A thank you from Bob Campagna

Dear photo colleagues,
 I received the donated film cameras. These are a truly appreciated gift. I am humbled and honored by your generosity. In this day of digital conversion, I still maintain programs which utilize the historic, artistic and time-honored film and emulsion printing processes. I believe they provide a great basis for learning, and generating excitement among young people who may wish to explore photography as a path.
My commitment to you is to utilize these cameras in the workshops I continue to teach throughout the year. They specifically will benefit students in my two home states; Iowa and Colorado. The first use is today, at Prairie Middle School in Cedar Rapids.
I truly appreciate the LAPC. I look forward to having a photo outing with you be it in Iowa, Colorado or both. My way of saying thanks is to guide you to new photo opportunities.
In photo spirit, Bob Campagna
Again, if any LAPC member has an old film camera that they would like to donate to BobC as he is in town for the next 10 days, so please contact me ASAP.
Bob Lancaster

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