Meeting Notes 9/12/21

Linn Area Photo Club Monthly Meeting
September 19, 2021

Julie Coder, Secretary


Due to rising numbers of the Delta variant, members gathered for an informal meeting at Noelridge Park. Sue Biederman, President, called the meeting to order.


The annual contest was discussed. Members thought it would be beneficial to have the contest. Pam Olson, Programs Committee Chair, thinks we still have time to organize the contest. She will speak with Rick Boots, Contest Committee Chair.


Old Business

Pam would like members to review the information that was collected earlier to be used for name tags, which has been entered into a spreadsheet. She said she may ask members to fill out new information this fall so name tags can be ready in January.  She said there was a previous club discussion that people needed to have a name tag to be able to participate in contests, and the name tag would show their active membership. She added that the Spring Event would not happen in 2022 due to Covid.


New Business

With losing Photo Pro, members discussed other possible sponsors. Sue suggested Walgreens or Kodak. Pam said Doug will check with McKenna’s in Waterloo. Jay Patters said he and Doug will do a road trip there. He noted that their lobby is now open. They will see if they have a PR person who could speak with the club. Jay said McKenna’s is a large store. He’s used their printing service, and results were very fast and professionally packaged. He noted that you need to sign up for an account to use their services, and they’ll send a calibration kit when you sign up. Pam said it’s good to support local businesses. She’s ordered prints from Mpix, which is another Midwest option, and her prints were also well packaged.


Members discussed printing options for film and medium format. Sue said she has a friend who uses someone in Minnesota for prints. Jay commented that places like Walgreens won’t give the negatives back; instead, they provide digital images only.


Sue asked about possible meeting topics that would be of interest. Pam asked members to let her know if they had any suggestions, or to leave a comment on the website. She said the Programs Committee has topics lined up for the next six months, but to let her know if there are other topics of interest. She said results from a previous survey yielded varied results, with only a few votes for each item; macro and flash were the topic selected most.


Sue asked about the website, since she is working on updating it. She asked that members let her know if they have any difficulties navigating it. Members noted that some posts aren’t dated, so they don’t always know what information is current. They also suggested moving old messages off the home page. Pam said she’s not sure we still need the complexity that this website has. Members were looking at it a year ago, but Covid hit. She added that access is limited to posting news and events, but we cannot update or make changes to the pages themselves; for any changes, we would have to contact Bob Randklev, the web master.


Diane Dunn volunteered to join the Communications Committee, along with Connie Wedemeier, who is working on the club’s Facebook page.


Pam coordinated a couple of activities to allow members opportunities to interact. Marylynn Murray shared some photography tips. Then the group discussed future meetings. Pam proposed we move the meetings indoors to the IBEW, and that we require that all participants be vaccinated in addition to other health protocols (masks, social distancing, etc.) due to rising numbers of Covid. All members agreed with this proposal.


Sue motioned, and it was seconded, that the meeting be adjourned.

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