Monthly Contest Rules and Categories

2022 Monthly Contest Categories

Posted 01/08/2022

Jan – No Meeting

Feb – Favorite Photo from 2021

March – Food Photography

April – Repetitive Shapes/Lines or Leading Lines

May – The Open Road (2022 State Fair Theme)

June – Snapshot (Photo caught not planned)

July – Creatures Great & Small

Aug – Light Painting/Flash Photography

Sept – Landscapes/Rivers/Lakes etc.

Oct – Sunrise/Sunset

Nov – Fall Colors

Dec – Christmas/Santa (If we have a meeting)

These categories are meant to be very broad and open for interpretation. Each person may enter 2 prints for that month’s contest.

Voting will take place during the regular break during each monthly meeting. Each person will be given two poker chips, one white and one colored. Each white chip will be valued at 2 points and each colored chip will be valued at 1 point. The white chip will be used to vote for their first-place choice and the colored chip will be used to vote for their second-place choice. After the voting is finished the points for each entry will be totaled. The highest point total will be awarded First Place, the next Second Place and the next Third Place. The point total will be noted on the back of each entry in such a way as to not damage the print.

Prizes, if any, will be determined by the LAPC Executive Board.

Bill Schoon, Chair Contest Committee

Monthly Contest Rules

Version # 01102020.M1    Posted 01/10/2020

1. Eligibility
1.1. Competitors must be members in good standing with Linn Area Photo Club
1.2. Must be present during contest to win

2. Entry Format
2.1. Entries must be in print form only for scheduled category.
2.2. No restriction regarding print media. Glossy, matte, metallic, canvas etc.
2.3. Entries can be either color or black and white unless category specifies one or the other.
2.4. Entries must be the original work of the competitors.
2.5. Entries may be any size up to 11”X14”.
2.6. No backing required
2.7. Matting is optional
2.8. Entries can NOT be framed or include any type of covering.
2.9. All entries must have the “competitor’s name, image title and an arrow indicating up” securely attached on the back, lower right hand corner. Information must be legible to the committee.
2.10. No photographer identifying information allowed on front.

3. Entries, Prizes and Judging
3.1. Each competitor may submit up to two (2) photos in each monthly contest unless specifically changed by committee and notification made to membership.
3.2. Only the first Place winner will receive a prize.
3.3. Contest will be judged by a vote of the Linn Area Photo Club membership.

4. Updates
4.1. Any updates and/or changes will be noted by a version change and marked on the newest version for reference. The newest information will be on the LAPC web site for membership review.