January Meeting Follow Up: The Bad and The Good

If you were at Sunday's meeting,  Doug Benton's discussion and demonstration of Quality, Quantity & Direction of Light was fantastic and a huge educational opportunity for all of us.  I know I learned a lot about light.   Unfortunately…. Doug ran out of time.   He had a lot more to share.

The good news is…. we were able to convince Doug to return on May 1st to do Part II!   He will be sharing more great information on “light” and how to stage your subject to get he best image out of your lighting.    Or maybe it's how to stage your light to get the best image?   Either way…. the end results is a better image when you are done.     Mark your calendars!!!!


The “all digital” photo submissions and judging didn't go as planned, and I and the Contest Committee apologize for that.  We are working on a solution before next month so we can get these images judged and have a better approach going forward.

The Good news is…. we had about 45 – 50 photos submitted for this month's contest…. almost as many as all of last year's monthly contests combined!   We averaged about 5 – 6 photos per contest last year.    I hope this is a great indication for 2016 Monthly Contests!   If your photos did not appear on the overhead screen during the meeting, send another email to:  MonthlyContest@LinnAreaPhotoClub.org and [email protected]  Doug Shaffer (Contest Committee Chair) will respond to you and let you know if he got your email.     At this time, Doug is determining why some emails did not make it to this mailbox.   Doug and his team are working hard to make 2016 a strong year for LAPC contests.


The Good news is….. next month meeting theme is: “Photo Feedback”.    If you have a photo or two you want feedback on, bring it to the meeting.  Small teams will review your photograph(s) and provide written feedback in three areas: Technical Aspects, Photo Composition and Overall Impression.   Each team  (3-5 members) will also provide comments of what they liked best and what they might change to make the photo better.    Towards the end of the meeting, each Team will then select one of their photo critiques and do an oral review of that photo to the Club.

So if you have a photo or two you entered into one of the LAPC Contests, the State Fair, a county fair, a local photo contest, or just a photo you want to print and hang on the wall at home… and you want some help/feedback…. this is your opportunity.  Photos need to be printed at least 8″ on the shortest side.  B&W or color.   Any topic (that fits Club rules).   Enhanced or not.


Look forward to seeing all of you next month…. and Welcome New Members!  


Rick Young

President LAPC


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