2012 Planning and Ideas

Per the newsletter last month we are looking ahead and planning for 2012 and want to get your ideas and feedback. Member feedback and ideas are what grow our club and expand our educational opportunities

Meeting Topics and Speakers

Every month we have a topic and/or speaker and we want your ideas for 2012.

Photo Editing/Management Software:

I've heard from a few people who want more Adobe Lightroom training and we are looking at that for January.

How many people want to learn about Lightroom or Elements or CS5 or Picasa or ????

Photography Websites and/or photo sharing:

Are you interested in learning how to promote your images on a website you can manage and maintain? Or do you want to learn more about Flickr and other photo sharing sites?

Overall Technology:

Do you want to learn more about backups, printers, color correcting monitors/printers

Making Money with Photography:

Do you want to learn more ways to make money with photography?

What do you want to get out of the club?

Simply reply to this email with your ideas and we'll add them to our plans for 2012!

Monthly Contest Themes

Every month we have a theme to get your creative photography skills flowing and I like to plan ahead to give you time.

January 2012: Holidays

February 2012: Color Green

March: ?

April: ? may not be a contest?

May: Church (to follow the Iowa State Fair 2012)

Below are some ideas to get your mind thinking:

  • Outdoor Art
  • Fairs/Carnivals
  • Butterflies
  • Architectural Features
  • Night
  • Ice
  • Landscapes
  • Sunrise/sunset

If you have any ideas you'd like to add please reply so we can create a survey to have our members vote for the contest themes of 2012!

Again simply reply to this email or email [email protected] with any questions or comments.


Bob Randklev


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