July 10th Meeting Reminder – Bring Your Camera Equip

Educational Theme:   Camera 201 – Beyond The Basics

Bring your camera, tripod, white balance tool and your owners manual!   This is hands-on training.  We will be outside and the weather forecast is Sunny – 86 degress – 10 mph.

Time to learn about & practice all those important camera settings.    Let's say your going on a photo shoot today with Amy and a group of Club Members…. how do you pre-set your camera before leaving the house to prepare for the event?    What adjustments do you make upon arrival given light conditions and the subject?

Together we will learn through practice:

  • Shutter Setting: Aperture Priority vs. Shutter Speed Priority vs. Manual
  • Histogram Reading:  Under-exposed, Over-Exposed, Cropped (Both Ends), Balanced
  • White Balance:     Grey Card vs. Expo Disk vs. Digital Target vs. X-Rite ColorChecker
  • Bracketing: Yes/No    3 vs. 5 vs. 7        +- 1/2  vs. +- 1
  • Metering:   Spot vs. Center-Weighted vs. Evaluative/Matrix
  • Auto Focus:  One Shot, AI Focus, AI Servo, Continuous,  AF-C,  AF-A,  AF-S



Photo Contest Theme:    Summer

Two Different Categories!

Contest 1:   Summer…. Print Images

You can submit up to two photos of any image that meets the monthly contest rules and meets this months theme.

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