Amazing close up eagles in Hinckley, Ohio

January of this year, 2013, the weather stayed so cold in Hinckley, Ohio on the shores of
Lake Erie & Rocky River. that the bald eagles were cruising over houses in hopes of a quick meal.

They could not access fish that were at the bottom of the river and had gathered together.

Some kind souls decided to feed the eagles so they would survive the cold spell.
They gathered fish and started feeding the group of eagles huddled on the shore.

The photos below show what happened. A friend took
these photos in front of his home.

Feeding the Eagles!


A beautiful morning feeding the eagles, Jan. 2013


Once the fish were thrown, the eagles did not seem to fear the good Samaritans and word spread fast!


Eagles vying for the fish. January, 2013.


No zoom lens used here! The photographer was this close!


Here are the men who were feeding them. So close!!

As you know, it was not too long ago that the American Bald Eagle was an endangered species.



  1. I’m curious about the strange wording in this article: Hinckley, Ohio is NOT close to Rocky River and Lake Erie. It may have been cold in Hinckley, but that does not put it on Lake Erie. Also Google Maps doesn’t seem to show any beach in front of private homes close to the Rocky River and Lake Erie – a couple of parks, yes, but not homes facing the lake.

    Nonetheless the photos and event are noteworthy. Eagles and Osprey are seen on the rivers in Pittsburgh.

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