Duck, Duck, Goose, LIGHT is cancelled

Cedar Lake is completely frozen over, and with the dry conditions no water is flowing through the creek into it to keep the end open. So until it changes we are outa luck!

I know there are some Eagles by the Roller Dam in Cedar Rapids, but I hate twigs and LOOOONG shots.
I will keep a eye out, and we will shoot when a open spot appears.


Enjoy the cold, I'm keeping my eye on L&D #14…..Mike Stark


  1. I have been in and out of Iowa City last few days and have found that the Iowa River just south of Burlington St. is still open water and I have seen many eagles feeding there. There is small amount of parking along the river off riverside drive immediately south of Burlington St, and a walking path along the river. With the water as low as it is, one can even walk the banks of the river some. Many ducks and geese gather in this open water as well. Early in the day is better because when the sun sets, there are plenty of obstructions to cast shadows over the river.

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