place where you can enjoy them!

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