Updates on Servers, Forums and 500,000 Subscribers!

Just a quick note to readers to inform you of a few important developments here at dPS over the last few days.

Firstly – we've just moved servers. dPS has grown so quickly over the last couple of years that our old servers were increasingly struggling to keep up (and were getting quite expensive to run). So we made the decision to switch (over to Amazon's system). To do this switch meant a complete reworking of how the site was hosted and took a number of months – but yesterday we flicked the switch and we're now on the new system.

This means a faster and more reliable system (cheaper too) however as with any move like this there have been (and probably will be a few more bugs. We've already fixed most of them but one that is still impacting some of our readers is a problem logging into our photography forum area.

We're aware of the issue and our team are on the case. I'm unsure how long it'll take to fix it up but wanted to let you know we're aware of it and are on the job.

In the mean time – if you're missing the ‘community' thing here on dPS – there are some great discussions going on in our Facebook page where close to 40,000 of our readers now follow what's going on at dPS (to join them simply hit the ‘like' button on the page).

We'll give further updates of the server move there and on our Twitter account.

Also – while I'm here, we're tantilizingly close to hitting the 500,000 subscribers mark! We're sitting on 497,198 – help us to get to the half million mark by making sure you're subscribed to our RSS feed and/or newsletter (and by sharing us with your friends).

Update: forum login issues have now been resolved!

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Updates on Servers, Forums and 500,000 Subscribers!

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