How much would you sell a photo for?

One of our members contacted me with some great news. When the Iowa State Fair photos were returned, there was a note from someone wanting to buy the image!!

So how much would you charge for a photo/image?

I know this is a Catch 22 question but please post your ideas/comments below!


  1. Did the photo win an award? Is this person an avid collector or an observer who simply liked the photo? The selection by the Iowa State Fair committee certainly means that a peer review also recognized the value and/or quality of the photo.

    These are perhaps common questions or thoughts. However, it seems to me that one consideration is that this photo could be a signed, 1/1 original photo, and not reproduced in quantity by the photographer. If it is planned to be produced in a select quantity (1/45; 1/250) then how does the potential buyer and seller react to that?

    If it were me, I would tend to sell the photo as an original 1/1 photo at a reasonable cost just because the provenance and story is so compelling. “An LAPC member creates a one-of-kind art object in an overly-mass-produced-world.” For me that would be a very satisfying outcome. This becomes a part of one person’s photographic legacy to the art world. BTW, the Blue Ribbon cherry pie is a one-off original too.

    On another note, I received an email from an art e-gallery that has a Peter Lik photo “Beyond Paradise” listed and it was reduced from $90,000 down to $47,000.
    I believe that this amount would define an upper limit. 🙂 :). My suggestion: $75 and the memory, aka priceless.

  2. My standard formula is:

    print cost x 4 + $20 + shipping (usually around $6)

    For instance, if it costs $2 to print an 8×10 (Mpix prices, not photo pro), then the price would be $2 x 4 + 20 = $28 + shipping. For a 20×30 (which is what I usually sell), it’s $25 x 4 + $20 = $120 + shipping.

    I only sign the photo in rare cases. If they don’t want it signed, you can use Mpix or another online company and ship to the person directly.

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