The Digital Female Nude [Book Review]

digital-female-nude.jpgFemale nude photography has always intrigued me, particularly how a sense of trust is created between photographer and model.

What I find even more intriguing is how, as Australian photographer Peter Adams does in the majority of this book’s pictures, is how he convinces a model to pose outdoors in and on often forbidding — and uncomfortable natural landforms. Rocks, trees, seashore etc.

Adams pictures are never boring, never salacious and frequently with a touch of humour invested in them. His lighting is impeccable, compositions arresting.

However, The Digital Female Nude is not just a book nudes: Adams takes it further, into tutorial-land, telling you too how to shoot quality nude pictures.

His first message is for you to decide what sort of photographs you want to take, in colour or black and white, then he encourages you to take inspiration from other, successful photographers or the acknowledged old masters in art … da Vinci, Degas and the rest of the crowd.

More help: how to recruit models, choice of location; getting the legals right … release forms, the issue of copyright etc.

Then he gets down to the choice of camera gear. Whilst he admits it is possible to use a point-and-shoot, he stresses that using such a basic camera “can quickly become very frustrating.” His advice: jump in the deep end and acquire a DSLR.

There are a few vitally useful chapters on technicalities: exposure control; speed and lens aperture; ISO setting etc; lighting; useful accessories … and finally, 30 or so pages on the Digital Darkroom.

If you want to move into nude photography, this book would be hard to beat.

Author: P Adams.
Publisher: PIP.
Distributor: Capricorn Link.
Length: 176 pages.
ISBN: 978 1 86108 556 6.
Price: Get a price on the The Digital Female Nude at Amazon.

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The Digital Female Nude [Book Review]

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