Covid Protocols

2021 Covid Protocols*

The Executive Officers and members who attended the September 12 meeting have discussed the need for Covid protocols as we transition back to meeting indoors at the IBEW hall.  Due to the Delta variant increasing in Iowa and Linn County, the following protocols will be in place from October through the end of 2021.  The Board will revisit them then to determine if circumstances have changed enough to allow fewer restrictions.
1) Vaccinations will be required to attend a meeting. At this point, we have decided to trust the membership and not require proof of vaccination, but ask that you do not attend if you are not fully vaccinated.  If we discover members are not being truthful, we will have to ask you to produce proof; please don’t make us have to do that.  We are friends and fellow photographers who respect each other; let us also respect each other’s health.  If you have a legitimate medical reason you cannot be vaccinated, please discuss this with a Board member.
2) Masks will be required in the building.
3) Hand sanitizer will be provided.
4) Chairs will be set to provide adequate social distancing.
5) IBEW has asked us to wipe down whatever bathroom we use. There is a single stall bathroom on the main floor we will ask you to use so we only have to wipe down the one.
6) Treats will not be provided. Bring your own drink and snack as desired.
We recognize that not everyone will be happy about these restrictions but we choose to err in the direction of health for the many. Vaccines are safe and available. Some people may choose not to attend because of these protocols but others would choose not to attend if they were not in place.  Our membership tends to be older and there is a high vaccination rate in the county for those over 65 so we hope this will not be an issue.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

*(These protocols can also be found at:


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