Help promote the Canon Explorer’s of Light events!

March 24th and 25th are fast approaching and we need our members to help us promote the upcoming events on both Saturday and Sunday!

You can email these links to friends, family, co-workers and of course other photographers:

Clay Blackmore – Canon Explorer's of Light Seminar

Event Registration

Photography Master Class – Clay Blackmore

Event Registration

Help us promote these events on Facebook and/or Twitter

If you have a Facebook account simply click either link above, scroll down to the address/registration area and click the “LIKE” or “Tweet” buttons to help us spread the word!

Become a fan of our Fan page

If you haven't yet visit our fan page¬† and “LIKE” our page at the top.

Next click on Events and click on each individual event to invite others you know who would like to attend!

Post Flyers

If you have the ability to post a flyer or add this to a company, church or club newsletter please do so!

Thanks in advance for all you help!

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