2016 Officer Elections

2016 Officer Nominating Committee

  • David Barnes
  • Doug Shaffer
  • Justin Tedford

If you would like to run for one of the LAPC Executive Officer positions, by October 11th please submit your name to: [email protected]    The Nominating Committee members above will then advise the Club Members at the  October meeting of the candidates for each position, ultimately to be voted on at the November meeting.

Current LAPC Officers
President Rick Young
Vice President Bob Lancaster
Treasurer David Byrnes
Secretary Cherie Flint



Rick Young

President – LAPC



The officers of this Club shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. All officers shall be elected, for a period of one year, from the membership in good standing.  The President shall not serve more than two consecutively terms in office.

  1. Duties of the President shall be: to preside at all Club meetings and Executive Board meetings; to appoint chairpersons of all committees; to act as Club spokesperson; to generally supervise and to keep in touch with all Club activities.
  2. Duties of the Vice-President shall be: to perform the duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President; to notify members of special meetings and events; to act as Club Director on the Executive Board.
  3. Duties of the Secretary shall be: to preserve in the books of the Club true minutes of the proceedings of Board meetings; to conduct correspondence of the Club; to prepare ballots for election; to act as Club Director on the Executive Board.
  4. Duties of the Treasurer shall be: to maintain records and custody of Club funds and dues; to discharge Club expenses and maintain records thereof; to prepare periodic reports of Club finances; to prepare an annual budget; to act as Club Director on the Executive Board; to maintain a current register of the entire membership.

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