Free Webinar – The invisible second shooter!

Capture Wedding Shots from Remote and   Off-Limits Locations.

Join host Joe Brady as he shows how you can use multiple cameras to get shots   that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to get. During this staged   wedding ceremony, Joe will show the gear, setup and techniques to capture   images from locations where a photographer wouldn't be allowed during a   ceremony in order to photograph unique points of view that can add extra   interest in your wedding photography.

He will also set up a second camera along the center aisle along with remote   flash units to capture multiple points of view – all being controlled from   the single camera in his hands. Didn't think you could be in two places at   once? During this free webinar sponsored by PocketWizard, see how you can add   multiple cameras to any location shoot and control them wirelessly from   practically anywhere. Turn your extra camera into an invisible second   shooter!

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at   1pm EDT

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