July Meeting and Photoshoot

For our July meeting we will be having an Edward Weston-inspired photoshoot. Edward Weston is one of the great Masters of American Photography, and is considered one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century.


Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.  РEdward Weston


The idea is to be inspired and learn from one of the great photographers, not to copy. The club will provide a variety of produce to photograph, and lights will also be available. However, if you have something from your garden, see an interesting shape at the Farmer's Market, have a collection of shells, or something else you would like to photograph, you are more than welcome to bring them. Also, if you have anything you would like to use as a prop like backgrounds, bowls, etc. or lighting, please bring it. There are also the grounds of Wickiup if you would like to use natural lighting (as Weston did) or photograph plants and/or flowers.

Weston used natural, simple forms and lines, and exquisite lighting to create his iconic photographs. If you aren't familiar with his work, I urge you to look him up.


The September contest theme is Minimalism. This will be an excellent opportunity to create an image for that contest.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].

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