2018 Officer Election

Dave Byrnes  (Club Treasurer & Election Committee Chair) asked me to send out a reminder about our upcoming 2018 elections at the November meeting.

We have four positions that each year are open for election:

President:    Duties of the President shall be: to preside at all Club meetings and Executive Board meetings; to appoint chairpersons of all committees; to act as Club spokesperson; to generally supervise and to keep in touch with all Club activities.

Vice-President:     Duties of the Vice-President shall be: to perform the duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President; to notify members of special meetings and events; to act as Club Director on the Executive Board.   In about 2007 the position also took on the leadership role of the annual LAPC Photography Workshop held each Spring.

Secretary:   Duties of the Secretary shall be: to preserve in the books of the Club true minutes of the proceedings of Board meetings; to conduct correspondence of the Club; to prepare ballots for election; to act as Club Director on the Executive Board.     In about 2007, this position also took on the duty of purchasing the snacks provided by the Club for the monthly meetings.

Treasurer:  Duties of the Treasurer shall be: to maintain records and custody of Club funds and dues; to discharge Club expenses and maintain records thereof; to prepare periodic reports of Club finances; to prepare an annual budget; to act as Club Director on the Executive Board; to maintain a current register of the entire membership.


Current Candidates for each of these role for 2018 are:

President:                No Candidates

Vice-President:     Rick Young

Secretary:                No Candidates

Treasurer:              Dave Byrnes  

If anyone has an interest in running for one of these positions, please send Dave an email  at [email protected]      If you would like to nominate someone, send that to Dave also.   He can reach out to that person and see if they have an interest.

See all of you next month for the Annual LAPC Photo Contest and Officer Elections.


Rick Young

Vice-President LAPC


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