How to adjust your email frequency

A few people have voiced concern about the number of emails coming from our photography club, others have praised all the great information we are sending out…. it's a Catch 22!

As we find great resources for photography learning we want to push this information out to the group, but we also don't want you to feel overwhelmed!┬áSome people want more and some people want less…

To solve this individually you simply click “Profile” at the bottom of any email (like this one) and you're taken to your subscription settings.




In your profile you simply “uncheck” per post so you don't get an email EVERY time we have an update and choose “daily” or “weekly.”

The server will then send you a summary of all posts on a daily or weekly basis.

I just added Cambridge in Colour  today as they have some amazing and detailed tutorials on Photography 101 as well as advanced topics!

If you have any questions or troubles just send an email to [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Thanks for being a part of this great group!

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