Finding LAPC News

There has been confusion about how to access information about LAPC club meetings this summer, with decisions to cancel having to be made at the last minute due to Iowa weather.  With the Delta variant of Covid rampant, we can’t predict very far into the future what changes might need to be made, even if we attempt indoor meetings this fall.  We encourage you to check the website midmorning of the day of any scheduled meeting for updated information.  Because of how the site is currently set up, the best way to do this is to click on Menu and scroll down to News. Or you can scroll to the bottom of any page and see Updates which will show the same information. Thanks for your flexibility during this challenging time.


  1. On my computer it doesn’t show a ‘menu’ tab.

    It’s easier to just click on the ‘read in browser’ shown down a little further. That has worked for me, bringing me to the rest of the message.

    • You can do that to read a message you’ve been alerted it exists. But if you want to check for news, ie meeting updates, and an email hasn’t been sent out yet, you need to use one of the other two methods.

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