Ideas wanted for 2013 monthly meetings. Speakers or topics?

We are making plans now for our 2013 monthly meetings and presentations and I wanted to reach out to see what ideas our members may have?

We've added a number of new members this year so maybe it's time to go back to some basic photography classes on aperture and shutter speed?

Do you know of a great photographer or speaker that would benefit the group?

If you have any ideas simply email [email protected] and our Executive Committee will consider it for 2013.

Thanks for being a member!


  1. Yes, I would be excited to have the basics. I can’t seem to get all the settings understood and quite frankly don’t know where to start. I know this would probably bore some of the “more experienced” photographers, but I would be most interested in basics.

    Also what do the voters see in some of the winner’s pictures. Sometimes I do not see what they see and how they decided to vote for that particular picture.

  2. I would like to see some lens discussions – I need help understanding how macros are different, which lenses do what to images, etc. And I agree with Bev – I’d like to hear “critiques” of some pictures – to help see what I’m supposed to see in a printed photo. Maybe even a discussion of how people chose what to photo, how to post-process to get the effect they wanted, etc.

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