2nd Notice – The February Meeting Date is the 21st!

The February Meeting is February 21st…. not the 14th.    And as a reminder…..

Meeting Theme:  Photo Feedback

If you have a photo or two you want feedback on, bring it to the meeting.  Small teams will review your photograph(s) and provide feedback in three areas: Technical Aspects, Photo Composition and Overall Impression.   Each team  (3-4 members) will provide a score in these three areas as well as comments of what they liked best and what they might change to make the photo better.

Towards the end of the meeting, each Team will then select one of their photo critiques and do an oral review of that photo to the Club.

So if you have a photo or two you entered into one of the LAPC Contests, the State Fair, a county fair, a local photo contest, or just a photo you want to print and hang on the wall at home… and you want some help/feedback…. this is your opportunity.

Photos need to be printed at least 8″ on the shortest side.  B&W or color.   Any topic (that fits Club rules).   Enhanced or not.


Did I mention…..  Moose Peterson Registration!



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