Annual Contest Results

Annual Contest Results

36 Members participated, with 355 total entries.

People & Portraits

1st place – Rick Boots Days End

2nd place – Darren Swartzendruber Old Timer

3rd place – Marla Henry Sword Women

HM – Rick Boots The Contender

HM – Darren Swartzendruber Pondering

HM – Doug Hoeger Nola


1st place – Darren Swartzendruber Catch of the Day

2nd place – Darren Swartzendruber Bald Eagle

3rd place – Esther Bartels Heron in the Triangle

HM – Mike Stark The Flip

HM – Doug Hoeger Just Lion Around

HM – Marla Henry Fish for Dinner

Anything Goes

1st place – Marla Henry Mt. St. Helens

2nd place – Rae Lowenberg San Francisco de Assis Mission Church

3rd place – David Claiborne Suislaw River Bridge

HM – Sherry Schoons Eclipse at Totality

HM – David Claiborne Antelope Canyon

HM – Bill Schoon Panorama


1st place – Rick Young Drive Up

2nd place – Joyce Schoon An Autumn Run

3rd place – John McMillen Split Window

HM – Sherry Schoons Sailboat Model

HM – Jan Crites The Old Rusty Cadillac West of Rochelle, Ill

HM – Rae Lowenberg Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Close Up/Macro

1st place – Amy Mueggenberg Life in the Greenhouse

2nd place – Mary Howes Purple & Green Leaf

3rd place – Doug Hoeger Wild Geranium

HM – Shari Braise-Smith Red Red Rose

HM – Gary Siegle Spider Web

HM – Sherry Schoons Dandelion in Flight


1st place – Darren Swartzendruber How Low Can You Go!

2nd place – Tim McAdam Liquid Gold

3rd place – Cherie Flint Humming Bird

HM – Ester Bartels Cedars in Motion

HM – Rick Boots Quarterback Sneak

HM – Cherie Flint Off Roading

Low Light

1st place – Rick Boots Contemplation

2nd place – Chris Kardos The Heaven & Earth

3rd place – Rick Young Potters Hands 2

HM – Tim McAdam Under the Spotlight

HM – Dean Traver Smith Mountain Lake

My Favorite Photo

Larry Guilds

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