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Weekly Assignment

Static in the EbbThis week's assignment was to capture Motion Blur with People or Animals. We wanted you to try to keep the background steady, but blur people or animals in your shot in order to show movement. Our winner this week was highwayman's “Static in the Ebb”. This shot was taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the static person in the shot really adds to the concept of the movement of the crowd. This shot had an almost cinematic quality to it, with the lone still person seemingly oblivious to the outside world. Our first runner up this week was SarahRachel's Soccer (or Football) Player. Another great action shot here. There was room for the player to move into, it was well composed, and you could definitely tell that the people on the field were running, And last, but not least was tremble's incredibly impressive photo of the Bee in Motion. This shot looks like it was tough to take, which makes it that much more impressive. The bee is in excellent focus, but the wings are moving so quickly that they're blurred. Well done everyone!

Assignment: Motion Blur: People or AnimalsThis week we started our Celebrate assignment. Think birthdays, holidays, or something else that you want to celebrate. Then show us how you celebrate. As always, a quick reminder of the rules. First, your photo must have been taken between 4-18 August 2010. Second, your post must include the date your photo was taken and the words “Assignment: Celebrate” to show us that you want it included in the contest. Finally, your EXIF should be intact, and it's useful if you can include some of the main details like camera, lens, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. Next week's assignment we'll be looking at those small creepy crawlies that are everywhere…Bugs or Insects. Take a look in your garden, your house, the park, or somewhere else and see if you can find a tiny critter to photograph. Try using a macro lens, extension tubes, or a close up lens if you have them, and remember, shooting bugs often requires patience. So start shooting early!

Hot Threads

  • What are the Classic Subjects Every Photographer Should Capture?: Other artists, like painters, have a set of subjects that they need to include in their artists' portfolio before they're considered proficient. But photograph doesn't necessarily have the same set of “required subjects”. So what are the subjects that every photographer should take? Are they broad? Specific? What do you think are the shots that an amateur should focus on in order to help them find their own skill, style, or even hone their abilities? Come join in the discussion over on the forums.
  • What's the Distinction Between an ‘ok' Image and a “Wow” image?: We all want to take images that people stand up and say “Wow!” But when it comes to actually distinguishing between a “Wow” image and an “Ok” image, what makes the difference? Are there certain criteria that makes an image “wow” while another is just “ok”? Come share your thoughts and join in the discussion on the forum.
  • Full Auto Guilt: Last week we talked about the “Cult of M” and all those who say that “real” photographers only shoot in manual. This week, we have a discussion of the guilt that people sometimes feel because of shooting in Auto. Is this something to feel guilty about? Or should we embrace the technology and features being put in the camera? And how do you get over that guilt and get back to shooting?
  • Print Size Preference?: Cameras shoot in a number of different aspect ratios. DSLRs typically shoot in 3:2, some point and shoots shoot in 4:5, and some even offer the option of shooting in 16:9. So when your camera takes shots in a particular aspect ratio, do you stick with that ratio for printing or do you take steps so that you can print in other aspect ratios? Do you shoot with extra space to crop? Do you shoot multiple shots for each type of ratio? What do you do when it comes to printing in a different ratio?

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This Week in the Digital Photography School Forums (8-14 Aug ‘10)

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