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Weekly Assignment

Celebrate resizeWell, it's time to celebrate the winner of this week's Celebrate assignment. The assignment we finished this week asked you to show us in photos how you celebrate. Whether it was losing 10 lbs, picking the first vegetable from the garden, or something more traditional like a wedding or birthday, we wanted to see a photo that screamed celebration. Our winner this week was MKing's returning soldiers. Anyone who has known people in the military or who has family in the military knows that them coming home safe and sound is something most certainly worth celebrating. Well, this shot showed the happiness and joy of everyone celebrating a safe return home, which is why it was our winner this week. Our first runner up was SarahSue, who was celebrating her harvest of carrots. This one had great depth of field, and the focus was great showing just why she was celebrating. It was really that nice focus and the bright colours that caught our eyes. And last, but not elate was a very creative interpretation of celebrations with tremble's toast. Tremble took the concept of toast quite literally, but sometimes humor works really well for an assignment. So let's all toast with some toast to the winners of our celebrate assignment.

toastThis week we also started a new assignment, and we want you to photograph Bugs & Insects. These little creepy crawlies are everywhere, so there's no excuse not to try. This is a great assignment to break out the macro lens, closeup filters, or extension tubes. And of course, even if you don't have those, don't feel put off because showing the environment around your subject can work well too. As always, a quick reminder of the rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 11 – 25 August 2010. Second, your post must include the words “Assignment: Bugs or Insects” and the date that the photo was taken. Finally, your EXIF should be intact, and it's useful if you can include some of the main information like the camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Next week should be a real treat for all the bookworms out there because our next assignment is Books. Combine those books with photography and show us what you can come up with.

Hot Threads

  • Going Zoomless… Am I Crazy?: Zoom lenses are one of the most convenient things if you want to take photos from a lot of different perspectives. But, does that mean that zoom lenses are always the right lens for the job? And do you think it's possible to go with only prime lenses instead? Come share your opinions and even your experiences if you've gone zoomless over in the forums.
  • How Do You Keep Track?: If you're just starting out, you might find it quite daunting to remember what settings to use in what situation. So how do you actually keep track of the “starting” settings or the settings you used when you took a really good photo? A notebook? A website? Come share how you keep track of photography techniques.
  • How Do You Overcome Photographer's Shyness?: One of the things you have to get over if you're a photographer is probably a bit of shyness. Whether it's shyness in dealing with people, or shyness about what others think of you when you're out photographing, or even shyness about sharing your photos with others, you'll probably have to deal with it at some point. So come share your hints, tips, and tricks for overcoming photographer's shyness over in the forums.
  • What Would You Do: What Would You Do went on a short hiatus due to a lack of photos, but it's back this week. So here's your chance to practice your post-processing skills on another photographer's photo. Head on over to the forums to see what this week's picture is, and consider sending one of your photos to Windrider86 who runs the thread.

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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (15-21 Aug ‘10)

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