Action Photography activity – Eduskate 3pm on 4/28

April “Unofficial” LAPC amateurs – action 4/28 @ 3pm at Eduskate

On the way home from the roller dam in January, we passed by the Riverside Skate Park.  We have been wanting to practice action, so I thought it would be cool to practice action and to try to shoot skate boarders, but with my luck we’d meet there and there would be no skaters.

I remembered reading in the Gazette last fall about a new skate shop that opened not too far from the skate park.  I contacted the owner and asked if he’d be willing to line up some skaters for us to practice action photography on.

His reply was that he ‘would be extremely stoked to help me out’.

He has a team of 9 skate boarders, they are going to meet us Sunday April 28th at 3pm at Eduskate.  We'll start off at his shop, from there, they’ll start off doing some street skating, then we’ll follow them to the Riverside Skate Park.

We’ve got 7 amateurs from our little group planning on going so far.  I told Nate I’d burn whatever photos I got onto a CD and I ask that whoever goes, does the same for the skate boarders. (We'll have some generic model release forms if needed.)  Nate said the skaters would like photos for their own personal web pages and portfolios.

I like anything that is win-win, where we get to practice something we love to do along side with another group practicing what they love to do.

Let me know if you are interested in meeting up with us, RSVP to [email protected] so we know how many to expect.  As always, anyone is welcome to join us and we’d love it if there is anyone familiar with shooting action to join us and be available for questions and suggestions.

Amy Mueggenberg

Marion, IA

[email protected]

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