January 12th Meeting


Theme:     Photo Judging Skills Development

                          Making You A Better Photographer


All meeting all participants will become “Photography Judges” for the meeting.    We will be looking at a bunch of photographs and judging them on:

  • Composition
  • Technical Detail:   Sharpness, Color Balance, Cropping
  • The Image's Story Telling Capability
  • The “Wow” Factor


ByLaw Changes & Elections

At the November Meeting new Bylaw changes were presented changing the structure of the executive leaders and updating our committees.   Those changes were sent out to all active members on November 12th.

Please review the Bylaws below before the January meeting.   Questions can be sent to any current Club Officer.

The old Bylaws can be found at:  https://linnareaphotoclub.org/about/by-laws/


Showcase Photographer:    Bill & Joyce Schoon

Bill & Joyce Schoon,  Club Members will have a 15/20 minute video presentation on some of their best images.


Monthly Photo Contest:   Mask    

(carryover for cancelled October meeting)

(A mask is an object normally worn on the face, typically for protection, disguise, performance or entertainment –  wikipedia)



1:30 to 4:00

Sunday, Jan 12th


1211 Wiley Blvd SW,  Cedar Rapids



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